Gray kitchen design: features, photo

Kitchen in shades of gray can be unusually comfortable, pleasing to the eye - and at the same time very fashionable. Gray color allows you to more fully express individuality, and create an elegant kitchen in a modern style - from classic to hi-tech. Gray is a favorite of designers, because its use allows you to solve several problems at once.

Gray color has a number of advantages:

  • has a calming effect on the nervous system, reduces the intensity of emotions, gives a sense of balance;
  • acts as a neutral background on which decorative elements of the interior look particularly advantageous;
  • Both large and small rooms are equally suitable for the design of a gray kitchen;
  • This is not a dirty color, and the choice of gray is a practical solution for those who do not like to devote a lot of time to cleaning.


Gray has many shades. It can be slate or ash, smoky or silver, have metallic shades or blues, coal depth or anthracite gloss. These shades can be combined with each other, seeking to create different effects. For example, a gradient color transition on walls from slate-gray below to pearl-gray above will make a low ceiling visually higher.

  • In the design of the kitchen of gray color, you can use several shades of this range at once, but it is better to choose light, whitened tones so as not to create a gloomy mood.
  • Dark gray can be used as an accent color, and only in small quantities.

It is rather difficult to create a monochrome interior in gray tones; such a task can be solved only with the assistance of high-class professionals. Therefore, it is better to take gray as a base, and add it with other colors, because it blends perfectly with almost the entire color palette.


  • White. Gray and white - a great pair, but you need to choose the appropriate shades of these colors. For example, a creamy shade of white is well suited to slate or anthracite gray - it will soften some of their hardness and coldness.
  • Beige. Golden and light brown tones, especially the color of natural wood, are well suited to soften the interior in a basic gray color, and to give it comfort.
  • Violet. The kitchen in gray colors will look very elegant and solemn, if you choose purple as your companion color. Especially good will look in purple textile elements - upholstery, curtains, as well as kitchen furniture facades.
  • Blue. Quite a strict and classic combination. To make it softer and calmer, you need to choose light shades of both colors.
  • Red. Warm tones such as red, orange, orange are perfect as an accent. They will give warmth and add a good mood.
  • Green. These two colors allow you to transform the kitchen, make it more spacious and bright. Gray is better to use as the main color, and green as the accent one, for example for finishing a part of a headset, dishes or textiles.


The main color in the design of the gray kitchen can be used either in the decoration of walls, floor, ceiling, or in the painting of furniture - in the event that you do not consider a monochrome kitchen.

  • Gray on the walls is suitable for modern interior styles, which are based on a demonstration of the latest technology. In techno and hi-tech gray will serve as an excellent background for futuristic forms of kitchen appliances.
  • Loft will allow you to play textures, use gray concrete, stone, brick, painted in gray tones.
  • Perfectly complement the design of the kitchen gray furniture in purple, orange, blue.
  • Gray color will help create a classic style in the room. In this case, it should be used as a background, and necessarily complemented by white elements, and white color is preferable with a creamy tint.
  • Against the background of gray walls, white furniture will look especially expressive, and at the same time not too contrasting.
  • Kitchen in shades of gray can be created through the use of furniture in various shades of gray. Typically, this option is used in high-tech, minimalism or classic.
  • Modern styles require glossy furniture facades, in the classics it is not necessary.
  • Furniture looks best when gray is combined with a bright lavender, yellow, orange, coral or other suitable tone in its decoration. In this case, both juicy and neutral shades are equally well suited as a background.
  • In the classic design of gray kitchen using matte facades, sometimes artificially aging them. Metal is rarely used, much more often - natural wood, or MDF coated with wood. The furniture is decorated with carved elements, glass inserts are replaced with stained glass. The walls for such furniture in gray colors are suitable light, warm colors: beige, cream, smoky.
  • In the design of the kitchen gray do not use brass, all metal should be silver. Stainless steel looks very harmonious, you can make a sink out of it, and pick up single-color household appliances.

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