Design of a small two-room apartment

The interior of the apartment is 33 square meters. m in a romantic style created for the young married couple metropolitan designer Mila Kolpakova. On a relatively small area, we managed to find a place for a cozy bedroom and a dressing room. Young people dreamed of design of a small two-room apartment was modern, restrained, and at the same time had bright, unique features.


The main requirement of customers to the interior of the apartment is 33 square meters. m there was a selection of a separate bedroom. This required significant changes to the original layout of the apartment. In the place where there used to be a kitchen, they arranged a bedroom.

When redevelopment was able to increase the bathroom, however, the hallway as a result was smaller. But new design of a small two-room apartment allowed to arrange a dressing room. The living room was small, but comfortable.


Monochrome space is an ideal solution for small rooms, allowing them to visually expand their volumes. For greater expressiveness in apartment interior 33 sq. m. m added color elements. In the bedroom there is a turquoise bedside table and pillows on the bed of the same color, in the living room there are pillows, a modern-shaped chair, in the bathroom the upper part of the walls.


High ceilings allowed to hide part of communications under them. A slight decrease in the height of the room did not adversely affect design of a small two-room apartment. It is penetrated by light through the use of built-in light sources.

The living area is decorated with a large chandelier, the kitchen area is decorated with two hanging lamps. A transparent chandelier in the bedroom emphasizes the overall lightness of the interior, the sconces above the bed allow you to make lighting intimate.

Watch the video: Simple & Modern Two-Bedroom Apartment (December 2019).


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