Companion wallpaper: selection rules, color and design combination ideas, how to glue

Companion wallpaper is not just a beautiful way to decorate an apartment, a similar finishing method helps to highlight the merits of a room or hide its flaws with different wallpapers. Wallpapers companions will add volume even to the smallest room and intelligently zone a spacious room.

What are wallpaper companions?

Companion wallpaper are two different among themselves in color or texture of the canvas, while harmonizing with each other. This way of finishing has a lot of advantages, it allows you to make the room more voluminous, hide flaws in size or lighting, and also gives the interior individuality.

Companion rules

When choosing wallpaper companions should stick to one rule. Two at first glance, different types of wallpaper should link something so that they looked in the picture of the room as one unit. This can be an invoice, colors or pattern. It is also preferable to choose the material of companions of the same thickness and manufacturer, in construction stores there are often different variations of the combination of wallpaper on the same stand, this greatly simplifies the task.

One color range - different design or texture.

It is not necessary to choose identical colors, to associate different types of canvases companions can be similar shades, one color, but a different tone. For example, one monochrome canvas with a relief texture, the other with a smooth surface and three-dimensional pattern in the form of purple flowers on a light background.

In the photo the wall decoration in the bedroom is made in the same color range with non-woven wallpaper companions. Coatings differ in pattern and texture.

This way of companion wallpaper combination will add room to the room and make it visually larger.

Same texture - different design or color.

Companions can combine wallpaper, the overall texture, a pronounced relief will be noticeable in any color design. The selection of colors can be a contrast, for example from black and white or a softer combination.

In the photo is a spacious studio apartment. Companion wallpaper with different patterns visually divides the space into zones.

The same texture of the companions' wallpaper will seamlessly connect a different pattern, even on completely different images from each other the same relief will be visible.

Same pattern - different texture or color

General drawing will combine two canvases of companion wallpapers. The image may be the same, while having a different size, for example, on one surface there is a pattern with large monograms, on the other they are the same, but smaller.

In the photo children's room for the girl. Wallpaper companions have different colors, but are united by theme. There are castles on both walls.

The same pattern can combine completely different colors and textures, wallpaper companions can be smooth and embossed, contrasting and calm combinations.

Different colors, texture and pattern

The most difficult option for registration will be a combination of completely different types of wallpaper companions, with different texture, color and pattern. This method of wallpaper companions should be chosen with care, otherwise you can get a tasteless interior.

The main rule, even completely different surfaces should be in harmony with each other. Colors can be different, but they can be combined, for example, be pastel shades. Figure not be like, but have a general theme, as an example of plant.

Combination examples in the interior of rooms

For the hall (living room)

For the living room there are more possibilities in interior design than in other rooms of the house. Unlike a bedroom or kitchen, in the hall it will be appropriate to combine wallpaper companions of bright colors and with voluminous drawings, which can be combined with a common theme.

With the help of companion wallpaper, you can select any area, such as a seating area near the sofa and armchairs or a cozy place to read. In addition, wallpaper companions will be a good interior solution for a living room combined with a kitchen, this way of finishing will help to designate the zones by visually separating them.

For the bedroom

Companion wallpaper is a frequent decoration solution for the bedroom. In this way, you can designate a bedroom or lounge area, as well as visually increase the space.

On the photo is a bedroom in a nautical style. Wallpaper companions, like other items, have a pattern with a general theme.

Bright contrasting wallpaper companions can draw a wall above the head of the bed, thereby highlighting and decorating it.

For kitchen

Wallpaper companions will help divide the kitchen into the work area and dining area.

Bright wallpaper can be trimmed completely wall of the dining area or only a part directly above the dining table. Also accent can be a wall and over the working area. Wallpaper should be protected with transparent glass above the cooking zone.

For the hallway

In the Khrushchev and standard city apartments hallways do not differ by a large area, paired companions wallpaper will make this room more interesting and more voluminous.

It would be more appropriate to use wallpaper companions of a light color palette, a different pattern and texture diversify a small space, and light colors will keep the area.

For the nursery

Wallpaper companions are a great solution for a child's room, the original combinations will make the nursery more interesting and fun. The boy's room can be decorated in a light blue tone, combined with yellow or white motifs.

Companions of delicate flowers are suitable for girls: pink, lilac, yellow. For a child's baby, it is better to choose a calm range, in a more ambitious shades you can decorate the teen room.

In the photo children's room for the girl in the attic. Finishing is made wallpaper companions in a light palette with pink accents.

Color matching ideas


Calm universal tone combined with a variety of colors. Beige harmonizes with bright and calm, warm and cold colors. He also successfully performs the function of the background. The best combinations will be with companions of white, blue, emerald, red, brown and black. Depending on the choice of partner color, wallpaper companions will look good in the interior of any room.


White tone is harmonious with any colors. The combination can be soft or contrast, colors juicy or pastel. A combination of white and blue, red or black will look especially successful. Also on a white background is clearly visible texture.


