Laminate on the ceiling: color, design options, interior photo

Laminate to the ceiling is a modern solution in the repair of living space. It is used in different styles and directions of design, makes the interior relevant for many years.

Ceiling laminate color

In accordance with the chosen interior styling, the color of the laminate is determined. It may be warm brown or cold with a gray undertone. An important role is played by the brightness and heterogeneity of the texture of a material that imitates natural wood. In the trend also aged design dies in vintage style.


Modern or classic interior ideally emphasize the ceiling with a pronounced wood texture, and a warm shade will fill the house with comfort. This can be either light brown or dark wenge.

In the photo bedroom in brown tones.


White laminate is suitable for both modern and classic interior. Light boards will look minimalist in Scandinavian design without overloading with unnecessary details. Also, the white ceiling will reveal the nature of housing in the country style, its naturalness and simplicity.

The black

In rooms with large quadrature and height, you can not be afraid to use a dark finish. Saturated color will fill the volume and create a chamber atmosphere in the house. Black laminate flooring is suitable for loft style, modern or classic interior.

In the photo there is a black ceiling covering, which passes onto the wall.


The neutral gray shade of a laminate will ideally fit into a minimalistic interior. This color will serve as a background for interior solutions, while maintaining a common style.

On the photo is a modern-style bedroom with a gray lamination of the ceiling with a laminated board.

Bleached oak

Light wooden accent on the ceiling and other surfaces will add warmth, without overloading the interior with color. So, bleached oak is ideal for any living space, it will look inconspicuous and universal.

Pictured living room in a wooden house with a bleached oak ceiling.

Ideas for decorating the ceiling in various styles

Consider a few ready-made solutions that can be used depending on the chosen style of interior.


The presence of wooden surfaces in combination with concrete, stone and metal is characteristic of modern style. Laminate will emphasize the graphic interior and bring it closer to eco-design.

Country music

The interior in a rustic style with classic elements is a country style, or Provence. It is distinguished by the use of natural (or imitating natural) materials, antique furniture, classical decor and simple textiles. Tree in the interior, often aged, untreated or painted.

Pictured living room in country style. Laminate is made in blue and imitates aged wood.


Loft-style interior is a combination of coarse industrial finishing materials such as brick, concrete, paint, plaster, wood, metal. At the same time wooden elements should look coarse, aged or with the effect of burned boards. Often in modern apartments, laminate is used as a ceiling lining, which corresponds to the loft style, while being practical and economical.

In the photo the interior of the living room in the style of a loft.

Photo in the interior of the apartment

We give examples of how the ceiling is made of laminate in different rooms.

Balcony and Loggia

Finishing surfaces on the balcony or loggia should be practical and resistant to moisture. Ideal high-class laminated material, which can be trimmed walls and ceiling.


The room under the roof will be most comfortable if you arrange it under a tree. Wooden ceiling products very organically fit into the interior and have a fairly wide range.

Living room

The ceiling under the tree in the living room emphasizes the naturalness and aesthetics of the interior.

Wooden house

Wooden beam is an ideal material for the construction and decoration of a country house or cottage. In addition to it, you can use laminated or parquet flooring and ceiling.

Pictured living room in a wooden house of timber.


To create a chamber atmosphere in the bedroom and the comfort of the ceiling can be made of laminate. Often used a combination of materials and multi-level ceilings.

The photo is an example of a cozy bedroom with a combined ceiling decoration.


The ceiling in the kitchen should be practical and stylistically consistent with the overall interior of the apartment.

In the photo is a kitchen with a ceiling of laminated material.


Closeness to nature on the porch involves the use of coatings under the tree. It must be remembered that the lining must be moisture-proof and anti-vandal.

On the photo is a veranda in a country house with wood decoration.


Laminate in the dressing room is practical and aesthetic. In a spacious room it can be decorated with beams, in a small space it is better to use light shades without decor.

In the photo is a dressing room decorated with wood and laminate.

Corridor and hallway

Laminate in the hallway can emphasize the geometry of the corridor and create an organic design that meets already from the threshold of the apartment.


Laminate in the nursery is practical, environmentally friendly and stylish. Well complement the interior light plasterboard inserts or false beams.


Moisture resistant laminated material on the ceiling in the bathroom is perfect for wood-like granite on the floor and will support the design of the entire apartment.

Variants of unusual ceiling design

You can apply a lot of interesting design techniques for the ceiling design. But you need to remember some technical points.

  • For example, dies can be stacked in a straight line, with a run-up, diagonally or "herringbone."
  • The joint of the laminated board with other surfaces should be carried out with the help of special connecting strips.
  • The perimeter of the room is better to draw ceiling plinth.
  • The ceiling can be equipped with beams, combined with other ceiling coverings and be carried out in several levels.
  • There are also laminated panels of large size, which are most convenient to install.


The ceiling, lined with laminate on the frame will allow you to hide the wires and create several options for lighting:

  • linear,
  • dot,
  • zakarniznuyu.

Design of the ceiling and wall laminate

The transition of the laminate from the ceiling to the wall is an interesting solution for harmonizing space, highlighting the central element of furniture and creating additional lighting.

Making beams laminate

In some houses there are building structures in the form of beams or columns, which can give additional charm, if properly arrange them. One of the options - facing the beams with laminate wood.

Two-level ceilings

Using drywall, you can create levels with additional lighting.

Laminate between beams

In wooden houses, beams are provided for by building codes and are ideally combined with the finishing material of the entire interior. But if you want, you can recreate the atmosphere of country style and install false beams. Laminate between beams will create a wooden board effect.


The ceiling is not necessarily sewn up with one material. You can combine laminate with drywall or apply stretch material in some areas. It will be interesting to look with a matte or glossy stretch fabric.

Photo gallery

The use of laminate on the ceiling is an excellent solution for both city apartments and country houses. The variability of color, characteristics and methods of laying material allows the use of various design techniques to create modern interiors.

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