How to refine brickwork on the balcony

Among typical high-rise buildings, both built during the Soviet period and erected later, it is almost impossible to find projects without balcony blocks. And although in recent years the situation has changed a little, many apartment owners are interested in the answer to the question of how to refine brickwork on the balcony.

Finishing the balcony clapboard do it yourself

Most of the standard apartments have balconies and loggias. Such premises are taken into account in the total area, but not always have the proper appearance. To make a real rest room in which you can put a rocking chair, to create a greenhouse, it is enough to finish the surfaces. One of the most popular options - clapboard balcony cladding.

Finishing the balcony with plastic panels: a step by step guide

Arrangement of a warm balcony makes it possible to add additional square meters to the living space, which definitely will not be superfluous. Although the room is not large in size, it is still possible to equip a functional area: an office, a bedroom, a workshop, a library, a boudoir, and even a mini-dining room.

Clothes dryer to the balcony

The use of a conventional or electric dryer in the bathroom significantly limits the area of ​​the room. That is why many owners transfer this element to other parts of the apartment. Convenient and practical, you can place a clothes dryer on a balcony with any area. The variety of models with compact size, numerous rods for hanging things will provide ease of operation models.

Cabinet for loggia

The problem of cluttered balconies is familiar to many. Why do we part with old things with such difficulty? The fact is that theoretically, absolutely any object can ever come in handy. Unfortunately, most often only theoretically. We continue to store and transfer things that are dear to our heart — necessary and not very useful and stupid.

Balcony finish

Балкон, лоджию в стесненных условиях небольших квартир переделывают в мастерскую, зону для отдыха или объединяют с жилым помещением. On three square meters at the expense of hanging shelves, folding furniture is a full-fledged small room or a green oasis. Own a piece of summer will delight all year round, suitable for relaxation, meeting with friends.

Design of a modern room with a loggia +50 photos of combined interiors

With the emergence of fashion in the studio, more and more often, owners of standard apartments are beginning to rebuild their homes and turn them into a kind of combined version. They sacrifice balconies and loggias, which, as a rule, do not have a clear functional purpose. Becoming a continuation of the apartment, these (not always, by the way, tiny) rooms become offices, gyms, canteens, libraries, miniature gardens and areas for recreation.

Small balcony design +75 photo interior examples

Home comfort should reign in every corner of the apartment. Loggia is far from an exception: even such a small area can be turned into a welcome oasis of relaxation, an indispensable study, a small greenhouse or a comfortable area for recreation with friends. Carefully thought over design of a small balcony allows ergonomically to place furniture and to create the unique stylized room.

Balcony design - 110 photo arrangement ideas

Since Soviet times, balconies were mainly used as a storage room for storing unnecessary things, which are a pity to throw away, and nowhere to go. But this room in an apartment, studio or loft with the right arrangement can become a separate room, a flowered garden, a sports area or a mini lounge where you can read a book and have a cup of tea in the evening for a leisurely conversation.

Loggia design - 30 photos of ideas

In the majority of apartments, the loggias have a very limited area, so many do not even think about refitting this zone to fit their needs, for which the apartment does not have enough space. In general, the design of the loggia is subject to the same rules and laws as any other dwelling. Loggia design: where to start Despite the persistent tendency to re-equip balconies for offices, recreation areas or to combine with living space, many continue to use them as a storeroom, dryer, warehouse of necessary and unnecessary trash.