Compact bathroom design with shower

You all weighed and decided to create bathroom with toilet. We propose to consider two different interesting bathroom design with shower.

1. Bathroom and toilet layout with shower tray.

Interior features.

  • Layout: shower tray installed in a specially built niche.
  • For all communications in the design of a special niche.
  • Sink and toilet are installed on the same wall, which provides high-quality discharge.
  • Wall-mounted storage cabinets at the sides of the sink save space and visually increase the space at the expense of mirrors.
  • A wide shelf along the entire length of the main wall additionally solves the question of storage.
  • Additionally installed another closet on the opposite wall.
  • The decorative effect enhances the metal floor stand with a cabinet for household chemicals - a peculiar element of zoning.

Especially in this interior bathroom with toilet, paid to the issue of decoration and color. Dynamics bathroom design with shower"turned on" by the red ceiling, the color of which passes to the part of the main wall and the niche under the shower The red color in the bathroom gives the interior warmth and saturation. For balance, white color is entered on the whole space, floor, wardrobes, plumbing.

So that the interior did not turn out to be too one-sided, elements of a black and white gamut were neatly added: curtains for the shower and the edging along the wall. Brilliant nickel-plated surfaces and mirrors add volume to a small room. Binding accents in the form of a red rug, red slippers, black-top scales, towels and other trifles fill the interior with necessary harmony. Particularly stylish and unusual look stylized under the "flowers" ventilation grille on the sides of the shower.

2. Bathroom and toilet layout with wet floor technology.

Interior features.

  • Layout: shower compartment installed in a large niche.
  • Glass sliding doors in the shower room save space and expand space.
  • Sink and bathroom are located on the same wall.
  • The entire amount of storage space is located in the closet.

Interior bathroom with toilet made in a restrained, calm range, orange-yellow accents are placed on a white background. Bathroom design with shower it is added with the nickelized handles, cranes, the special attention attracts a shower, of an unusual form. In the shower used technology to go beyond the usual pallets.

A floor with a specially designed built-in drain and tilt system makes the shower space more comfortable. Similar bathroom and toilet layout allows you to save meters and create unusual design solutions.

Watch the video: Walk In Shower Designs For Small Bathrooms (February 2020).

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