Shutters on the windows for villas: types and making their own hands

When you look at the facade of the building, first the windows are struck, and then everything else. In a public space, a window needs separate protection, because someone can accidentally or intentionally break it. The extra attention of passers-by is also not helpful. All these problems are solved with the help of an old, but proven fixture - shutters.

How to adjust plastic windows by yourself

Plastic windows are easy to maintain. You can wash, independently adjust, replace parts. That is why they have become so popular. And also due to the fact that PVC and plastic are durable and resistant to damage. In the price range there is surely an acceptable option. Customers can also select the desired pattern and almost any configuration by the opening mechanism.

Window decoration curtains

Beautiful window decoration is usually the final touch to decorating the whole interior. It is important to choose the right textiles, cornice, decorations. Curtains are hung both in private and in apartment buildings. The modern variety of textile materials allows you to choose the decor for almost any existing interior style.

Panoramic windows in a private house

For all constructive complexity, panoramic windows are considered to be one of the best design options for a private house. Glass buildings look favorably against the background of other buildings, and even better - surrounded by rich vegetation. The desired design option should be considered at the design stage of the structure.

How to make trim slopes inside windows

It is impossible to imagine a residential building without window openings. Their main function is lighting the interior in a natural way. They have a special influence on the psychological state of the person himself, imitating the presence of open space around him. It is also part of the interior, which is constantly in sight, and is accordingly subjected to all the trends of changing fashion.

Finishing exterior slopes on the windows

Finishing of external slopes is the last and necessary moment in the installation procedure of a metal-plastic window. At the final stage it is necessary to hide the rough surface of the walls, fixings, foam. It is not necessary to postpone this important moment "for later". Facing the slopes from the outside gives the window and the entrance group a visual appeal and completeness.

Platbands on the windows: carved, wooden, classic

The neatness of the design and the creation of a certain style of the facade of the house is largely dependent on the details. For example, the installation of carved wooden trim on the windows will emphasize the rustic style. But the installation of "strict" plastic or metal frames will contribute to the modern appearance of the exterior.

Glazing verandas and terraces: options and methods

Verandas are usually used in the warm season as an additional living space. By type of construction they are classified into built-in and embedded. The first are erected after the completion of the house The presence of embedded is provided at the design stage of a residential building. Also, verandas can be with or without glazing.