Design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m - 100 photos of examples and 7 projects

A house or apartment is a place where we come from work, where we rest from the hustle and bustle, and the comfort of which creates a mood and gives strength to the next day. If the house is large, then in one room you can place an office, in another nursery, in the third bedroom, and the wardrobe with kitchen will take considerable footage and a place of honor. And what to do if the apartment is small, but everything needs to be equipped - the same dressing room and dining area, to allocate a place to relax and receive guests? Design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m. is, first of all, a combination of convenience, practicality and space saving on a small scale. There is a residential property with an area of ​​100 sq. M. m. and more, but there are flats less than 30 square meters. m. So, 40 square meters. m. - this is not so little if you correctly define priorities and use the maximum of free space, without making it heavier and leaving the appearance of internal volume.

What should be foreseen before the repair

  • Choose the overall style of the apartment, or at least the general element. This may be a city-style apartment: clear lines, a combined wall covering, a detail moving from the room to the kitchen, for example, a certain kind of flower or the theme of "Paris", "World Countries". Minimalism in design looks very impressive, but it is suitable if there are 1-2 people living in an apartment.
  • Determine the number of necessary zones: for rest, work, cooking, eating, toilet and bath. Consider the number and location of outlets, to provide for the need for a warm floor on the balcony and in places covered with tiles or ceramic granite. It is necessary to have sockets in all rooms, including a corridor and a toilet, ideally in all corners, because even the most perfect modeling and design, faced with the realities of performance, will require adjustments and constant monitoring, and maybe cardinal changes in the location of individual elements.
  • When stocking up with construction materials "for the future", before the beginning of the stage at which they will come in handy, be sure to keep receipts from stores for the return of balances. When buying, make sure that later there will be an opportunity to purchase the missing. Sales and promotions on high-quality material - this is great, but then where can you get designer tiles, a part of which, through carelessness, the master spoiled if you took the remains, and order a new one and wait more than one week.
  • Be very careful about the choice of the organization that will be engaged in design and repair: read the reviews on the site, familiarize yourself with their work - although this will not give a 100% guarantee of the quality of the work performed. It is better not to get involved with “familiar acquaintances”, “A wonderful master who cheaply, almost for nothing, made the perfect repair for my friend's aunt ...” - this is utopia, it may be lucky, but the prices will be slightly lower, and if the project is complex, much less more. Ideal project and repair - done by yourself, no one knows your needs and visions of the concept of convenience and comfort of an apartment so well.
  • Provide an alternative place of residence during the repair. The timing of the proposed work very often differ, and upwards. Laminate wanted, and there was linoleum - be prepared for the need to level the floor, and this is plus a month. We decided to install a heated floor, and the wiring is old - we change the wiring and extend the deadline for another week! Design and repair is a creative thing, and it also brings a lot of dust and dirt, in which it is simply impossible to live.


Starting the transformation of a one-room apartment, you need to clearly know what you would like to get in the end: a bachelor apartment - a place to rest from work and bring yourself in order, or a multifunctional space - for the constant pastime of a large number of people. In the case when there is a child, the organization of the playing space and the observance of safety conditions are important. One room, with proper distribution of furniture, can become at least two, maximum several self-sufficient zones. If you have a balcony in the room, you can create an ideal option for a working or play zone, provided that you have the appropriate warming, and for children, having a warm mat or floor heating. Do not forget about the built-in furniture: the closet to the ceiling is very capacious, except for the distribution of casual clothes and top in it, you can provide options such as:

  • rotating shoe rack;
  • folding ironing board;
  • workplace in one of the departments;
  • place for ironing board and dryer, vacuum cleaner;
  • mounted on the wall for a bicycle, other sports equipment, in the absence of a free balcony, basement, but the presence of an active lifestyle.

Important! Think over the little things, use the space correctly!

We remove the extra walls

The design of a studio apartment is significantly different from a simple one-room apartment. This layout gives the room a style, but requires more careful design and thinking through the elements. An ideal option for one or two and ample opportunities for the realization of their imagination. First, we determine what is necessary, what is problematic to transfer to another place - a bathroom. Next, we consider the selection of zone options in such a way as to increase the functionality: we divide into sectors, if necessary, we make decorative partitions. The location of zones depends on the shape of the studio: a square, a rectangle or a non-standard shape, for example, a trapezium. If the design of the apartment provides accommodation for only one person, you can significantly save space without thinking of where to place a double bed, giving this place to a dressing room. Ideas and basic laws of the interior for a studio of 40 square meters. m, depending on the shape of the apartment:

