Design of a small residential building in the USA

The residential building is small and made of wood. From the windows there are magnificent views of the river valley and the lush forest. The sun penetrates into the living quarters, there are amazing views on the horizon, and all this is due to the good location of the building site. Particular attention in the design of a small residential building was paid to the distribution of the main residential areas.

Woodcarving for beginners

Wood carving is a kind of decorative and applied art, which at one time received widespread and special popularity in the territories of modern Russia. Practically in every region of the country their traditions of cutting out ornaments, patterns, figures of people and animals on wooden surfaces were formed.

DIY hand-made napkins

Simple paper napkins can be used not only as a standard attribute of the dining table, but also as an affordable raw material for making original handicrafts. Universal material suitable for creating self-decor or parts of one big idea. Crafts from napkins require minimal financial investment.

Feng Shui furniture arrangement

Bring your home to harmony, to ensure the correct and favorable movement of energy flows, to attract wealth and abundance, will help not complicated tips on the arrangement of furniture on Feng Shui. The bedroom For the bedroom, the most important thing in the arrangement of furniture in Feng Shui is to set the bed correctly.

How to visually increase the height of the ceiling?

In buildings of the last century, the ceiling height is extremely small. Raise them will not work, but you can at least visually increase the height of the ceiling. Color Advertising Remove the line connecting the ceiling and walls. You can visually enlarge the ceiling if you paint it and the upper part of the wall in the same color. If you paint all the walls in this color, not only partially, then you can not only visually enlarge the ceiling, but also expand the space.