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The broad concept of modernity is used not only in art, but also in architectural style. Its birth at the beginning of the 20th century was marked by rapid spread throughout the world. At that time, the ideological component of the new trend corresponded to its name. Despite the short period of its heyday, this style managed to leave a serious legacy. Many people still strive to recreate the art nouveau design in their home. The fact that this requires to do, we will discuss in more detail below.

The history of modernity

Its appearance was due to chaos in the design of interiors, which took shape at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Most designers experimented with eclecticism, not bringing anything new to the existing pantheon of styles. Everyone tried to strike a spark from simple mixing. There was no originality in this, since any combination left the design still recognizable. Therefore, the appearance of modernity was the answer of time to a question hanging in the air. At first, his swift stride was perceived as hostile: a fresh style was instantly dubbed "bad taste." However, the speed with which modern broke into architectural design could not remain unnoticed.

It was used by the most brilliant innovators of the time. They were the first to realize the uniqueness and dissimilarity of style to everything that happened before. Many were also attracted by the purity of modernity, due to the complexity of manufacturing branded attributes. However, this subsequently destroyed him: in the period of growth of mass industry, the high cost of furniture in the modern style seemed inappropriate. Therefore, with the beginning of the First World and the financial crisis in Europe, the fashionable style lost its leading position. Nevertheless, he managed to gain a foothold in the minds and vocabulary of many countries of the world (Art Nouveau, Tiffany, Liberty).


Distinctive features of style

The bright look of the interior in the modern style is easily recognized by the following features:

Emphasis on the use of wooden elementsThis is due to the fact that the style recognizes only natural. The most suitable option is considered to be oak or beech wood, with an obvious fiber structure.
Use smooth shapesSymmetry and straight lines are categorically denied. The softness of the contours, the patterned flow of elements into each other can be traced throughout. The corners are smoothed.
Herbal themeArt nouveau ornaments often contain a reference to an image of real flowers or animals. It can be elegant lilies, exotic butterflies.
Decoration with stained glassTheir use in the decoration of the room is highly appreciated. The theme of the drawings is characterized by refined abstraction, branchy plants.
Arched windowsHigh openings are ideal for these purposes, complementing the overall impression of the interior of the room.
Doors with windowsDecorative slits in the wide canvases of rectangular doors are decorated with the same stained glass. Mosaic décor is also permitted.
Wrought iron elements on the stairsGraceful railings look harmonious with wide steps.


Features of style planning

In order to arrange the space in this style, it is desirable to be the owner of a studio apartment. Because modern requires a solid square. Layout involves the use of various methods of zoning: using patterned flooring, furniture partitions, various accessories. All of them should be without corners, with smooth and even openwork lines. Separation of parts of the room is extremely soft, free.

The peculiarity of decorative modern is that with its help you can hide the unfortunate layout of the apartment with a non-standard arrangement of rooms. An asymmetrical interior design that fits to ornate wavy textures will easily fit into it.


Color range of style

A distinctive feature of natural style elements is their natural color in the interior. Therefore you should not be surprised by the abundance of pastel, muted tones. These include: all shades of brown (from milky to coffee), tones of the achromatic palette (from silver to wet asphalt), green. The task of the latter is to revive the decor with your presence. Sometimes a strong contrast is used - the same red as the opposite color in the palette.

The operation of elements with a pronounced shade is allowed in minimal quantities.

To create a harmony of decoration, furniture and textile elements, designers select the perfect color ratio. However, the soul of the artist must know the measure, because the search of shades will cause associations with vulgar eclecticism. Therefore, the first thing is to look for an accent element, so that it is something to make a start from. If such is a refined piece of furniture, then the background colors of the walls or the delicacy of the ceiling should play a secondary role. In any case, you should not use a large number of flowers - a rainbow in modernity is not the place.


Art Nouveau Walls

They are intended solely for the background. Their dominance is not allowed a priori. Therefore, the color is devoid of screaming tones and excessive texture. Pearl, beige, sky shade is welcomed. Only in the sleeping area it is possible to use more saturated brown tones. Matte background is decorated with the image of a branchy plant. In this case, the stem must necessarily reach up, symbolizing growth and development.

Some interior designers install wall panels in the lower plane, based on practical purposes. The material for this refinement is a natural wood or more budget laminate. The upper plane is covered with muted tones of wallpaper or paint. The key principle here is to create a background, not an emphasis to attract attention.

