How to make a track from concrete by yourself

Garden trails are an integral part of modern landscape design. They should be strong, beautiful, fit well into the surrounding area, the overall "picture" of the backyard plot. The tracks in the country with concrete are optimal in all respects, they are relatively easy to make with your own hands, to give an intricate shape, to decorate.

Box evergreen

When choosing plants for decorating the site, many gardeners prefer permanently green perennials. Annuals, deciduous will serve as a decor for a certain period, after which they will become inconspicuous. On the backyard you can often find a beautiful evergreen boxwood. Due to the variety of varieties of unpretentious shrub fits perfectly into any composition, successfully complements the most sophisticated design solutions.

Arbor designs with barbecue grill and stove

Each owner of a private house would like to have a gazebo with a stove on his plot. Outdoor kitchen in the open air allows a lot of manipulations that can not be carried out indoors. It will be possible to fry kebabs, meat on coals, engage in smoking various products, canning vegetables and fruits for the winter.

Perennial shade-tolerant flowers for the garden blooming all summer

Garden design - a complex phenomenon. Every self-respecting summer resident, the owner of a piece of land located around the house, wants to arrange this space as beautifully as possible. But if the “dead” decor is easy to place almost anywhere, then living ornamental plants are not. They most often need light, some other special conditions.

Border for the garden with their own hands

Man and the earth have always been one, they are inextricably linked. Most residents of large cities to unite with it. To do this, they acquire dacha plots, cultivate the local area, planting various crops. To create a functional garden, they use all the knowledge accumulated by previous generations, install curbs for beds, build greenhouses, fertilize the soil, and carry out other activities.

Spirea: landing and care

A huge role in the art of landscape design is given to plants. Experienced designers know almost everything about every kind, from the properties of lawn grass to the characteristics of large trees. A novice gardener will have to understand all the subtleties of the combination of different flora, to study the features of flowers, bushes.

Wicker fence do it yourself

Еще не так давно плетеные ограждения являлись основным способом отделения частных владений. Подчеркнутая старина и природное происхождение сырья позволяют плетню органично вписываться в загородный пейзаж. По этой причине они востребованы на больших территориях около населенных пунктов и между ними, а также в парках и различных объектах природного характера.

How to plant a lawn: the correct instruction

Well-groomed green lawn around the house can significantly improve the landscape design. In addition, it emphasizes the exterior of the building, helps to create a special aesthetic appeal of the site. But for sowing any lawn grass, careful site preparation is needed. Subsequent care of the cover will also require a lot of time and effort from the owners.

Garden Chrysanthemum

Among the wide variety of country plants, a garden chrysanthemum occupies a separate place. "Queen of Autumn" opens its buds in August, filling the site with a stunning tart flavor. With regular, appropriate care beautiful flowering is provided until the frost. There are many types of chrysanthemums, differing in shape, color of petals, structure of stems.

How to make a swing to give your own hands

Facilities for fun and entertainment not only allow you to spend time outdoors in comfort and pleasure, they are also part of landscape design. Together with arbors and benches decorate the suburban, house adjoining site. Self-made swings allow owners of private country houses, cottages to relax, calm down, dream, sitting on a swaying bench, besides, self-made designs are the pride of their master, a subject that can be boast to friends and acquaintances.

How to make a summer shower in the country: step by step instructions

Cottage plot for many people is a place for summer holidays. Sometimes there are not enough amenities inside the buildings, and you have to use an open area for plumbing. In the country, the bathroom is not as necessary as the shower, so a cabin for a shower will be quite enough. Summer shower for the garden can be bought in the form of a prefabricated structure or make it yourself.

How to build a barn do it yourself

The presence of different outbuildings on the site provides easy storage of firewood, garden and garden tools, various tools. They are also suitable for breeding livestock, keeping birds. It is quite realistic to build a high-quality and reliable shed with your own hands, if you gradually decide from what materials the utility unit will be built, what requirements it must meet.

Perennial flower beds: planting patterns with color names

The owners of country houses and cottages have long ceased to prioritize the cultivation of crops. Many modern areas are decorated with all sorts of ornamental plants. Almost all landscape projects include beds of perennials. The ideal flower garden does not stop to please the surrounding leaves and flower buds throughout the season.

Beautiful ornamental shrubs for the garden

It is impossible to create a complete harmony of the dacha landscape without ornamental shrubs. They make the natural picture complete, bright and attractive. With the help of low plants, a certain zone can be distinguished, it is advantageous to emphasize decorative elements. A unique atmosphere will create an evergreen species.

The technology of laying paving slabs do it yourself

For many people, from owners of private houses, public institutions to government employees, the question of how to lay paving slabs is quite relevant. After all, using an artificial brick, you can improve the yard, lay out the paths, make convenient platforms near buildings, pave a street or pavement.

Hedge plants

The hedge - a kind of border, framing a certain area, made by planting climbing, tree, shrub plants. It divides the cottage, garden plots, agricultural land, allocates separate small zones in the local area. To create living fences used a huge number of types of vegetation - both decorative, beautifully blossoming, and used in food, medicinal purposes.

Hydrangea garden: planting and caring for flowers

According to the botanical classification, hydrangea belongs to the family of the same name. Now these flowers bloom profusely in the gardens and sit majestically in pots on the windowsills, looking out of the windows. In Europe, hydrangea appeared more than six centuries ago. An exotic plant was brought at different times from North America and Asia to France and England.

Alpine slide: how to do it yourself

Alpine slides are increasingly appearing in the backyards, public gardens, and recreation areas. Landscape composition of boulders, waterfalls, plants resembles a piece of the mountain landscape, which pleases with bright flowering from spring to autumn. The combination of rough rocks and delicate flowers, emerald grass creates a sense of serenity and parts of exotic wild nature.

Pergolas from wood: projects and design ideas

A light architectural structure, erected in its own garden or in the country, will decorate the area near the house, will give the site a complete look, decorated according to all the rules of landscape design. Each person has a garden pavilion associated with different sensations and memories. It is the gazebos made of wood that allow you to relax in the fresh air, shelter from the sun, enjoy nature and a barely noticeable breeze.