Shelves for wall mounting: brackets, angles, hidden hinges

The use of shelves for storing plants, decorations, books and souvenirs is an excellent option for interior styling. Such an element will be useful in the kitchen, bathroom, home workshop or garage. Practical products will help conveniently store personal belongings or tools, dishes, cosmetics. But to ensure the reliability of the installed shelf will only help the correct selection of fasteners.

Baby chair do it yourself: how to make

When a new small person appears in the family, it's time to make sure that he has everything necessary for a comfortable, safe life. If a small cradle and a linen chest are enough for an infant in his room, then a child who is already sitting needs other items. Make a locker, table or at least a highchair with their own hands under the force of any parent who has the minimum carpentry skills.

How to paint furniture from chipboard at home

Cabinets, walls, chests of Soviet times, vintage sideboards, inherited, over the years of service wear out, but remain strong. After a small restoration, good things turn into masterpieces that cannot be bought in a store or made to order. They are impressive original decor, reminiscent of childhood or youth.

How to make a bunk bed do it yourself

The arrangement of the bedroom with a non-standard bed allows the owners to make the most of the free space and get a stylish room. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy an original bed with 2 tiers, complemented by ancillary units. You can do it yourself. For work, you can use a variety of materials: wood, derived raw materials, iron.

Restoration of old chairs do it yourself

The reasons for the restoration of the chairs can be different: the integration of elements of the old furniture in the new interior, the second life for the "grandmother's" inheritance or the magnificent purchase at the flea market, which life has ruffled. Why waste time and energy on saving old furniture when you can buy a new one for a reasonable amount?

Obuvnitsa do it yourself: drawings and assembly schemes

Shoes take up more volume than clothes. For this reason, it is not so easy to find the desired corner in the room. There is often not enough space and part of the accessories is transferred to the hallway or wardrobe. Shoes of different people are usually mixed. If such chaos is constantly aggravated, it is necessary to look for new solutions.

Wood stain - what is it for?

Wood is a popular, sought-after building material. You can give the wood any shade. For this you will need to process it with a special mixture. Wood stain is also a good antiseptic. The service life of machined parts is increased several times. Paintwork compositions give aesthetics, decorative, emphasize the texture of any species.

Restoration of old furniture with their own hands

Furnishing a house or apartment, proper placement of elements is a natural and uncontested way to decorate the interior. Man himself cannot imagine his existence without these objects, be it a chair, a table or a bed. However, every thing has its own life, with time comes to a defective state.

How to make a table of epoxy resin: manufacturing features

Interior design of the house or apartment is always paid special attention. At registration of premises every detail is taken into account: finishing materials, color accents, decorative, operational elements. Furniture plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere. With its help, you can easily upgrade the room, for example, to add creativity, add a touch of luxury to the decoration, it is enough to set an epoxy resin table in the room.

How to make a rack with your own hands

Rack - a convenient, practical and multifunctional furniture design. It does not take up much space and at the same time has an impressive spaciousness. Open shelves allow you to avoid feeling cluttered and cramped. They do not prevent light from entering the room and free air circulation.

We make furniture from cardboard

Dense packaging from household appliances and other products can be an excellent material for creating not only original handicrafts, but also practical home accessories. Furniture made of cardboard can be made by hand using simple diagrams and master classes. A variety of variants of drawings will allow to realize the most unusual idea.

Folding bed built into the closet

People living in a small apartment, constantly face the problem of lack of free space. A lot of useful and functional things should be placed on a small area, while there should be enough space for a comfortable and cozy existence. Using furniture-transformer, they partially solve their problem, because the folding bed, built-in wardrobe, folding table, help to save precious square meters, to combine a rest area with a study, a living room.

How to make a stool with his own hands

A furniture product created for sitting and resting a person who does not have a back can rightly be called a prototype of a chair. This is a compact, convenient item that is found in almost every kitchen, in a bar, in a country house. Over time, any furniture wears out, becomes unusable and the question arises of the need to replace it.

How to sew a bean bag with your own hands

Practical, comfortable furniture has always been valued. It decorates the interior of the house, helps to relax after an exhausting work day. With the gradual popularization of various styles in the interior, special demands began to be made for objects. In addition to convenience, they should not contradict the chosen direction in the design of the room, correspond to the fashion.

Chair do it yourself

Удобные изделия для сидения - важный элемент любого эргономичного интерьера. Чаще всего их приобретают в комплекте со столом, реже - каждый отдельно. Некоторые любители легко изготовят оригинальный стул своими руками из различных материалов. Такое "сооружение" в большинстве случаев уникально, неповторимо.

Standard crib sizes from newborns to teenagers

A baby bed is the most important piece of furniture for a small person’s room, which must be taken care of before birth. The standard size of the crib ranges from a tiny cradle for a newborn to those comparable to older teenage designs. It is important to purchase furniture from environmentally friendly material that is not capable of harming the health of the baby.

Sofa do-it-yourself: corner, straight, and other models

Upholstered furniture has always been an indicator of luxury and comfort. It allows you to enjoy home comfort in a comfortable environment. One of the most important elements of furniture products is a sofa. He is able to replace the bed, act as a bed for relaxation by the TV or fireplace, to be the subject of zoning space.

Bed do it yourself: make a frame

Sleeper - an element without which the house can not do. In ancient times, people slept on the bench, the furnace, even on a pile of straw, animal skins. Now, most people prefer more convenient designs that buy in furniture stores or choose from online catalogs. Also, if you have certain carpentry skills, a small amount of materials, tools, you can make a comfortable bed with your own hands.

How to make shelves and racks in the garage

There are usually lots of tools in the garage. They are there either because there is no room in the storage room, or because of their frequent use for repair or maintenance of vehicles. Some tools require careful handling and a specific placement. The rack in the garage is an excellent system for storage.

Decoupage your own furniture

Originating in the early Middle Ages, the decorative technique gained popularity in the 17th century, when Venice was still independent at that time. The word itself is borrowed from French. Like any work, decoupage of furniture allows you to create an artistic image, and skillful execution of the case will make any unattractive, boring object an integral part of the decoration in the house.