Design of a small private house

For a full-fledged country cottage, not its volume is important, but a well-planned and realized space. How to use the meters with the greatest return, showed brilliantly one of the best architects in Sweden Gert Wingardh, who managed to create a completely stunning design of a small private house.

Design of a house from glued timber on the Karelian Isthmus

This wooden country house is built in a picturesque place of the Karelian Isthmus. It is surrounded by a pine forest, not far from the entrance to Lake Mednoe. The construction used Finnish technology. Customers wanted this house to be harmonious, not too bright, sustained in one tone. In the design of the house of glued laminated timber, it was possible to take into account the different tastes of its future residents and to combine the classic decoration with the latest architectural innovations.

Decor candles with their own hands +75 photos

Candles perfectly decorate the interior, create home comfort. But ordinary products, even in a refined candlestick, do not look elegant enough. The ideas outlined in this article will help you create true works of art with minimal time and cost. Most of the decorative items you can find at home in the box for needlework, in the kitchen or in the garden at the cottage.

Original DIY ideas do-it-yourself

Decorative crafts will open the channel of the potential of fantasy flowing out of you, clogged by the abyss of everyday life decades ago. The process of generating a tiny miracle with your own hands gives rise to the enthusiasm of the occupation and the conviction of the need to complete the started, despite the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the process.

Interior design with panoramic windows

Such interiors look especially advantageous if a beautiful view opens from a window. As a rule, large apartments in modern new buildings are glazed in a similar way, especially the so-called “species”, facing the forest, pond, and beautiful urban buildings. Panoramic glazing is also used in private houses if this is provided for in the design of the project by the house.

Beige ceiling: types, design, photo, combination with wallpaper, floor

Features of design Advertising Beige color can be attributed to the classic shades, it is often used in the design of the interior of the apartment. People who prefer to use this shade appreciate calm and practicality. Finishing in beige color will fill the room with coziness and warm light. Plus beige is versatility, it is perfect for interior decoration in almost any style.