How to choose a ladder?

At the time of designing a house, it is important to think a lot of things in advance. Where it is better to place this or that room, kitchen, hall, the list can be continued almost indefinitely. There is one more thing that in the heat of construction you can not pay enough attention, but it is important to remember about it - the choice of stairs.

Pros and cons of parquet and laminate

It is not always easy to choose flooring for your home or office. There are lots of offers and options, from floor tiles and linoleum to parquet and laminate. More often for living rooms, they still choose from the last two options, so is parquet or laminate, which is better? To decide on this question you need to separately analyze the characteristics of the laminate advantages and disadvantages of its composition and features of use.

Houses from dry pine

Dry pine was used for a long period in the construction of houses in the northern regions. At the time, modern building materials ousted natural materials, but the fashion for an environmentally friendly building material, again returned to her interest. Characteristics of dead wood as a building material, as if by nature itself are intended to build a house.

Shingles roof

For many centuries, wooden shingles were used as roofing for Russian villages and cities - this was the most accessible material that provided reliable hydro and thermal insulation of houses. In the wake of the fashion for environmentally friendly materials, shingled roofs began to be built again in modern conditions.

Slate roof

Roofing slate is found in various shades, the most common is gray, sometimes marsh-green and burgundy. The noble silver ebb and various forms of small “scales” were highly valued in the Middle Ages, the slate roof adorns the Louvre, Versailles, Buckingham Palace and many locks on the Loire.

Technology laying laminate flooring

Before you start installing laminate to the floor, you must make sure that the subfloor in the room is flat. This can be checked using a level. If the floors are uneven, they will need to be leveled, for example, using dry screed technology. And if there are small grooves and gouges, then for the correct laying of the laminate, they can be simply puttied with a special solution.

Dry screed technology

Dry screed technology makes it possible to level the floor no worse and faster than the traditional version using a liquid solution. The result is the same smooth and ready for laying any flooring: boards, parquet flooring, laminate, floor tiles, carpet or linoleum. After elementary calculations, you can make sure that the dry screed device is cheaper than other options.

Natural and environmentally friendly insulation

Environmentally friendly insulation has many advantages, the most important of which is the absence of harm to health. In addition, natural materials are, as a rule, universal, they can be used for various premises, they are inexpensive, last for a long time and have low thermal conductivity, which ensures high efficiency of natural insulation.

How to choose a vinyl wallpaper: the pros and cons, options for the basics, design and drawings, color, sticking, painting

Description, composition and characteristics Advertising Wallpapers are sold in rolls of a width of 0.53 - 1.06 meters, length from 10 to 25 meters. They consist of several layers: the base may be paper, non-woven or fabric, then there is an opaque layer masking the small irregularities of the walls and on top there is a decorative layer of vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) that can be cleaned wet.

How to insulate the entrance metal door?

To save the maximum amount of heat in the apartment and not to overpay for heating in winter, try to warm the front door with your own hands. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Perimeter Insulation of doors, both wooden and metal, usually begin around the perimeter. The task is not difficult.

Ceiling painting

For painting the ceiling usually used water-based paints. They are safe for human health, they are easy to dilute - for this you need only ordinary water, no solvents are needed. Another plus water-based paints - they quickly dry. Recently, designers have proposed abandoning pure white ceilings, and here water-based paints also have an advantage, since they can be easily tinted in a variety of shades.

How to paint the radiator?

Painting cast iron batteries is not so difficult a process that it cannot be done on its own, while saving a decent amount. In addition, you will be confident in the quality of work. What is needed to cope with this task? In order to qualitatively paint the battery, you will need a suitable paint, as well as knowledge of some technological "secrets" of the process itself.

Types of metal coating

Polyester (PE) The basis of this coating is polyester. The material has long been used in the manufacture of metal tiles, has a glossy appearance and is characterized by plasticity and high color stability. Polyester metal tile coating is shiny, smooth, relatively inexpensive. It is highly resistant to corrosion and the action of ultraviolet rays, that is, it will not fade long under the sun.

Repair in practice: how to repaint the furniture yourself

Tired of faded tones, or want something new? Old furniture is made of natural wood, but has long lost its attractive appearance? In all these cases, rescue brush and paint. Painting the furniture with your own hands - the process is not too complicated, if you follow the technology. The process of cleaning the surface First you need to wash off all surfaces of dirt and fatty deposits.

How to get rid of the smell of paint?

Any construction, redevelopment of the room or just minor repairs leave an odor after using various coloring agents. There is quite a logical desire to get rid of the smell of paint, regardless of whether it is the smell of oil paint, or enamel. Ways to deal with odors of paint Airing the room You can use the simplest and most accessible method to remove the smell of paint.

Reed roof

Mass enthusiasm for fashion on the use of environmentally friendly materials in the decoration of houses and affected the decoration of roofs. One of the options was the roofing of reeds. In terms of their reliability, hydro and thermal insulation properties, natural materials are not only not inferior, and in some cases even surpass modern polymer analogs.

Foam tiles for the ceiling: the pros and cons, the steps of gluing

The colors, shapes and volume patterns on the tiles allow you to create ceilings of any appearance, they can imitate rough plaster in the style of country, and the luxury of stucco molding in the rococo style, and the caissons of the ancient style. Any design request can be satisfied by using foam ceiling tiles. A necessary addition to this ceiling are decorative plinths that close joints and irregularities.

Types of mineral wool: glass wool, slag wool, basalt wool

Fibers can be organic, that is, vegetable origin, such as, for example, cotton fibers in a cotton wool, or inorganic, that is, mineral. Since only non-combustible materials are suitable for the production of insulation, mineral wool based wool is used for this purpose. Types of mineral wool Advertising Minerals, from which you can get thin and long fibers, not so much.

Metal: pros and cons

The advantages of metal tiles are that it can be used in almost any design, on any surfaces and any roofs, even converging at the most difficult angles. The only condition - the presence of a sufficient angle of the slope, so that no precipitation accumulated. It should not be less than 14 degrees.