How to choose a grout tile

At first glance, the choice of the mixture to fill the joints between the tiles is a simple and quick task. Manufacturers are doing everything to make the whole process seem easy, however, in any case, some steps will have to be carried out independently. Each surface, room, external conditions, color design - these are nuances about strength, moisture resistance, acceptable temperature conditions, external qualities and much more.

What floor to choose for the kitchen

For every person, a house is an outlet for his heart, a place where he is calm and comfortable. He constantly tries to transform his corner, because you want to return to a beautifully designed dwelling, and the interior decoration influences the world perception and psychological state. The overhaul starts from the bathroom and the kitchen area, as it is impossible to do without a gas stove, sink, faucets.

Balcony floor from what to do

Balcony, many use to store the necessary and sometimes unclaimed things. It rarely think about how to elevate this place. The design of the site begins with the idea, the choice of the appropriate style, drawing up the scheme, the selection of materials for wall decoration and flooring. One of the most important operations is the arrangement of the floor on the balcony, the alignment of its surface, the laying of tiles, linoleum, and other building materials.

Choose flooring for the apartment and house

Construction, reconstruction, repair work of any premises ends with its interior decoration. If the foundation is the base for the entire structure, then the floor is the basis of its separate part, room. From the base depends on the interior of a particular place as a whole. The top layer (floor covering) not only decorates the floor, it protects it from moisture and mechanical stress.

Parquet board in the interior

We owe the appearance of the floorboard in the interior to a certain Gustav Cheru. Even his grandfather, who lived in the Swedish forests, had a weakness for this material and made doors out of it. The family business was inherited by Gustav, who at the beginning of the last century developed a unique technology for gluing three layers of wooden lamellae.

White floor in the interior

Do you think white floors are impractical? Really. It is more difficult to care for light surfaces than for dark ones; moreover, they quickly become useless. Can a sane person dare to do that? But as you know - common sense - the worst enemy of creativity! A white floor in the interior of the apartment opens up unlimited scope for the birth of creative ideas!

How to choose a plinth for the interior

Plinth - one of the finishing elements, which is attached to the bottom of the wall. Thin plates closed the gaps in ancient times. Then the manufacture of one strip of plinth took a lot of time and effort. In the Middle Ages, this element became part of the decor of the room. It was decorated with carvings, inlays and inlays of precious metals.

The choice of parquet for the interior

A floor from a natural tree is love at first sight. Gentle, reverent, real. Only for life. Having made a trial parquet flooring of one room, thoughts about the reorganization of the rest of the house will firmly occupy the head. Because the parquet in the interior is: certainly beautiful; prestigious; pertinent for any style; tactile nice; heat; cozy; safely.

Gray floor 75 photo examples in the interior

The overall perception of the room very often depends on the choice of the color scheme of the floor covering. The gray floor in the interior looks noble and has an amazing ability to both emphasize the rest of the colors of the decoration and level the effects of too bright colors. Saturated or soft pastel, light or dark, with a playful gloss or dull matte finish, textured or perfectly smooth - the floor in an elegant ashy shade will harmoniously fit into the decoration of the room, decorated in almost any style.

Linoleum in the interior +75 sample photo

Linoleum is a well-known material with a wide range of applications in industry and in everyday life. It is used in the design of private interiors, office buildings, cafes, restaurants, offices. There is such a variety of floor coverings on the shelves of modern stores that it is difficult to do without the help of specialists and the design approach.

Floor design +155 photos in the interior of the apartment and house

Floor coverings differ in properties and appearance, are suitable for certain conditions of operation. From the choice of material depends on comfort, safety, order in the room. A good floor design emphasizes the style decision, creates the necessary accents. With the help of color, textures visually change the proportions of the room, distract attention from the low ceiling and uneven walls.

Bright floor in a modern interior and its combinations

A home is a place in which any person spends most of his time. The stay should be comfortable, cozy, bring joy and a sense of calm. The main thing is to make the house so that the person rests, gaining strength, continue to live and work with enthusiasm. This can be achieved with the help of properly selected room design.