Blue bedroom +75 photos of design and interior

Light and tender blue bedroom is ideal for relaxing and leisure activities. Heavenly color scheme will make it comfortable and cozy. And still such coloring of registration is attractive by ease of stylization of any premises on the area. It is also important simplicity of combining the sky color scheme with different color schemes. It will look good with sunny colors: yellow or orange. Also will be a great addition to platinum or coal color scheme. But for the harmonious combination of different colors it is recommended to use blotches with different heat in the living room. They will complement each other well and exclude excessive “coolness” of the design. Heavenly colors can be used for different directions. It is only necessary to choose the desired style and proceed to the selection of the optimal finish, creating a rational environment.

Psychology and the meaning of color

The blue color in psychology symbolizes calm and relaxation. Using this color for decoration allows you to create a special "light" atmosphere. It will facilitate easy decision making. Another color value is tenderness. In the bedroom, decorated in such a color, will always be comfortable.


No negative thoughts will visit the hosts. The symbolism of water and sky is also important. The bluish color and its shades also symbolize joy and harmony. They contribute to the purity of thoughts. In addition, the sky color scheme is considered divine, majestic. It was his most used for painting of icons and entire cathedrals, churches. This color symbolizes purity and hope. It will help you to decorate the rooms in your home, designed for rest and sleep, to achieve special tenderness and spaciousness of the interior.


Advantages and disadvantages of color

It is possible to create design in the sky color scheme both in nurseries and in adult bedrooms. This color is universal and when diluted with auxiliary tones makes it easy to select different parts of the room, make it spacious and unusual. Heavenly is easily combined with bright and dark colors. It looks good with warm, cold colors. It can be used for finishing as well as for furnishing. In this color scheme, you can even decorate the ceiling, emphasizing the transition to it with white walls or stylized columns.


But the use for the design of only the sky color scheme is not recommended. Its abundance in a confined space can lead to excessive relaxation and even laziness. Therefore, for rooms in which a teenager or child will live, play and learn, it is better to dilute the sky color scheme with warm colors.

What style is better to use

Choose the appropriate design style interspersed with the sky color scheme can be among the following areas:

  • modern. Rich colors, including a bright sky, yellow, lemon and clarified orange color will help extraordinary and beautiful to draw even a tiny living room.
  • classical. Adding a sky color to the earthy scale will create a light and attractive tandem.
  • Mexican. Bright colors from different scales are great for Mexican style. It is wonderfully complemented by various ethnic decorations and textiles.
  • modern A rich sky color scheme with platinum and similar metallic colors is perfect for the Art Nouveau style. It is recommended to supplement this environment with neon lights.
  • Provence Light Provence is ideal for the introduction of heavenly colors. They can be found in the decoration and decoration or furniture sets.
  • chebbi chic. Vintage style is great for decorating a room where a girl or girl will live. At the same time light colors will help to visually expand the room.


The most successful color combinations

Selection of optimal combinations with the sky color scheme is carried out in several directions: the addition of light colors, the selection of rich colors. With extreme caution you need to perform tonal transitions. For example, dark blue will only enhance the coolness of the sky color scheme. From this design will be less cozy and comfortable. In the selection of bright additions can not use the red and rich pink color schemes.

Such a confusion combination will lead to a deterioration in the comfort of living and recreation. It is better to replace them with more attractive yellow and orange colors. At the same time, warm and cold colors should be wisely combined. They should be located close to each other, and not to divide the room into two parts: cold and warm. The most popular option is the dilution of the sky sand or close to it colors.


Blue and white

The use of white and blue colors for the design of living rooms of children or adults allows you to visually expand the space. It can even be used for rooms in which preschoolers will relax and play. The presence of white-blue blotches is allowed. For example, it can be curtains or strip pillows. A bit of dark color will only enhance the originality of the stylization. Well emphasize the ease of registration interspersed deep azure color scheme. It can be used to paint the walls, when choosing textiles, or be present in the whole decoration. For example, a rich color scheme can be used to frame the headband of a bed or to style the working area of ​​a written, computer desk. Its presence will eliminate the danger of creating a design in which there can be an apathy or tendency to empty reflections.

Beige and blue

Combining beige with the sky color scheme allows you to get the most comfortable atmosphere in the rooms of children and adults. In tandem, such colors will be exquisitely and elegantly lit, complement and emphasize the best qualities of each other. With such a range of design looks good laminate and other flooring made of wood. Delicate finish creates a harmonious atmosphere. A very attractive choice of materials for decorating walls with beige and blue colors. For example, with a heavenly background and sand patterns.


Combining a similar range is allowed in the upholstery of beds, chairs, in textiles: curtains, pillows. It is appropriate to look on the wooden floor cornflower mat. Lamps for this range is recommended to choose with gold frames and shades.

The considered gamma is ideal for creating a marine style. A room decorated in a similar direction will appeal to every boy.

