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The design of the bedroom in a wooden house is a time-consuming, fantasy process that affects comfort, beauty, and the functioning of the room. The tree is considered an environmental material, because it is very popular with current developers and those who want to have a country house, the main luxury home or a bedroom under a tree in a regular apartment. For the construction of used timber (glued, profiled, not profiled), rounded log.

Wooden houses are distinguished by their ecological cleanliness, but also by their chic appearance. It is rather difficult to prepare an interior design for a room, since not everything is combined with a tree. The house from a bar should be in harmony with the interior design, each room must complement each other, then the feeling of comfort will comprehend the inhabitants daily. Each house has a special place bedroom. In this room, a person spends up to a third of his life, because how well this corner is furnished depends on the well-being and mood of the inhabitants.

Design Elements

The first floor of the dwelling makes it possible to decorate the bedroom in a more classical style, since this is facilitated by smooth walls and ceilings. The original design of the bedrooms offers a mansard room, where the ceilings and walls make it possible to embody the most extraordinary ideas. In addition to furniture, the room can be supplemented with interior elements that will make the design of the bedroom unique and inimitable.


If the walls of a room in a wooden house are covered with wood or have the appearance of a solid bar, it is more expedient to select a bed also from wood. The color scheme of the bed should be in harmony with the color of the walls or be in the same color scheme.

The design of a bedroom can mean both a wooden bed, and the bed space fitted by soft fabric. For a visual increase in the size of the bedroom, it is better to choose light colors, avoid black, dark brown. Decorate the bed and add brightness decorative pillows. For this it is not necessary that they be of the same geometric shape, color. Lilac, pink, blue, peach tones will look original on a white bed. Just do not choose rich colors, the palette should be in pastel colors, then the room will bring warmth and comfort.

In the bedroom, which is located on the attic, it is appropriate to place a bed of dark colors, if the attic is well lit by windows. On the bed area of ​​dark brown, black, gray tones the pillows will look great brighter than the main palette.

Since wooden walls and ceilings are more associated with a calm, sustained style, it is better to refuse to decorate the bed with rhinestones, shiny metal rivets and fabrics with a bright glare. An option with a glamorous decor may be appropriate if one of the walls is covered with wallpaper with a glossy base or glitter coating.

Chest or cabinet

More often in the bedroom to improve the functionality of furniture placed for clothing and bed linen with towels. You can do without a cabinet or chest of drawers when a separate wardrobe room is provided for in the building. But if the house is compact, then it is well to think about the design and color of additional furniture.

In a wooden house, cabinets will fit in harmoniously along the entire wall onto the height of the ceiling. Before you make a bedroom you need to decide what color the furniture will be in, starting with the bed. The ideal option would be if the bed and wardrobe or chest of drawers are executed in the same style with the same material. For compactness, it is better to order a cabinet solid, but not deep with a compartment door. The outer wall is decorated with glass with or without sputtering.

Stylishly looks room where one wall is covered with wallpaper with flowers or monograms, and on the mirror of the cabinet will be the same engraving. In the case when there is no possibility to put a full wardrobe - compartment, then it can be replaced with a compact chest of drawers. Most often, the dresser is installed in the attic bedroom, where the ceilings have a sloping corner and there is no possibility to put a full wardrobe. A chest of drawers increases the functionality of the room and it can always be decorated with small details that emphasize the interior of the bedroom.

Bedside tables

The interior of the bedroom in a wooden house may include small bedside tables near the bed. They are placed at will, and if this contributes to the size of the room. Bedside tables should be small and roomy. It is advisable to install several cabinets, if the bed is double. On these small items, you can leave your phone before bedtime or your favorite book, laptop, or glasses.

Bedside tables should be in harmony with the basic furniture of the room, they will not stand out in color or style. Handles on furniture will be in harmony with wooden walls when they are a little faded.

It is necessary to think about the functionality of the pedestals, they should open from the bed. Therefore, one should be with loops on the left and the other with loops on the right.


Curtains are not a necessary attribute of the design of the bedroom, but if the room is on the first floor. Curtains perform not only the function of the light filter, but also provide protection for the room when the light is turned on at night.

Wood combines perfectly with natural fabrics from flax, cotton or jacquard weaving. The bedroom should protect the dream of the owner or guest, because the curtains are better to choose with the effect of smoke-out. This method of processing curtains does not allow early sunshine to wade into the room.

The color of the curtains should match the basic color and style of the bedroom. The curtains of light chiffon fabric under the curtains will add tenderness to the interior. White curtains without engraving or curtains with a gradient effect look expensive and attractive, moving from the white ones up to the basic color of the design solution to the bottom.

Blinds can be used in the attic floor. It is appropriate to use wood or bamboo blinds. If the windows of the mansard room are angled, then it is better to use the built-in horizontal blinds. During the day, you can gather them up and provide good natural lighting to the room, or simply turn the blades to reduce the brightness of the light and fight off bright sun glares and hares.

Small decorating elements

The design of the bedroom in the house of the bar can not be cozy without small details that will reflect the character, the individuality of its owner or owners. For the bedroom, you can use small candlesticks that are placed on the bedside tables or chest of drawers, pictures can be fixed on the walls.

As for works of art, landscapes and country houses with picturesque nature are suitable for wood. More refined and liberated people can look at pictures that inspire sex and romance.

And psychologists do not recommend placing photos of relatives and friends in bedrooms. These attributes place in the hall or guest room. Photos are appropriate if they are captured beautiful places in nature with wild animals. Attic room can be decorated with paintings on the fabric with landscapes or antique motifs.

The lamp with a fabric canopy made of natural materials will look original. The lamp can be both short and long leg and located on the floor near the window.

Floor covering

In country houses from a bar they try to emphasize the cosiness of a room with the help of carpets and other floor coverings. Indeed, in the morning it is much more pleasant to get out of bed on a soft surface, and not on a cool tree. In the nursery, carpet is an essential element!

Original will look a small carpet, which will be located under the bed, cover to go beyond a few meters. Wooden walls and ceiling will be in harmony with a monochromatic carpet of white, cream or other colors of pastel shades.
The carpet does not have to be rectangular, oval or round will emphasize the room feature.

The skin of the beast or imitation of natural fur will look stylish, elegant. It is worth remembering that natural fur can cause allergic reactions, so for the sake of safety and loyalty to animals, it is better to opt for artificial material.

It is easy to embody your desires, the main thing is that each design element harmoniously fits into the interior and complements the style of a wooden house.

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