Two-level ceilings - how to make

Ceiling design with the transition levels - a great solution for the accentuation of different styles in the interior. Two-level ceilings allow you to transform the room, to differentiate it into zones. However, not all designers and experts support multilevel models, some categorically do not perceive them, considering them to be a relic of the past, others prove their importance and expediency.

All types of ceiling finishes

Performing repairs in the apartment, private house, special attention should be paid to the ceiling. Often this issue is treated carelessly, without understanding the essence, choose nondescript materials that spoil the look of the interior. Nevertheless, the ceiling has a sufficiently large area, has a significant impact on the perception of the room as a whole.

Ceiling panels: how to choose

The ceiling - not only the part of the room that bounds it from above, it plays an important role - determines the general look of the room, makes it cozy. With the right design, it can visually increase or decrease the space, divide it into functional zones. The mood of the household, the impression of the guests when visiting is largely dependent on the chosen decoration, which can both darken and give a solemn look to the interior.

Ceiling in a wooden house

Country log house is a special flavor and positive natural energy. Wood does not lose its properties after treatment with antiseptic, tinted impregnations, regulates the level of humidity. The walls of the logs, the lining of the block-house, lining look good, keep warm. To maintain a comfortable microclimate, the ceiling in a wooden house is also trimmed with natural materials.

Drywall Ceilings: 100 Photo Examples

The ceiling, located between the floors, under the roof is not only a partition, limiting the height of the room, it is an important part of the interior of the room, it serves as a base for the placement of lighting fixtures. The lower part of the ceiling occupies a considerable area. To design the surface fit responsibly, as it is one of the main visual elements of the internal space.

Drywall ceiling design in the kitchen

Beautiful plasterboard ceilings can improve any interior. That is why more and more owners prefer this method of finishing living rooms. In addition, you can make a stylish and at the same time suitable ceiling from plasterboard and in the kitchen. To do this, owners will need to choose the optimal type of structure in appearance, the specifics of installation.

What to do with a low ceiling: design tricks

According to the old standards, which were valid until 2010, the ceiling height should be at least 2.5 meters. This value is considered the most familiar and comfortable for a person. After making changes to the SNiP, the standards for ceiling heights were lowered, allowing the builders to choose it themselves.

Stretch ceilings: 100 photos in the interior

Stretch ceiling is a canvas, fixed under the main top of the room on a specially designed profile. It looks great, solves many problems with the design of the space, is made of various materials. Properly installed stretch ceilings in the interior completely change the appearance of any room for the better, visually expanding even cramped spaces of “Khrushchev”.

Ceiling design for living room

The ceiling in the living room is not the main part of the apartment, but its design should also be as thoughtful and harmonious as possible. Living room is a business card at home, so you should carefully consider every detail of this room. It should fit harmoniously into a single interior apartment or cottage.

Decorative ceilings: types and methods of decoration

Although simplicity is considered the highest level of beauty, sometimes we want to add to the interior spectacular and picturesque nuances. Decorative ceilings - one of the ways to make your home uncommon and delightful. The main thing is to choose a coating that will harmoniously fit into the interior, emphasize its strengths and hide imperfections.

Black ceiling in the interior +75 photos

Ceilings in the design of the room are different. But the most unusual and stylish option is the black ceiling in the interior and its variations. To embody such an idea into reality is not possible in every room, but where it is appropriate, the atmosphere can be transformed in an incredible way. Color features What is so special about black?

Wooden ceiling in the interior +75 photos

Wooden ceiling in the interior - the current and stylish solution. Wood lends itself well to processing, which makes it possible to put into practice any unusual design ideas. The ceiling of the tree can be deliberately simple and even rough, and can amaze with its luxury and elegance. The material, taking into account the shape, color and style of specific finishing elements, will be appropriate in both classical and modern and even futuristic interiors.

Ceiling design in the kitchen +50 photo examples

At first glance it may seem that the ceiling plays a secondary role in the design of the room. They do not install furniture on it, they don’t walk on it, and guests and household members don’t raise their eyes very often. In fact, the ceiling - a kind of "gray cardinal" interior. A small room, he can do more, pustovatuyu and large - voluminous and comfortable, and low - above.

Ceiling design in the hall +60 photos

The ceiling in the main room of an apartment or house, namely in the hall, attracts special attention from the first seconds of being here. But in addition to the aesthetic function, it performs many other tasks: it hides defects, provides proper lighting, supports the general style of the room, and implements zoning.

Design ceiling in the bedroom +70 photo design ideas

A cozy, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom depends only on the owner, what design he chooses, what materials he uses. Each part of the room is interconnected, so it should look organic. A special attitude to yourself requires a ceiling design in the bedroom. After all, this room is a personal space for two people, so it must correspond to the tastes and wishes of the owners.

Ceiling decor - design ideas

When creating an original design of the home, many leave the surface of their ceiling snow-white clean. Sometimes this is due to stylistics, but often this is due to ignorance of all possibilities. Modern decoration methods allow the use of the decor of the ceiling not only for aesthetic, but also for practical purposes.

Decorative ceiling beams in the interior

Due to the low height of the ceilings, the design with beams is difficult to imagine in a regular city apartment. It is created in a spacious country house, where the beams in the interior look more appropriate. However, it all depends on the designer's imagination and the area of ​​the dwelling. Since even a large apartment of modern layout can be decorated with this element of decor.

Ceiling design - modern ideas

Thinking in several planes is peculiar to modern style. If before the attention in the interior was paid, for the most part, to the walls, now the design of the ceilings has become a fashionable developing direction. Original ideas are generated, new ways of finishing it appear. In a modern interior, the ceiling is not just a plane of the location of the lighting devices.