House on a cliff overlooking the ocean

The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: it seems to be “slipping” from the slope, clinging at different levels for uneven terrain. So that the house really did not slide down, it was necessary to strengthen the foundation with the help of powerful supports hammered into the rock. The view from this unusual house with an ocean view opens in different directions and is striking in its picturesqueness: lying in the bedroom, you can admire the continuous movement of the waves, sitting in the living room, overlooking the rocks on the coast.

Log house design: exterior and interior

Exterior finish From above the house is covered with metal tiles, the basement part is lined with stone. Bright red frames and the front door are a rich decorative accent, giving the exterior a unique appearance. Additional elements for the decoration were chosen by the owners themselves, whose quivering love for Russian antiquity made them take particular care with this choice.

Wall clock design: 15 ways to do it yourself

Stylish wall clocks can improve the design of any room. They can be made or decorated with your own hands. Such work is possible for everyone and takes a minimum of time. Collect the original chronometer from scratch using vinyl records, plywood sheets and even bicycle wheels. The background of the base can be knitted from threads, woven from newspapers or magazines, collected from cutlery.

Decor wedding champagne bottles do it yourself +50 photo

Decorating festive bottles is one of the beautiful traditions of a modern wedding ceremony. They can be made by the bride herself, but you can present your future spouses with a cute gift created by yourself. Exquisitely decorated champagne will wait for its time: the first bottle will cork on the anniversary of the event, the second will be drunk for the health of the first child.