Types of stretch ceilings: materials, texture, color, types of designs, forms

Types of stretch ceilings have not only an attractive appearance, but also meet the performance characteristics, are of high quality, beauty and affordability.

What are the textures of paintings?

Stretch structures can have a variety of types of surfaces that allow you to influence the design of the ceiling space and the interior as a whole. A detailed comparison of the texture of ceilings can be viewed at the link in the article.


This type of tensioning models, due to the bright shine and high reflectivity, not only looks very impressive and catchy, but also visually increases the amount of space, creating a feeling of some airiness in it.


The matte surface does not reflect light and has no reflections and, with its concise and simple look, resembles an ordinary painted ceiling.


Stretch canvas of satin have a soft and calm gloss and unique light reflection. They have an unusual glow and are the perfect view to create cozy interiors.

Pictured living room with satin stretch ceiling beige.

Types of materials and specifications

Divide two types of materials used for the manufacture of paintings. You can get acquainted with the detailed comparison of fabric and PVC ceilings using the link in the article.

PVC film

Very practical type of finish, with a huge number of positive qualities. The basis of polyvinyl chloride is durable, it is practically not subject to aging and various effects.


The main characteristics of film coatings.

Widthup to 5 meters with the manufacturer.


from 0,17-0,35 mm. Thin films are only 0.12 mm thick.
Densityup to 230 grams / m2, depending on the material of the manufacturer.
Sound absorption coefficient to 0.4.
Heat resistance from - 5 to + 50 ° С.
Security Not subject to burning.
Life time 10-15 years.

The photo shows a black and white stretch design made of gloss in the interior of the kitchen-living room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of tensioning PVC film.


Have an aesthetic appearance.

Subject to mechanical damage.

Differ in durability.

Can deform from very high or low temperatures.



Such cloths cannot be mounted without the help of professionals.

Have a wide variation.


Environmentally friendly and safe fabric reliefs, have a breathable surface, and thanks to the processing of special compounds, they can acquire practical and higher-quality properties.

Varieties of designs of stretch ceilings and their description

There are several types of the number of levels.

Single level

Such tension models are the most budget option. They create a classic flat ceiling surface and are considered to be an ideal solution for small-sized rooms without any special design delights.

The photo shows the interior of a modern kitchen with a single-level glossy gray tension structure.


The design, consisting of two levels, allows you to create unusual color and textured combinations on the ceiling. With the help of various spectacular combinations, you can emphasize the interior and make certain accents in it.


Many-tier products, not only perfectly emphasize and transform the design of the room, but also perfectly cope with the visual zoning of space. They provide the ability to design the ceiling with a unique design.

Pros and cons of ceiling designs

The main advantages and disadvantages of multi-level ceiling models.

Single level
  • Simple and quick installation.
  • Single-level products do not hide the height of the room. Therefore, they can be installed even in small rooms with low ceilings.
  • Relatively low price.
  • Pretty simple appearance.
  • Perfectly cope with visual zoning of space.
  • They can combine different colors and textures and thus create a unique and expressive design.
  • They create some difficulties in care.
  • Visually reduce the height of the space.
  • Can visually change and adjust the geometry of the room.
  • Allows you to create interesting and unusual forms.
  • Very high cost.
  • Complicated care.
  • It is better to choose multilevel types for registration of high and spacious rooms.

What size are there?

Size table.

DimensionsFabricPVC film
Length up to 100 meters. up to 10 meters. up to 10 meters up to 10 meters.
Width from 2.1 to 5.15 meters. up to 3 meters. from 1.3 to 2 meters.from 4 to 5 meters.

Tension Forms

With the help of various types of stretched canvas, you can create a wide variety of forms.

Straight lines

The most traditional and classic version, which despite its simplicity looks very elegant. Straight ceiling plane forms a strict and clear interior lines.

In the photo there is a living room with a white stretch ceiling of a straight form.

Conical shape

A decorative element in the form of a conical shape with a drop-shaped or truncated finish, allows you to place accents on the ceiling space or hide various defects. A cone with original lighting or a chandelier will become a unique art object of the whole room.


This design can have different sizes and colors, and differ in the synchronous, cut or smoothly damped periodicity of the waves. Such wave-like patterns set the room a specific style.


Semicircular ceiling forms will give the interior more softness, calmness and coziness. Arched vaults create a smoother transition of the ceiling into the walls.

Dome shaped

Stretch products in the form of a dome can completely change the perception of the ceiling plane and add a three-dimensional volume to it. Especially surprising and impressive this form looks in a glossy design.

Color classification

Types of stretch ceilings are classified by type of coloring.

Solid colors

Have many color shades, which may vary depending on the type of material.


Undoubtedly, they are an exquisite decoration for a room of any shape and size. A skillful combination of the most advantageous colors and shades will be a very effective interior solution.

The photo shows a white-beige two-color stretch ceiling in the interior of a classic bedroom.


By using multiple colors, you can divide a room into specific functional areas. Different shades may be suitable, both for the construction of multi-level and single-level models.

Varieties of the integrity of the web

Depending on the size of the canvas, the products are divided into two types.


This type of tension cloths is distinguished by the absence of a weld. Such a solid surface has a more aesthetic appearance and is quite practical.

With seam

Look no less attractive and beautiful. When the direction of the light at the right angle, the welding seam will be almost invisible.

Options for the presence of a gap between the wall and the canvas

There are two main types.


Such models are tightly attached to the wall without the use of decorative tape, which creates a perfectly perfect view of the ceiling.

With a gap

The gap between the wall and the web that forms during installation makes the appearance of the structure incomplete. Therefore, it is very often made out with the help of a decorative ribbon, braid or ceiling plinth.

Photo gallery

Various types of stretch ceilings are the modern and most sought-after finish that fits perfectly into the design of any room. The variety of textures and colors allows you to create an unusual, bright and memorable ceiling design.

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