Plasterboard ceilings for bedrooms: photos, designs, types of shapes and designs

Variants of ceiling structures

According to the design, depending on the complexity and combination of forms, gypsum ceilings are classified into 3 types.

Single level

This is a simple finish, in which sheets of drywall are mounted on the same level. Even a thin sheet perfectly aligns the surface and after puttying and painting, they resemble the traditional plastered ceiling. This solution is applicable for the bedrooms of any area, but most of all would be appropriate for small rooms.


Bunk ceilings consist of 2 parts that are mounted in different levels, forming a recess - a niche. The latter is a higher section of the suspension system, to which the lower tier of plates is mounted by means of gutters. There are figured, in the form of a wave, etc.

The photo is a two-level plasterboard ceiling decorated with golden stucco.

Multi-level (3-level or more)

This option involves two or more levels. Profile frame, which are attached to gypsum, is formed by the type of steps at different heights. Such a constructive solution allows you to focus on individual areas of the bedroom.

In the photo a multi-level ceiling in the bedroom.

Photos of design plasterboard ceilings

When making the ceiling in the bedroom there are no frames and restrictions, both separate styles and their combinations are used, with the use of different elements of decor.


When installing the ceiling of plasterboard installed any lighting system. Each of the devices has advantages. For example, the Baroque style perfectly complements the traditional chandelier, spots and spotlights help to zone the space, the LED tape organizes the hidden lighting.

On the photo is a bedroom with an original LED light.

Drawings and patterns

To create volumetric compositions on the ceiling plane use sheets GVL. They are decorated with the help of drawing on the surface of drawings, putty, modeling, hand-painted.

The photo has a bright pink plasterboard design with an ornament.

In the photo, the gypsum ceiling is decorated with stucco and painting.

Combination with a stretch ceiling

An interesting design move for the bedroom is considered to be the combination of a drywall sheet set with elements of a stretch ceiling. Typically, the design is a two-level, where the place of the niche is occupied by PVC film, and on the edges there is a box of drywall.

In the photo, the combined ceiling is a stretch canvas of beige color and a white plasterboard construction.

Two color

Contrast of shapes and colors can advantageously increase the space and give originality to the room. Ceiling composition is created by combining two shades in harmony with each other, finishing the walls and floor.

The photo has a two-color ceiling in white and green.

Variants of shapes and shapes on the ceiling

Material properties allow you to implement even extraordinary ideas. The most popular for a bedroom is the following geometry of ceilings:

  • Circles and ovals. Such ceiling structures, as a rule, are made in a two-tier format, where the niche space takes on an oval or round shape. They are able to visually adjust the space.
  • Rectangles and squares. The classic form of execution of the ceiling, applicable to a multi-tiered frame. A niche with this design is made in the form of a rectangle or square and is able to visually enlarge the room.
  • Triangles. Particularly bold decision, when you design a bedroom in the ultra-modern style. The frame for drywall is created in several levels, the highest of which takes a triangular shape.
  • Custom Abstractions and other unusual designs (flowers, leaves, curls, clouds, etc.) that are not related to certain geometric configurations.

The photo has a two-level ceiling in the shape of a circle.

Design options in various styles

The ceiling of plasterboard is made for any style direction. The most popular options are:

  • Classical. Ceilings are a perfectly flat and smooth surface, with a possible niche or small stepped tiers. The color of the finish is chosen based on the preferences of the owner, but more often it is light colors. The decor is also set by curly vaults, stucco elements, etc.
  • Modern. Designs of gypsum boards in the style of high-tech, art deco, minimalism, modern allow any geometry, but more often, discreet regular shapes are chosen, without excesses, not creating clutter. These bedrooms are characterized by maximum simplicity and concise design.

In the photo, the ceiling in the bedroom is decorated in a classic style.

Ideas in the interior of non-standard bedrooms

By means of gypsum cardboard all design ideas for any room come to life.

Small room

In a small bedroom, a composition is chosen that minimizes the effect of space reduction. Profiles are mounted with the smallest possible gap, avoiding complex structures. The color scheme is chosen light and pastel colors.

In the photo is a compact bedroom with a single-level ceiling.


When equipping a bedroom in the attic, the ideal ceiling decoration would be drywall. It is easy to install, lightweight, able to improve sound insulation and is characterized by excellent performance indicators.

Children bedroom

When designing the design of the ceiling of plasterboard in the children's bedroom, take into account the wishes and needs of the child. If it is a girl, then fabulous compositions, bright and warm tones will be appropriate. A teenager will be interested in a bedroom with a different theme - more strict tone, the play of light, a variety of forms. To create an atmosphere of magic ceiling zone over the bed.

Photo gallery

A beautiful ceiling in the bedroom is a sign of good taste. In such a room, rest and sleep will be healthy. As you can see in more than one photo gallery, the drywall constructions will harmoniously fit into any interior design, make it unique and highlight the necessary details.

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