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Creating a stylish design of a three-room apartment is a difficult task, but doable. The difficulty lies in the fact that the end result must fully comply with the functional requirements and taste preferences of family members, while remaining attractive and concise.

Formation of the interior is not simple, easy. Large apartment treshki acquire large families. To please all family members is difficult. But do not be discouraged. On the construction market there is a huge variety of finishing elements, allowing to implement any idea. The main thing is that the interior of individual rooms should not be too elaborate, at least to a small extent, but be in harmony with each other.

The main subtleties and nuances

Experienced designers are guided by certain rules that allow them to create beautiful and stylish interior solutions. These simple nuances are able to completely transform the appearance of a three-room apartment.

So, we list the main rules that are paid attention to by professional interior designers:

  1. Properly use the free area of ​​3-room apartment. Do not clutter the space with unnecessary furniture or decorative items. In spite of the fact that large families most often live in three-room apartments, it is possible to think out how to arrange furniture in advance by making a special design project. There is an excellent option for the distribution of free space - zoning of premises. With the help of finishing materials and lighting in one room you can create several zones for different types of classes.
  2. Furniture, partitions and other decorative elements installed in the apartment should be practical. It is best if they perform several functions simultaneously. Today everyone can cope with this task. In stores and on the market there are a large number of interior solutions that are not only attractive in appearance, but also functional.
  3. Try to keep as much free space in the rooms as possible. At first glance it may seem that this task is impossible. Especially if a family of four or five lives in the apartment. But, with the right approach, you can find a way out. Give preference to interior items that can be transformed. Bulky stationary cabinets can be replaced with compact cabinets of compartments with glass or light doors.
  4. The end result should produce a feeling of completeness. The design of the premises located in the same apartment must be complete. It is best to use the same stylistic solution when designing all the rooms. If this approach does not like all members of the family, then follow the same style, at least the kitchen, living room and hallway. Bedrooms can be arranged at the request of their inhabitants and close the doors.
  5. Interior design must satisfy the aesthetic preferences of all family members. Try to find the best option, pre-making a design project or contacting professional designers.

In addition to the above requirements, the design of a three-room apartment of 60 sq m implies thinking through architectural and planning decisions, as well as functional zoning of premises. It is very important to look not only at the aesthetic component, but also at the practicality of the interior. Consider in which direction the doors will open, at what distance the switches, sockets will be located.

Today, when decorating the space, more and more people try to visually expand the rooms. Many apartment owners leave only the most necessary partitions. Style with open space came to us from Western countries. And today it is quite often found in different projects. The only rooms that should not be combined with a single apartment space are the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Good planning options

If the arrangement of rooms suits the tenants, you should leave everything in its place and proceed to their design. Otherwise, you need to make some changes and adjustments. First, find out if it is possible to carry out demolition of walls or gas appliances in your home. Such a list of works can be performed only after obtaining the appropriate permit. Such a design of a 3 room apartment in a typical panel house will not work, where it is strictly forbidden to change the location of walls and partitions, even if they are not bearing.

The main task of redevelopment is to expand the space and increase the level of comfort of residents. To do this, you can make the following changes:

Combining kitchen and living roomThe most common option, which today choose the owners of three-room apartments. This approach to redevelopment can significantly expand the space, increase the level of comfort and functionality of these rooms.
Joint bathroomIf you use the resulting space rationally, then such an association will benefit. But if there are a lot of people living in the apartment, it’s better not to combine the bathroom and toilet.
Get rid of walk-through facilities.In our country there are a large number of apartments with pass rooms. Such an arrangement is extremely uncomfortable and hindsight. If you can isolate living rooms, you can increase the level of comfort, make them complete and get a modern design project of a three-room apartment.
Make one of several bedroomsIt requires a neat approach. It is best to turn to professionals. For example, the following case. If there are two children in the family, and a children's bedroom is one, then several rooms can be combined into one room, and the hall can be turned into a living-bedroom. Although, this option suits not all parents. They will have to deprive themselves of a separate room where they can relax and enjoy the silence.

Not only the aesthetic component, but also the convenience of all family members depends on a well-designed project design.

Stylistic decisions

As noted above, when designing the premises should choose a single style. But, if such an approach is not possible, try to perform in the same style the bathroom, kitchen and living room. The interior design of other rooms may be slightly different. In order not to create a feeling of scattered space, they should be closed with deaf doors.

Pay more attention to the choice and location of furniture in the rooms. The design of furniture can be very different. The main thing is that all the items of furniture installed in the room should be compact, multifunctional, as practical as possible. Particularly popular recessed pieces of furniture. Their design almost merges with the wall, without cluttering the space.

It is interesting to look at the modular complexes, allowing you to independently form original compositions, updating the situation in the apartment. To create an exclusive interior fit furniture, custom-made. Additional accessories must fully comply with the chosen stylistic design. The best option when accessories are not only decoration, but also perform useful properties. But do not overdo it with the decoration of the premises. The number of parts should be limited. Then the interior of a three-room apartment will be interesting, stylish.

Basic rules for the organization of lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in the design of the space. Chandeliers, lamps and other devices are not only a source of light, but also a source of appropriate mood. In our country, natural lighting in the autumn-winter period is not enough, which negatively affects the general condition of people. Each room should have its own choice of lighting. In the living room can be limited to spotlights. As for the bedroom, then multi-level lighting is suitable.

The interior design of a three-room apartment can be created independently or with the help of professionals. Consider the tips, recommendations listed above. Try to carefully carry out finishing work. Dose the number of decorative items. Pay attention to the functionality of the furniture. An interior that matches the preferences of all family members is optimal for each apartment, especially if it consists of a large number of spacious rooms.

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