Art Nouveau ceiling decoration

There are special requirements for ceilings. Contrary to common practice, more attention is paid to its decoration than to the same walls. Often found relief stucco, three-dimensional elements of natural wood. This can be seen as the monumentality of the classics: when the combination of wavy lines and plant patterns with static elements on the ceiling forms the asymmetry dynamics.

Also found exquisite stained glass windows on the ceiling, in combination with dimmed lighting. Thanks to the game of multicolored glasses, a chamber mood is created. This is the best way to highlight the original living room. Owners can also be involved in the process of creating ceiling stained glass windows. Since the atmosphere in the room is directly dependent on the quality of light.

Art Nouveau floor

Like the walls, the lower plane of the room plays a secondary role. His main task in the modernist style is to harmoniously combine with the other elements. Therefore, the tonality of the floor covering depends on the overall decor of the room. A popular option is parquet made of natural wood, wild stone. If the majority of modern coatings involves the chessboard layout of wood panels, then modernist floors imply a Christmas tree. Low-cost options for floors should simulate a natural material quality. With the help of modern technology it is possible to perform an elegant pattern, even on a wild stone.

To save money, it is acceptable to use porcelain stoneware or laminate as a floor covering.

Choice of furniture

The smooth contour of the furniture set in this style seems to invite guests to relax. The absence of sharp corners, natural materials for manufacturing, the presence of asymmetry, the muffled color finish - all this contributes to a comfortable stay in the room. Cabinet furniture at the same time stretches upward, like all plants in the images. The vertical dominant in combination with bizarre forms maximally expresses the idea of ​​modernity.

The number of furniture accessories is repelled by the functional purpose of the room. The need for free space eliminates the clutter of the home. At the same time, the presence of upholstered furniture does not apply to modern. It is covered with textile elements, fitting into the overall picture of the style. The woody base of furniture comes first. It is desirable to avoid a large number of corners, to focus on the elegant armrests.



Here, the classical principles of lighting work, since the location of the lighting devices in the modernist decor plays a primary role. The following types of lamps are considered to be unchanged attributes of style:

  1. Crystal chandelier impressive size. It should attract attention with its iridescent light. Gold plating on the metal structure of the product is encouraged. Some lamps are made not of crystal, but of stained multi-colored glass.
  2. Floor lamps correspond to the main element. The natural base should emphasize the ideology of modernity, regardless of whether it is floor or table lamps.
  3. Wall lamps of conical shape can have monograms, asymmetric lines. Their complex form echoes the plant patterns on the walls.



Dense natural fabrics complement the general ensemble of modernity. Massive satin curtains in window openings, exquisite velvet cushions on the couch. Silk curtains are sewn with asymmetry that allows you to imitate the movement of the waves when opened. Forged cornices and lambrequins adorn the window landscape. Plain fabric can be complemented by an interesting pattern without flashy colors. The purpose of the curtains is to harmonize with the upholstery and the smooth styling of the furniture set. The holistic image is created using a soft play with the tonalities of the material.


What elements of decor fit this style

The final chord in the design of the room is the placement of decorative accessories that do not have practical functions. They are designed to fill the atmosphere with comfort:

  • Crystal, bronze or porcelain products;
  • Fine watches;
  • Candlesticks, sculptures;
  • Wooden paintings and frames;
  • Decorative pillows made of silk;
  • Stained glass, etc.

The main principle in the case of modernity is the color harmony of products from natural materials. The theme remains the same: the plant and animal world. Sometimes the advantages of Japanese painting are used, whose love for calligraphy and flowering gardens fits perfectly into the style. In Europe, the recognized masterpieces of modernity are the works of Klimt and Mucha. In America - Birbank.

The use of a fireplace in the modern style stands apart. Its classic outlines and wrought iron elements will decorate any interior.

Entrance hall

In the narrow corridor, designers focus on the doorway. Cloth with soft bends of accessories and stained glass inserts attracts attention. Walls and ceilings rarely stand out from the general background, because expressive lines and patterns can disturb the calm atmosphere of the style. Therefore, using pastel paint instead of wallpaper. Together with the lighting, it is able to combine the walls with the ceiling. The flooring is a continuation of the indoor floor, which means it is made of wooden parquet.

Hallway furniture involves the use of built-in furniture in the form of wardrobes. Required attributes include a pier with curved asymmetrical shapes. Allowed bright color of natural wood. For comfort, several wall lights are installed at a small height from the floor.

