Laying tiles in the bathroom: examples and diagrams

You can transform the interior of the room in different ways. The end result depends on the materials chosen for the floor and walls. There are a lot of options. One of the most popular types of cladding is tile, which has a wide scope of application. When choosing this building material for repair work, it is necessary to think out in advance what its color and shape will be, to study possible methods of tile layout.

Which bath is better to choose

Many small apartment owners equip their bathrooms with compact showers. But at a certain moment there comes the realization that a very valuable element is lost, in which you can relax and rest. It is easy to remodel a room, but another problem arises - how to choose a bath so that it fits in size and fits into the interior of the room.

Do-it-yourself shower tray

Bathroom is of great importance for each person. When he wakes up, he goes to wash, brush his teeth, sets himself up, takes a shower after a working day or walk. However, there are not so many happy owners of large premises, so for a more comfortable use of space, many save every centimeter.

DIY bath restoration

Bathroom - the most important attribute of any modern apartment, private house. Here they wash, wash clothes, relax after a hard day, because this room needs maximum comfort, and the bathing tank itself should have a beautiful, tidy appearance. A full-fledged do-it-yourself bath restoration will be much cheaper than buying a new one.

How to choose a ceiling in the bathroom

It is difficult to imagine that even in the 19th century, regular hygiene procedures were considered a luxury, and there was no room specifically designed for these needs in an ordinary dwelling. But progress does not stand still, bringing hygiene to the fore. Now the bathing area, equipped with sanitary appliances, is an integral part of any home or apartment.

Toilet closet behind the toilet

A bathroom is one of the most difficult areas in an apartment or house. There is a large number of communications that complicate repairs. They can not always hide, leaving access for possible repair. Therefore, many alternatively place a closet in the toilet behind the toilet. You can purchase a finished structure or make it yourself.

Hygienic toilet shower

Hygiene plays an important role for every person. The rules and understanding of its necessity are laid from early childhood. From it depends on life expectancy. However, the concept of cleanliness for each nation is different. For example, in most developed countries it is almost impossible to find a bathroom without a bidet.

Sink over washing machine: installation features

A fierce human battle for every square meter in an apartment sometimes leads to very unusual ideas. The symbiosis of a sink with a washing machine can also be attributed to the category of creative solutions. It may seem to the man in the street that this vibrating technician and bathroom fittings while working cannot be combined, and the combination has already been tested in practice more than once.

Installation height of the sink in the bathroom

When planning the installation of plumbing in residential buildings, apartments, public institutions, initially take into account the standards regulated by the Building Code and GOST. But, if for government agencies these rules are unchanged, then in private villas, cottages, mansions, other mansions, the height of the sink in the bathroom, other sanitary appliances, is chosen by the owner.

Painting the bathroom: 50 photos of ideas

Painting the walls in the bathroom is a simple, fast, budget option. Many people mistakenly believe that in this way it is impossible to create an elite, expensive interior. There are many variations of painting surfaces, most of which are not without a share of creativity. As a result, you can get the original design of the walls, created by yourself.

Toilet Finishing: Options and Design Ideas

The toilet should be no less beautiful than the rest of the rooms. Facing the room affects the comfort, the impression of the apartment. With proper combination of materials, accessories, accessories, lights, you can visually expand the space, create comfort. Self-cleaning of the toilet is carried out quickly, without significant financial costs.

Bathroom design 9-10 square meters. m

The bathroom is the main "wash-out" place of the vast majority of modern residential buildings. Not every apartment boasts the spaciousness of this room, but there are various options for planning. The original design of the bathroom is 10 square meters. m is created independently, with the involvement of specialists - the space is made multifunctional, furniture, plumbing is selected based on personal preferences.

Bathroom without a tile: finishing options

A bathroom is one of the most important premises available today in virtually every home, apartment. Here they take a morning invigorating shower, an evening relaxing bath, brush their teeth, wash their face, wash clothes, apply makeup in front of a mirror. The original design of the bathroom without a tile will seem unusual to many, however, this design of the bathroom is gaining popularity, as modernity tends to reduce the cost and simplify the finishing process.

High-tech bathroom: design features

The stylistic direction of high-tech was formed relatively recently. Interior designers were inspired by the innovations of technical progress, fantastic stories about space travel and created an innovative style of the future. The premises, decorated in the style of hi-tech, really resemble the interiors of spaceships from the genre of fiction.

Bathroom in gray: design and design ideas

The human eye is able to distinguish approximately 700 shades of gray color schemes, according to the degree of brightness from white to black. Modern designers offer a palette of all 256 shades of gray. Stylish and cozy, bold and unobtrusive bathroom design in shades of gray is suitable for accommodating any size, a large number of stylistic directions.

Bathroom design under the tree: 75 photos of ideas

Modern man is difficult to imagine a combination of wood and water. They seem to be things incompatible. Habitual materials that are used in the finishing of the bathroom, the production of the font itself appeared relatively recently. For centuries people used wooden troughs, tubs, barrels in their everyday life, they built ships of wood.

Bathroom design in a wooden house

Until recently, in most private village houses there was not even a normal water supply, not to mention a full bathroom. The toilet was on the street, behind barns, washed over a bucket or from a washstand, a small metal bath was gathered exclusively on a summer day, heated by the sun.

White bathroom: elegant and stylish design

A common misconception is that the white color is boring, uninteresting. With all the variety of choices, an unexpected, but very correct decision would be to design the interior of the bathroom in white. The photo-neutrality of this color is deceptive. Those who studied, and did not pass physics, it is known that white combines all the colors of the spectrum.