SquareRectangleCustom (trapezium, "g" shaped)
The selection of a circular zone in the center - for the bedroom or dressing roomCommon rooms are closer to the entrance.Filling corners with functional elements, visual alignment of space
Allocation of the far square for the rest area, and combined with it for the living roomBedroom, working area organized in the depths of the apartmentPlaying out asymmetry
The division into 2 equal rectangles: common rooms and a spacious living roomUse a small rounding of corners to expand the space.The division of the "r" shaped apartment into 3 squares - the furthest of which represents a place for the bedroom

Zoning or solving all problems

The division of space into working areas with high functionality is not a rarity and fashion, but a necessity. The smaller the square of the living space, the more tasks facing the designer who plans the interior of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. meters The main difficulty is not to evenly distribute the space, but to make this distribution as effective and thoughtful as possible. When doing the zoning of space on your own, you need to pay special attention to determining the functions that the apartment should perform, be sure to discuss in advance with all family members what elements you need to provide each of them. When planning you need to take into account the features of the apartment: the location of sewage, ventilation shafts.

The main elements of zoning:

  • The hallway. This part of the room should at least consist of a door mat, hangers for the upper things. A mirror with an ottoman will not be out of place, now ottomans with shelves for shoes are very popular, another method of saving space. The housekeeper and original hangers in doorways will add comfort.
    Corridor. If possible, we reduce this part of the apartment to a minimum or remove it altogether - a waste of space that does not carry any functionality.
  • Bathroom. A toilet with a bathroom is usually combined in a small apartment, but it makes sense to separate the toilet from the bath with a small partition for hygienic purposes. When living in an apartment for more than 1 person, there is a sense of zoning a bathroom into 2 separate areas, making the bath a passing part. Location change is not practical.
  • Kitchen area. The place of cooking and the kitchen unit is only along the wall where the ventilation shaft is located. A good kitchen hood is vital if there is no direct access to the balcony or window, then the hood becomes the only way to get rid of third-party odors.
  • Wardrobe / closet for clothes. No matter how large a wardrobe or dressing room is, over time there will be no space left in it, therefore we allocate for it the maximum possible space. Sometimes, it makes sense, instead of one bulky cabinet, to make 2-3 small, in different sides of the apartment - it will be more expensive, but more convenient.
  • Bedroom. If you want, you can even afford a double bed. With proper placement of its existence will only know the owner of the apartment: sliding doors, shelves, decorative partitions - a lot of options for comfortable privacy.
  • Work zone. At a minimum - a folding shelf for a laptop, as a maximum a full-fledged workplace meter by meter with a table, shelves, and a chair. It should be noted that this should not be a place adjacent to the kitchen or a bathroom, but a more private, as far as possible from the common areas.
  • Children's In the notion of children, children’s is all the space of a room. With the interior design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. You can donate a dressing room by limiting yourself to a closet, but select at least 8 sq.m. for recreation and games for the child.

Important! The unaccounted need of any family member can negate all the beautiful ideas and original solutions.

Features of planning for a family with a child

The design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters, if there is a child, obliges him to allocate his own corner. Even if he is still quite a baby for the time being, it is better to foresee this before re-doing repairs in a couple of years. For a full-fledged family life, a clear division of the space for the parents and the room for the child is necessary. Different projects offering double beds - for parents with a child, living together, it seems, their performers simply had no children. The most successful would be the location of the zone of parents and children in the opposite corners of the apartment: respect, attention to their own territory, the maximum possible sound absorption, will significantly reduce the number. It is quite appropriate to use the living room as a room for parents: if necessary, there is a place to receive guests, and at night there is a secluded corner for relaxing and sleeping. With such a plan, the living room-bedroom of the parents and the child’s room should not be passed through.

Living room

As a rule, a stylish living room is minimalism. Therefore, when designing 40 square meters. m. apartment can be given her not much space. If we make the living room part of the kitchen, then the partition in the form of a bar will look organic. If the living room is allocated in a separate area, it will include at least a sofa, a TV, audio, stereo systems, it is good to provide an HDMI cable for watching movies over the Internet. A coffee table in a small living room is better not to use or, if you really want, restrict yourself to a small, symbolic piece of furniture. A rug in the living room in front of the sofa will give comfort, expand the space. Walls of different sizes and textures will also be relevant, allowing you to visually win some space. Built-in shelves, different types of lighting, color - these are ways to give the living room a style, make the time spent in it as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


