Scandinavian style bedroom interior

In the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interior style dominates, especially popular for indoor applications such as kitchen, living room and a bedroom.Scandinavian style bedroom allows you to make the room very comfortable, “home”, to fill it with objects that emphasize unity with nature and the desire of each resident of the city to their roots.

To decorate the “Scandinavian” bedroom, you must follow certain rules, paying particular attention to the details, because they make the style!


The main color at registration in bedroom Scandinavian interior should be white. The second color that fills the room is the color of light natural wood. Furniture made of such wood is the best you can wish for.

White is also allowed, in exceptional cases - black furniture. The floors, frames, doors, “boxes” of doorways are white, the colors of snow fields. The walls can be painted in pastel blue or pale cream.

The remaining colors used in Scandinavian style bedroommay be bright, but they act only as decorative accents.

Black is usually paired with white, and is found in both furniture and textiles.


The bed should not be too wide and high, and next to the headboard on both sides are bedside tables. That's just their role can play, depending on the circumstances and the will of the designer, a variety of subjects.

Scandinavian bedroom interior allows to use as tables small tables, cabinets, barrels, chairs or even stools. But, taking into account the commitment of the Scandinavians to large spaces, as well as to the facilitation of interiors, as a rule, instead of thumbs at the head, special shelves are hung.

Low storage cabinets are usually used as storage systems, and door trim is white gloss. But the usual wardrobe also fits well in such a bedroom.

On the side of the bed, or even above it, lockers can be hung to arrange extra storage space without cluttering up the space. Especially well it is suitable for a small bedroom.

For Scandinavian style bedrooms characteristic free-standing pieces of furniture, original and at the same time functional. It can be shelves made in the form of step-ladders, unusual open racks for clothes, for example, in the form of a portable ladder, rough wooden benches as a pouf in the legs of the bed.

Quite often, the doors of the cabinets in the bedroom are replaced with fabric curtains, and instead of the curbstones at the head of the headboard they put coarsely cracked wooden boxes.


All design tricks in Scandinavian bedroom interior can be divided into three groups:

  • black and white
  • accent,
  • tree.

The first one uses the contrast of black and white combinations, the bedroom, decorated in this way, looks solid and businesslike.

The second option is more youthful, playful. It will help emphasize the originality of the personality of the owner of the bedroom or his ambition.

The third option is the most traditional, and bringing together the Scandinavian style with the styles of ethno and eco. It is most often chosen by those who design the bedroom in the Nordic spirit.

Unusual pieces of furniture, lamps of original shapes and colors, large photographs on the walls or posters of the appropriate subject, paintings, knitted rugs, pillows with pillowcases made of natural fabrics, skins and furs, wicker boxes and live plants can play the role of decorative elements.

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