Unusual long narrow house in Japan

Japanese design studio Mizuishi Architect Atelier, the city of Tokyo, designed for a couple with a child, a unique project of a two-story house. On a plot of land with a total area of ​​just over fifty five square meters, an unusual by design and ingenious in embodiment was built a long narrow house.

Design of a private house in the mountains from Pearson Design Group

Those who like space, mountain peaks, peace and complete peace, will certainly enjoy a private house in the mountains, designed by the architectural studio Pearson Design Group. The great success of the designers was the organic incorporation of the house into the surrounding nature. Materials and colors are also chosen flawlessly, and decorating techniques delight the depth of taste, unexpected in such a separation from the benefits of civilization.

House for children do it yourself

Who among us has not dreamed in childhood of our own house, in which you can hide, play with friends or just sleep? The desire of children to have their little “mink” is often so great that they try to build a dwelling on their own from any available materials at hand. Bed covers, old curtains, cardboard boxes, boards, pieces of plywood and even foam are used.

Birthday figures - examples and ways of decorating

Children's birthday belongs to the category of memorable events that I want to make the most vivid and unforgettable, so that the child would be happy, have fun and remember what a wonderful holiday the parents had arranged. Therefore, gifts are given, surprises are made, friends are invited, a birthday cake is bought, various decorations with festive symbols are invented.

A floor of black color: the choice of material, design, a combination to a ceiling and walls

The photo shows a glossy tile on the floor in the interior of a modern bathroom. Proper combination of black floor with pieces of furniture - the key to a successful result. With proper selection of additional colors, you can get an original and stylish interior. The main advantage of black color is that it improves the appearance of even a simple, uncomplicated chair or an old sofa in the style of the 80s.