A place for good rest is a necessity. There are supporters of a night sleep in the living room, but even they recognize that a double bed with an orthopedic mattress is much more attractive than a most comfortable, large sofa. Constant unfolding and picking up the bed at the moment when you just want to relax, wrapped in a blanket, exhausts. Choosing a design apartment project of 40 square meters. m. first realize the need for a bedroom, then convince those who need a dressing room or a corridor. Further, a priori, the bedroom should be a secluded place. Even if it is assumed that a person will live alone, no one is immune from the arrival of relatives and friends. And if a young couple plans to live in an apartment, then a “cozy nest” is simply a necessity. To save space it is very convenient to use a bed with a lifting mechanism. Consider the main options for separating the bedroom, although it can only be a bed with shelves or a panel above your head:

  • Sliding door. Traditional will be inconvenient in opening, take a lot of space.
  • Shelving / partition with shelves. It is practical, convenient - when placing a bed and a rack it is necessary to provide that the bed is placed so that at the entrance to the previous room the rack would cover the bed as much as possible, but not overload the room.
  • Curtains. Last century? Well, no! Not only in clothes fashion returns.
  • Podium with sliding wardrobes. It takes a lot of space, but it looks spectacular, stylish.
  • Design in the form of a bed in the living room above the sofa. It saves space, and from the aesthetic side it depends on performance and individual preferences.
  • The glass compartment of the bedroom and living room. Functional symbolic, but it looks fresh, brave.
  • Decorative partition. Usually, it is made of wood, it can be with glass elements.


The place where you will cook is a very important part of the apartment. The space for cooking involves its own, internal zoning. If the kitchen is combined with the living room, then special attention should be paid to high-quality hood, better even for a larger area than stated by the manufacturer. The location of the kitchen is tied to the location of the ventilation shafts; this must be taken into account when designing kitchen options. Typically, their location is shown in terms of the apartment, as this information can be obtained from the management company or the developer, if a new building kitchen project is being prepared. Cabinets are better to do "under the ceiling", increasing their capacity, practicality. Between the sink and the hob we leave the work surface, we foresee the location of electrical appliances, sockets for them. "Kitchen islands" look very fresh and original, can significantly save space when properly positioned.


It is quite possible, even necessary, to make a bathroom in a one-room apartment practical and comfortable. The toilet is placed closer to the sewage system, but you should not take it as a voiceless rule: it can be placed in another place by observing a sufficient tilt angle of the drain. The installation is stylish, but it is not at all new, it allows to save space, it looks more aesthetically pleasing. If we decide to separate the toilet from the bath with a partition, then we can either limit ourselves to a symbolic partition that pursues hygienic goals, or we can make a closed full toilet with a walk-through bath. If there is a possibility and necessity, we immediately envisage a place for a water heater, at least 30 liters or a flow one. The color is relevant tile pastels and shades of gray, fresh looks small chess cell, red and black tartan. To optimize the bathroom space we use the following options:

  • Place the washing machine under the sink. A square sink with a washing machine box saves space, is a convenient solution.
  • Fill the space above the toilet with a cabinet or ergonomic shelves. We provide a place for a broom, accessories for the care of the floor.
  • Mirror. A large mirror above the sink will expand the space, give style. If you want to use shelves with a mirrored door, it is necessary to provide for their small depth.
  • We hide the pipes in the box, which we sew up and make shelves, without forgetting about the requisition window.
  • Provide a place for dirty linen. Such trifles often fall out of attention, when used, domestic issues arise with a violation of appearance.

Combining with a balcony - expanding horizons

A balcony or a loggia is a great opportunity to increase the footage of an apartment. After a high-quality insulation, ideally: heating the floor, taking out the battery on the heated balcony, you can think about the appointment of an additional 2 sq.m. and more usable space. If it is not possible to install a heated floor, then a long-nap mat will help out.

Consider the main options for combining with a balcony, their functional purpose:

  • Workplace. A complete isolated area for work or classes can be separated by sliding doors.
  • Kitchen / part of the kitchen. We divide the kitchen into two zones: the main - for cooking, in the apartment, the second - for eating on the balcony, or in the opening between the balcony and the kitchen. Another option is to bring a refrigerator or part of the kitchen with an oven to the balcony.
  • Bar. Bar, mini bar, view of the night city - a romantic, relaxing place.
  • Rest zone. A sofa or a chair with a folding shelf for a laptop will allow you to retire, to distract.

Important! Even with the highest quality insulation, the balcony is not suitable for sleeping in the cold season.

Consider a few projects.

