Country cottage interior in the forest

What should be beautiful house in the forest? The answer to this question was found by American architects Ward-young architecture, having designed a comfortable and modern dwelling, which reflected both architectural traditions and modern ideas.

AT the interior of a country cottage classic forms and avant-garde solutions are used. A lot of space, light, and even woods inside the house - all this thanks to the replacement of traditional walls with glass panels that unite the interior of the house with nature.

Modern cottage is not just beautiful house in the forest. The forest itself “grows” inside the house - part of the pine trunk has become the main element of the living room decor. The absence of visible walls seems to dissolve the house in the forest more often. Both spaces - both external and internal unite in harmony, underlined by careful selection of furniture and decor elements.

Eclectic style is most appropriate in the interior of a country cottage, because it allows to emphasize its naturalness and closeness to nature. Color solution beautiful home in the forest reserved and strict, with a predominance of natural, natural tones: cream, orange, yellow, gray, brown. Yellow accents add brightness and originality.

Generally country cottage interior it looks easy, harmonious and natural, although rather “rough” materials prevail in it - stone, wood.

Ground floor plan

Second floor plan

Watch the video: Vintage Country Glamour: Sweetpea Cottage (October 2019).


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