How to finish a fireplace: facing by a tile, an artificial stone

The fireplace has always been and still remains a "status" object, symbolizing luxury and wealth. But many would be able to afford such a real or fake object today. Proper facing of the fireplace will allow you to easily fit it into almost any interior style, creating a uniquely beautiful setting in the decorated room.

How to decorate a heating pipe in a room

To create a holistic interior owners need to take care of all the details of the design of the various premises of housing. Special attention should be paid to the closure of unattractive communications. We considered the most convenient and practical options that tell how to decorate a pipe or a hood. In work can use improvised materials or special construction panels, sheets.

How to put a canopy on the holder

When making children's and adult bedrooms, many designers recommend their customers to decorate a canopy bed. The canopy helps to make the room stylish, unique, comfortable and cozy. This accessory can serve exclusively as a decoration, used for protection. When deciding on the need to place this element in the house, you should understand its purpose, existing varieties, learn about installation methods, and how to put a canopy on the holder.

How to hide the wires in the apartment

Electrical cables, laces, cables from various household appliances to power outlets can significantly damage the appearance of a room, become an easy target for small children, toothed pets. When there are many electrical devices, the question arises: how to hide the wires so that they are not visible or they are minimally noticeable.

Glass painting for beginners

Painting on glass seems difficult to many, but it is much easier to master than to draw with a brush or pencil. In this interesting technique, exclusive home decorations are created. With your own hands, you can draw various pictures, paint nondescript vases, make an original glass object that will surely fit into any interior.

Slate paint for painting on the wall

Slate paint is a finishing coating, that is, the very last coating applied, with the help of which a wall, floor, table, another similar plane becomes similar to a traditional school board. It is convenient to draw with crayons on this unique surface, placing it in any room - hall, bedroom, hallway, nursery, kitchen, office, cafe, educational institution, etc.

Hall decoration with balloons

The main purpose of the balloon is to bring people happiness. They cope well with this task. With just one look at the product immediately appear associations with the holiday and fun. They are used at various events: birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, proms. With their help, they create various compositions, arches, figures, make the design of the hall with balls, decorate the interiors of other rooms.

Decoupage for beginners with their own hands

Decorating various objects with the help of ready-made pictures, ornaments is a very exciting activity, different techniques of which can be mastered by everyone, regardless of age. Many people want to express their individuality, to join the beautiful, but not all have the skills of painting, drawing, sewing, the development of which will take a lot of time.

How to pack a gift with your own hands

Man can not do without society. From birth, he is surrounded by relatives, as he grows up he finds friends, classmates, classmates, co-workers, colleagues, meets his other half. And no matter how individualist he is, without communication and communication, few people can imagine their life. To strengthen friendship, maintain family ties, all people go to visit.

How to decorate a table for a birthday or holiday

In preparation for the holiday, we first think over the menu. Of course, refined and original dishes and drinks are the honored "guests" on our table. And the wonders of the masterly serving will help to emphasize their significance, palatability and advantageous shading. It is important to think through every detail, every "note", so that the "symphony" created from porcelain, textiles, crystal, flowers and metal sounded in unison with one or another event in your life.

Bird feeders do it yourself

Birds are in constant search for food. If it is easier for forest dwellers to find food because of the abundance of trees, greenery and their fruits, then the city has to find food on the street, since all young shoots are ruthlessly cut and mown. Самое сложное время для пернатых - зима, начало весны. Именно в этот период они нуждаются в заботе и подкормке.

Ways to pack beautiful bouquets

Composing a bouquet is a complicated procedure for beginners, which is performed according to certain rules. You can not collect all the flowers you like in one bundle, decorate them with a pair of twigs of greenery and give out for a beautiful bouquet. The composition should be a balance of combinations of shades and combinations of different plants. Another important nuance is the moderate use of decor, so that the basis of the bouquet is not lost on its background.

100 photos of ideas how to decorate a house for the New Year

Any holiday at home will be brighter and more fun, if you give the room the appropriate mood. Decorating the premises in anticipation of the New Year, means to get a charge of positive emotions, to cheer up all households. Traditional elements of decor and thematic attributes will help to separate long-awaited New Year holidays from everyday routine days.

Gypsum decor and stucco in the interior

In a well-designed interior, every detail matters. A harmonious appearance is created using a variety of different elements, including plaster decoration. Baseboards for ceilings, sockets, mirror frames, portals of fireplaces, moldings, pediments, pilasters, consoles, fountains, and attic are made of plaster or its imitation.

Decorative fireplace from gypsum cardboard do it yourself

The symbol of the hearth is fire. It creates comfort and warmth, allows you to cook and dry clothes. In ancient castles, a fireplace did an excellent job with these tasks, but in most modern apartments it is almost impossible to establish a real one, due to the high probability of fire and the lack of sufficient ventilation.

DIY halloween decor: decorating ideas

Halloween in our country began to celebrate relatively recently. The Eve of All Saints' Eve has become most popular in the countries of North America, but even for these states it is not “native”. Since the witches in spiky hats and luminous pumpkins on October 31 began to appear more and more, we have become more serious about the holiday.

Desktop decor

Working at home is not as easy as it sounds. Homely atmosphere does not always have to work hard and long. That is why it is so important to select at least a small corner that will be set aside exclusively for work. Here you can neutralize irritating factors to the maximum and immerse yourself in business.

Glass in the interior: furniture and decor

Glass in the interior of an apartment or private house is not only stylish, but also multifunctional. Everyone is already accustomed to the glass interiors of commercial real estate (shop windows, doors, shelves, etc.), but it’s still difficult to imagine such designs at home. Most people associate glass with fragility and transparency, so it is psychologically difficult to sit on a glass chair or walk on a glass floor at a height of several meters from the floor.

Macrame in a modern interior

Making an apartment, a private house, a working office, with the help of knot weaving, will create an extraordinary comfort indoors. In this technique, any rooms are made out, a lot of household items are created, and even a child is able to make some variants of macrame in the interior. The story of Macrame - one of the most ancient crafts, invented by people.

Patchwork in the interior: 75 examples in the photo

Patchwork - a technique of stitching scattered pieces in a single canvas. Finished products are often called quilts. You can create blankets, pillowcases, potholders, towels, carpets, walkways, and even clothing items from patches. Patchwork in the interior is used everywhere, since working with this technique is easy enough even for beginners, and textile waste will be found in any home.