The gray color of the wallpaper is harmonious with clean and dusty hues. Cold and warm gray tone is suitable for interior decoration in a modern style. The combination with pink and purple will look soft and gentle. Wallpaper companions of blue, red and fuchsia shade more contrast, but no less successful combination.


The green tone of the companions wallpaper will look good with warm natural shades such as brown, gray, orange, cream, golden and black. Eco themes will make the interior warm and the atmosphere soothing.

Black and white

The combination of black and white already looks complete and complete, they complement each other. However, the black color can be a great companion yellow, salad, orange and purple hue.


Beautiful purple color will be successfully combined with gray, lilac, olive and white. Purple is suitable for interior decoration in a modern style. Saturated shade is better to use as a secondary.


The warm chocolate shade is in harmony with blue, turquoise, green and pink. Rich colors will stand out on a brown background. Combination with wallpaper companions cream and beige shade suitable for interior decoration in a classic style.

In the photo there is a loft-style living room. The walls are decorated with different types of wallpaper companions, some of them with imitation of brickwork, others plaster.


Pink color can be a delicate pastel shade or rich fuchsia. Light pink is combined with turquoise, light blue, mint, white, gray, olive and brown. For the fuchsia tone, the company will be companions of mustard, gray, and salad-colored wallpapers.


Companions of white, gray, pink and yellow color are well combined with a delicate blue shade. From the bright shades for the combination of suitable red, orange, brown. Depending on the color partner, the interior will be bright and rich or calm.


Golden accents will decorate the wallpaper companions turquoise, peach and gray. Gold looks spectacular with canvases companions of brown, red and black tones.


Sunny yellow is well combined with companions of a cold shade: blue, blue, gray, black and lilac. Yellow color will add sun to the interior of the room.


Lilac shade can be combined with companion wallpaper cream, light yellow, pink, light turquoise and black. Hue creates a delicate combination even with dark colors.


Refreshing turquoise will be a good companion for brown, black, dark pink, beige, white and yellow. A good addition will be golden or silver elements.

Examples of combinations of design and pattern

With flowers

The combination with a floral print is important for a classic, Provence or modern interior. The combination can be with monochromatic wallpaper companions or with coatings with a different pattern. The color scheme for wallpaper companions should be chosen based on the hue of the floral pattern, and its background.

The pattern of flowers is combined with smooth monophonic surfaces, textured or with striped wallpaper. A good finishing option is to highlight the accent wall with companion wallpaper with flowers. For example, a three-dimensional image of roses over the headboard or sakura flowers over the seating area in the living room.

On the photo is a neoclassical bedroom. The walls are made with companion wallpaper in a horizontal way.


Striped companions can be combined with other images, patterns or textured surfaces. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the strip visually corrects the space of the room, depending on its direction, the room appears wider or taller.

When combined with three-dimensional wallpaper companion wallpaper with stripes, choose a calm color palette, which will overlap with the color of the picture. In combination with textured or wallpaper without a pattern, you can choose a bolder shade. In this case, wallpaper companions with a striped pattern will attract the main attention.

Under the plaster

Companion wallpaper for plaster attracts attention due to the texture. Relief surface looks harmoniously with almost any type of wallpaper companions, drawings and ornaments, stripes, as well as 3D images will be appropriate.

Coating with plaster in a company with other wallpaper companions more plays a secondary role.

Tips from the designer

There are several small tricks that will help keep the room design in balance and harmony.

  • To design wallpaper companion looked like a single picture, it is necessary to choose the material of one thickness and price segment. This will simplify the work of finishing and will look neater. The most convenient way is to choose wallpaper companions of one manufacturer.
  • It is necessary to take into account the compatibility of colors in the selection of wallpaper companions. The combination can be soft or contrast, but the colors should be combined with each other.
  • The same goes for patterns. In the interior of one room is to adhere to a single style and theme.
  • Making the interior of the horizontal method of a larger picture and a dark shade should be pasted at the bottom, respectively, a small pattern and a light color at the top.

How to glue wallpaper companions?

Companion wallpapering is performed on the same principle as the others, with the exception of several factors.

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to determine the location of the canvases.
  • With a horizontal strip design, companions can alternate through one, frame a wall around the edges, or have a different order. For this type of finish, it is important that the webs are of equal thickness.
  • After you need to prepare the surface. To do this, you need to clean the wall of the old coating, plaster it and primed.
  • To simplify the work and to hedge with a good result, it is necessary to make a marking on the front page. This will avoid the "collapse" of the wallpaper.
  • Companion wallpaper strips are prepared. They need to be cut and put in the right order. Glue is applied in accordance with the requirements of the material of wallpaper. The strips are glued end-to-end.

Photo gallery

Companion wallpaper is a great way to add individuality to the interior. There are lots of ways to decorate a room with different types of wallpaper, different in color, texture and pattern. Depending on the combination chosen, the interior will be soft and calm or bright with details of rich colors and patterns.

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