Design project of an apartment interior in a modern style

A design project for an apartment in a modern style designed by the studio "Victory Design" The main color of the project is white, it allows you to visually increase the volume of the apartment. To further enhance this “expansion” effect, furniture of large forms and clear lines were used, designers avoided small details intentionally. The result is a stylish living space in which comfort is provided.

Living room

Symmetrical arrangement of furniture and decorative elements brings solemnity and solidity to the living room interior. The main accents are a poster in yellow tones and two bright yellow armchairs. Two symmetrically located open shelves have shelves directed at an angle to the line of the floor, which gives the interior dynamism.


To make the small kitchen look more spacious, the lower row of kitchen modules was supplied with white, absolutely smooth facades: there are no protruding parts on them, no handles are provided - the doors are opened by pressing. From the mounted modules in the design project of the interior of the apartment they refused - in addition to winning in free volume, this solution allowed to leave open the main decoration of the kitchen - the wall lined with natural stone, yellow travertine. The oven is quite high - it is made for ease of use.


In the design project of the interior of the apartment, the walls in the bedroom were decorated in a calm light beige tone. The bed is located in the center of a classical symmetrical composition: design hangers hanging from the ceiling surround the headboard on both sides, and two floor vases complete the composition on the opposite wall.

In the interior design project, the main lighting is provided by lamps embedded in a niche in the ceiling. The niche begins in the corridor and enters the bedroom and is painted black. When the bedroom - a small wardrobe. On the floor of laminate, imitating aged oak boards, laid a cozy dark brown carpet, giving the atmosphere a special warmth.

Children's room

Teak flooring gives warmth to a minimalist setting. The berth is built into a dedicated niche, trimmed with panels of bright yellow color - in the upholstery color of the sofa. Two large "ball" of the original colors on the floor - frameless chairs that are easy to move around the room.

Developing a design project for the interior of the apartment, the designers tried to provide for as many storage spaces as possible. In the nursery, for example, there is a system in front of the bed, which includes a mezzanine, open and closed shelves, as well as a niche for TV.


For the owners in the design project of the interior of the apartment there is a spectacular bathroom in which the “wet zone” is lined with marble slabs. The natural texture of this mineral is the main decorative element of the room. Old oak floorboards are covered with protective varnish, the walls and the ceiling are painted in beige tone and are resistant to moisture. The bathroom is separated from the master bedroom by a glass partition, which makes it more voluminous.

The guest bathroom in the apartment is trimmed with green marble in the shower area. To emphasize the richness of the texture of this material, a backlight was embedded in the eaves of the suspended ceiling. Unlike the master bathroom, there is no bath - only a shower is provided. The flooring is natural tick of a golden-red shade. It is very resistant to moisture. Its use in bathrooms allows you to give the room comfort and warmth, and at the same time ensure the durability of the repair.

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