Studio apartment of 40 sq.m

This apartment has a rectangular shape. Спальное место расположено с дальней от входа стороны, перегородкой служат жалюзи.Living room combined with a workplace. Striking details of light wood, which combine and divide into sectors an apartment at the same time. Using pastel colors in the interior it is necessary to dilute their severity with bright details: pillows, dishes, colored vases, paintings or photos. Bar counter in the living room - a practical option. A large mirror in the bath increases the space, a square sink with a pedestal gives you the opportunity to mix towels on one side and toilet paper on the other. Particular attention should be paid to an isolated soul - it is hygienic and stylish. In the bath is dominated by white, gray-beige color. The apartment surprises with an abundance of various lockers, departments. Pretty practical, stylish option.


The open plan of the apartment is 40 sq. M. with transparent partitions

Another combination of gray and wood is a stylish classic! A large area with considerable functionality is allocated to the bathroom. Spectacular gray pattern on the walls in combination with white tiles will once again convince you of the smooth combination of this color combination. One of the rare options with a spacious entrance hall that combines a dressing room. Most of the apartment consists of two zones: the first is the kitchen and the dining area, the second is the work area and the bedroom is represented by an elevation on the podium. The design of the apartment is deliberately a little careless: chaotically hanging lamps above the work area, pictures of different formats above the headboard. The bed is separated from the sofa by a weightless glass wall. A very interesting choice is the color of the floor surface next to the sofa - bright accents that bring life to the interior. The apron in the kitchen corresponds to the overall style of the apartment, continuing the theme of asymmetry.


Loft style apartment

Drawing inspiration from the loft style! Repair in a new building is very expensive, especially for young people who have just begun an independent life. Brick walls combined with gray embossed surfaces. A minimum of complex structures, the use of updated old furniture and things. At the same time, in this embodiment, a fairly roomy kitchen with a spectacular massive high wooden table with bar stools. In a separate area is the bedroom. From the outside it may seem that the interior is very simple, careless, but despite the keenness of the materials from which the designer things are made, the apartment does not look cheap, but looks like a youth. A rather standard bathroom with a shower cabin and an installation, only the brick wall and pastel color shades remind of the loft style.


Apartment for three

Option for a family with two children. In this case, zoning, due to the large number of residents, had to be carried out, focusing not on needs, but on the necessary minimum functionality. Balcony warmed, equipped under the working area of ​​one of the children. For the second child a podium with a bed, a table was built. There are a huge number of spacious cabinets. The original element is a black board with shelves in the kitchen. Small rather strict modern two-sided kitchen with a mirror apron and lamps in the form of various glasses. Very current flooring, with a trendy black and white small pattern. The same design is decorated bathroom in the style of "minimalism". The decorated walls are striking, the lack of free space, which on the contrary, visually enlarges the room.


Project apartment with transforming furniture

Just a brilliant version of the design of the apartment. A huge empty space, the illusion of minimalism in the room. In fact, very roomy cabinets with a built-in sofa in a large room, the same huge wardrobes on the other hand, niche for the TV. The partition between the room and the kitchen is transformed into a desk on one side and dining on the other. A large bed with a lifting mechanism quite organically inscribed in the ceiling. The wooden partition is supplemented with glass sliding doors. The combination of white and beige is diluted with another green shade. Natural materials and colors harmonize, emphasizing the external minimalism of the apartment. Interesting solutions with the correct geometry expand the space. It is noteworthy that the table for work is transformed into a larger one - for receiving guests.



Design apartment in the Scandinavian style

A striking design feature of this apartment is a bed with shelves over the sofa. Such a kind of attic frees up space on the floor, visually not very much absorbing space, due to the white execution of the walls, as well as the light floor. The wall between the room and the kitchen has a large window. Details of the interior are large, darker, but sustained in color. The kitchen continues the overall style of the apartment. Stand out chairs and chandelier. Such a mixture of modern and traditional causes an ambiguous impression. It is necessary to have a refined taste, a sense of style, in order to independently arrange an apartment in this form, to avoid superfluous, to find the balance of two eras. Bathroom adheres to the same strict style: gray floor, white tile with gray grout. The general floor, without allocation of a shower booth - increases space.


From odnushki do two-room apartment

This is one of the options for how to correctly organize the space for a family with two children. Also boldly playing with color. Apartment design provides a large number of cabinets in different corners of the apartment. Kitchen and living room combined in the studio. The bedroom is shared, but is divided into the parents' recreation area and a separate bunk bed for children. Joint bedroom is made in the "sea" style. The living room is more elegant air, preference is given to warm tones and lightweight structures. The small, bright kitchen is diluted with a bright apron, which gives room vitality. Even large clocks on the wall emphasize some lightheadedness and warmth of the room. In the same warm colors entrance hall. In the bathroom, the space is maximized, filled with mirror cabinets above the sink, washing machine.


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