Gray and blue

The choice of not lightened, but saturated colors will help to exclude the falsity of the design of living rooms in the gray-blue color. It will look good gray finish with celestial textiles. Attractive and a combination of platinum with a cornflower blue color. Playing on contrasts makes it easy to select individual parts of the room. For example, it is better to make a celestial wall behind a desk. But the grayish colors used to design the space near the bed. Choose colors with an approximate warmth and saturation is not recommended. So, the combination of platinum with the sky color will create a faded appearance. A bluish-blue color will lead to a significant darkening of the room.


When choosing lamps for the considered range, it is better to give preference to products with black, silver frames and shades. They harmoniously complement the overall look.

Brown and blue

Supplementing the sky color scheme with brown allows you to create a cozy warm atmosphere. It is recommended to choose for a floor covering, furniture sets nut, chocolate and copper color schemes. But the finish can be as cornflower blue and light heavenly. Ideal for zoning sky tandem with cinnamon. The combination of warm and cold gamut will not break the comfort of living, it will help to make the decoration unusual and distinguished. Such colors can be used for competent styling of the part of the room where the owners will sleep and rest. If, on the other hand, the owners work and study, it is better to combine the celestial with peat or similar colors. Saturated deep colors will promote positive thinking. Such a range should be traced in the decoration, and in textiles, and in the decor.


Yellow or orange with blue

The addition of blue with yellow and orange colors allows you to get a spacious and warm room to stay. It is recommended to use a combined finish in warm and cold colors, not separating it. The alternation of different heat gamma will eliminate the sharpness of the transitions. When choosing a lemon, clarified yellow color as a basis, it is better to complement it with celestial patches (textiles, decor). This range will be the best to create a modern style. If orange gamma is used, it will ideally complement it with warm cornflower blue. Bright transitions between colors will look great in a room decorated in the Mexican style. It is allowed to choose when styling and adults, and teenage rooms. The constant impact of a combination of bright orange and sky colors will have a negative effect on kids: the child will become irritable, capricious.


Wallpaper in blue tones

By combining different types of wallpaper in the heavenly colors, you can easily spend zoning bedrooms, combined with the living room or kitchen. Also, an unusual range of wall decoration will help to correctly stylize a small room. To carry out the original zoning should finish with different patterns. For example, several walls pasted over materials in one color. And a part - materials with stripes, vertical ornaments or large drawings. For living room, which is at the same time the hall, perfectly suited materials with sand patterns. They will look elegant and help create a comfortable atmosphere. Finishing in the clarified range is recommended to be used for tiny rooms.

Materials with white large drawings, photowall-paper with images of open space (ocean, sea, morning cityscape) are perfect for increasing the space. Small ornaments are recommended only partially interspersed in the design.

Blue Textiles

When styling living rooms in an apartment in the heavenly range, you can use a variety of textiles. For example, on the floor you can put a small rug or use cornflower blue carpet. On the bed, you can place the bedspread and pillows in similar colors. Particular attention should be paid to the design of windows. They can hang a cornflower curtain with many folds. This option is optimal for the classical direction.


Rolled or Austrian curtains in monophonic execution or with small patterns are suitable for modern style. But dense curtains with light tulle are a universal solution for any style. Also very interesting is the option of decorating a bed with flat light fabrics in the heavenly colors. It is a pleasure to fall asleep on such a bed. And every morning under a light canopy is guaranteed to start with a good mood.

Furniture in the interior of the blue bedroom

Choosing furniture for the rooms, decorated in the heavenly colors, it is necessary to evaluate the predominance of the primary color. If almost all the finishes and textiles will have water colors, then tables and beds should be chosen in a warm wood color scheme. They will emphasize the cold colors and emphasize comfort. When creating a clarified design, you need to choose models of headsets or individual products with snow-white frames. A cabinet with such sides and a large mirror on one of the doors will look very good.


Snow-white model will help to visually raise the ceilings and expand the space of the room. Cabinets, beds with celestial facades should be purchased in cases where the finishing and textiles are selected from different color schemes (earthy, yellow, orange). Then the monotony of design will be excluded, and the selected models will fit well into the overall look.


Using popular design ideas, you can easily arrange the living rooms of the house, where the owners will relax, sleep and spend leisure time in the sky color scheme. This color is suitable for decoration, may be present exclusively in textiles or decor. It helps to create comfortable living conditions, a relaxed atmosphere. It can be used for decoration of premises where a married couple or children will live. Interspersed with blue or earthy, yellow color schemes are acceptable.


A quieter styling will help to introduce a snow-white sandy range. It looks good sky color and with platinum. She emphasizes its coolness, but at the same time allows to create a refined and sophisticated style. In rooms decorated in heavenly colors, it is recommended to install plants with light green leaves. Beautiful shoots will complement the overall look and emphasize the comfort created by the style.

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