The interior of a wooden house of logs in the suburbs

The house was surrounded on all sides by a large terrace, made of wood, resistant to moisture - larch. For security, fences are made, almost imperceptible, for they are glass. To the right of the entrance is a street bathroom, it is also made of logs. Behind the house is a real spa center - a swimming pool and a bath with hydromassage, where it is so nice to plunge after visiting the Russian bath.

Country houses in the Scandinavian style: features, photos

A house in the Scandinavian style will immediately indicate that its owners are people with a developed sense of taste, who value comfort and coziness. This style is more often chosen by middle-aged people who are committed to family values. Facade As a rule, the facades are not specially trimmed, wooden houses are covered with a special varnish, sometimes tinted, allowing the texture of the wood to play a major role in the exterior of the building.

How to make a decorative partition with your own hands?

You will need to purchase wooden planks (or strips of other material covered with veneer), a pair of metal stands and a skein of thick, strong rope. Instead of one of the slats, you can insert a “slate board” - this is modern and convenient, for example, in a kitchen you can write down “tasks” for yourself or for homework on such a board.

Original DIY ideas do-it-yourself

Decorative crafts will open the channel of the potential of fantasy flowing out of you, clogged by the abyss of everyday life decades ago. The process of generating a tiny miracle with your own hands gives rise to the enthusiasm of the occupation and the conviction of the need to complete the started, despite the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the process.

Parquet in the interior: types, choice of color, ways of laying, 70 photos

The photo shows the laying of the herringbone in a dark color under the style of the overall interior. Due to the large amount of daylight, the room does not seem gloomy. Advantages and disadvantages Advertising The advantages of parquet on the floor: Durability and ease of care (a guarantee of preserving its appearance for up to a hundred years with proper care without abrasive products); The apartment acquires a new meaning (the house with parquet is valued higher); Versatility (wooden floor is suitable for any interior, it is easy to repaint); Natural wood that does not accumulate static energy.