The main accessories in the corridor are decorative mirrors and themed paintings. But textile elements should be avoided.


Living room

For the most complete reconstruction of the style in the living room will require a spacious room. Planes are made with smooth transitions, painted in ashy tones of the chosen color palette. Allowed to use a gradient to underline zones. For wall decoration is not recommended to use paper wallpaper or plaster. Is that liquid wallpaper with a barely noticeable pattern. For ceiling coverage, the best option is to paint. No plastic or textured lining. The value is ambient lighting.

Wear-resistant floor in the form of solid parquet can be complemented by decorative carpets of a contrasting color. However, the carpet categorically can not be applied in modern style. The same can be said about linoleum or ceramic tile.

For furniture the arrangement in the L-shaped or P-shaped form is selected. Monochrome products are located in the center of the room, on the carpet. Dark woods with pastel textiles without colorful elements. A set of furniture items is minimal: a sofa, a few chairs, a table with low legs and a tabletop.

A large chandelier can be complemented by local lighting of wall lamps made from forged metal. Light should gently emphasize the tonality of textile components (pillows, carpet, curtains).

An important role in the living room is played by accessories made of metal rods, wood or crystal. Elegant paintings of the modern era will be the perfect accent.



A characteristic feature of the bedroom in this style is the minimalism of accessories, color palette and soft lighting. When finishing the walls, textured plastering in the best traditions of classicism is allowed, pasting without bright drawings. The ceiling serves as a continuation of the walls, so it is faced with the same materials. Fashionable tension cover successfully combined with diffused light. But antique stucco should be avoided. As a flooring installed expensive parquet made of precious wood.

The furnishing implies an emphasis on a plush bed with an asymmetrical headboard. Low tables and nightstands look contrast against the background of a massive wardrobe with colored glass doors. Bed linen is in the same range as the trim planes. It is necessary to create a soothing atmosphere. However, genuine comfort creates lighting on the bedside tables. Floor lamps and wall lamps give a soft, diffusing light. But accessories should be the minimum number. On the table there may be an arrangement of vases or figurines of the modern era.



Practical and functional style will easily fit even into a small-sized kitchen. Monochrome wall decoration serves only as a background, therefore staining is applied. Glass wallpaper looks somewhat better than ceramic tiles, since the sharp rectangular shapes of the latter violate the harmony of style. Ceiling is merged with the walls with smooth transitions. Sometimes used stretch ceiling without expressive texture. Paul also plays a passive role in harmony with the furniture set. The best option are self-leveling floors. Rarely used solid color granite in the furniture. A practical laminate is gaining in popularity: its range allows you to choose the right shade that contrasts with the background of the planes.

The arrangement of the furniture is due to simple geometry and austerity of color. Her attributes are masked under the walls, and have soft contour lines. No other frills in the kitchen are allowed. In the center of the room stands a massive tabletop with thin legs. Do the emphasis on the table or not - decide the owners. The designer will complement their choice with classic chairs with a beautiful ornament.

Unlike other rooms, the lighting in the kitchen has functional objectives. Its placement in the furniture set fully meets the requirements of style. Sometimes just enough background ceiling light. If the owner chooses a frameless glazing, the rounded shape of the window is created by means of coarse curtains. Small accessories on the dining table should be related to the functional purpose of the room: dishes, decorative vase.



For the facing of this room two layers are used: background and decorative. The first involves the gradation of color, and the second - an unusual texture of the decor. Ceramic tiles, staining, colored mosaic - these options are most common. Materials cover all planes. Is that the floor can be self-leveling. Its color scheme in this case is characterized by a gradient: from the lightest part of the walls to the darkest.

It is difficult to speak about the furnishing of the bathroom, since besides the nightstand it is not always possible to place anything else. Sometimes the chair is placed with a cosmetic table. The color of the attributes complements the flooring.

But the elements of plumbing allow to embody modern in all its glory: forged, non-standard materials are selected according to the color of the finish, and heated in the walls. Curly towel warmers, futuristic baths decorate any room. The emphasis on asymmetry is created with spotlights and mirrors. Bathroom accessories include original toothbrush glasses, clothes hangers, and artificial flowers.


Designers love to equip the interior in modern style for its clear style. Contrary to its established framework, it allows you to modify the design to create living space. Modern technologies and materials make it possible to design both an elite and a budget interior in the considered style. Влияние модерна ощущается и сто лет спустя после спада популярности.It is preferred by real gourmets and aesthetes.

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