American style in the interior of apartments and houses

First of all, the American style in the interior will appeal to sociable and active people with democratic views who are not tied to a tough stylistic program and appreciate home comfort. It is also ideally suited to experimenters, as it easily changes under the influence of mood, and also allows one to combine the incompatible in one area.

The emergence of style was served by the arrival of European colonists in the New World and the further mixture of different cultures and traditions, which found its manifestation in absolutely everything. The English classics can be traced very clearly, which was taken as a basis, and later evolved, into an interesting modern direction, cozy, restrained and completely neutral. Design comes from the states of something like eclecticism, because it can also combine elements of various directions. To some, such a free approach may seem somewhat vulgar, but it would hardly have won so many fans if it were not in its own way attractive.

Conditions for creating interior

The creation of an American interior can only be discussed if there are sufficiently spacious rooms in a private house or apartment, converted to a studio.

The feeling of spaciousness, in addition to quadrature, is achieved by light colors, the presence of large windows and the absence of walls between the zones of the kitchen-dining-living-hallway. The conditions of our sturdier and demarcated buildings do not always allow combining all the components of the so-called public zone, so pairwise merging is more common: a kitchen with a dining room, a living room with a hallway.

The main features of the style

The style always defines a set of individual features, the American is no exception. His concept is manifested by the choice of decoration, furnishing, decoration, and many other trifles. As a result, you should get a harmonious combination of functionality and comfort.

  • The absence of walls is compensated by a rather strict division of the premises into zones, due to the change in the floor level, floor covering, different wall decorations, and decorative partitions;
  • In the American interior should be present niches, arches, partitions, columns;
  • The color scale is light, pastel shades prevail;
  • Good natural lighting is achieved by large windows, perhaps panoramic, and artificial should be exclusively combined, multi-level. It is customary to install chandeliers that are familiar to us only in the living room or the dining room, but even there they should not be the only source of light. Ceiling lamps complement sconces, floor lamps, table lamps with textile lampshades;

  • The furniture is mostly soft and massive. Have individual elements at a considerable distance from each other. A must-have addition to sofas, easy chairs is a small coffee table. The situation may relate to different time periods, artificially aged objects are highly valued;
  • The decor is used a lot, it is selected individually, focusing on the type of room. In the kitchen there are jugs, plates, various kinds of dishes. For rooms: statuettes, paintings, photographs of different sizes, pots, vases with plants, flower arrangements, many cushions are laid on upholstered furniture;

The role of textiles

Textiles - an important component of the situation. It is upholstered furniture, curtains on the windows, but also fabrics are used for sewing chair covers, and the furnishings are complemented with tablecloths and napkins.

If we talk about the composition of the material, then the preference is given to natural light fabrics: chintz, flax, cotton (the main supplier of which has always been considered the American south), velor with a short nap and leather are used less often.

Color spectrum

The colors in the style concept are exceptionally warm, light and as natural as possible: various shades of brown, beige, and green.

A bold decision is considered burgundy. For children's bedrooms have traditionally used light pink or blue.

Color accents are not at all peculiar to style. The finish is mostly plain. It can be supplemented with a discreet floral ornament, but only locally.

Selection of finishing materials

Deceptive high cost - one of the features of this direction. Despite the external similarity with the classics, rarely used expensive natural materials such as wood, marble and even tile.

Equipping the American interiors one should not forget about such an important detail as various kinds of cornices, baguettes, moldings. They should be massive enough and not necessarily white. Any joints, transitions, corners, window platbands, portals of openings are distinguished.


Preference is given to laminate light shades, less often laid floorboard. Only the kitchen and bathrooms are occasionally tiled. Special attachment to carpets overseas do not feel.

Nevertheless, this is a mandatory attribute of the host and guest recreation areas. More often, the floor is covered with a single-colored carpet; less often, carpets with floral or geometric patterns are laid.


The ceiling is smooth painted, less often caisson. Sometimes it is covered with wallpaper. If budget allows, the ceiling is decorated with massive wooden beams.

Wall decoration

American style can not boast of an abundance of materials, in addition they are very simple: coloring and sticking wallpaper.

Patterns do not play a large role, the walls are usually plain. Widespread are various kinds of false panels. Usually they glue the room around the perimeter, raising it to a height of up to 1.5 meters, or allocate a separate wall.

Living room

The living room should remain spacious, bright and cozy. The basis of the situation is a soft massive furniture, located in the center of the room in front of the fireplace or a large TV. A small coffee table is placed between the armchairs and the sofa. All items are located at a sufficiently large, unusual for us, distance. Sofas are often combined with wicker chairs. Technique, books, decor items, as a rule, are placed not on furniture, but in specially equipped niches. There should be no bulky cabinets and racks.


The bedroom combines country style with simple classics: massive furniture, light shades, and textiles. Bed choose bulk with a high headboard and a bedside bench located at the feet.

The presence of bedside tables with drawers and lighting, such as sconces, table lamps. It is desirable that a massive chest of drawers be installed, and if space allows, a voluminous cabinet.

Modern eclectic design harmoniously looks like shaker-type furniture: practical, simple wicker chairs with straight legs, beds made from metal tubes.


Immediately it is worth noting that the American style is an excellent solution for the kitchen, but it can only be realized in a fairly spacious room. If we are talking about an apartment, it should be rebuilt as a studio, where the kitchen is combined with the room.

Rational use of space along with zoning implies that the cooking process will be separated from the dining area, but not by a wall. Use light low partitions, accessories, furniture, decoration materials. Lighting should be diverse. Each individual zone is illuminated individually. Above the dining table often hang a large chandelier.

Kitchen set should be wooden or made of materials that imitate wood. The facades are matte, bright colors with a minimum of decorative elements.

An optional, but desirable condition is the presence of an island headset, equipped with a hob, sink or just a work surface. Bar counters are welcome. The most popular headset location is U-shaped. All appliances in the kitchen built. Above the stove equip massive exhaust.


The bathroom, as a rule, combined, the room itself is bright, spacious with a window opening. In the States, houses are often equipped with several bathrooms. One is placed at the entrance to the hall, it is considered to be a guest room, the other - behind the master bedroom or opposite it. If there is a place, equip the third closer to the nursery.

Furniture should be a minimum: a bedside table under the sink, hanging closet, mirror, bath, toilet. Shower cabins are installed in guest bathrooms or in the master, if space permits, but do not sacrifice a comfortable bathroom in their favor.

Bath often set under the window or in the middle of the room. They are trying to separate the toilet from the rest of the appliances.

The floor is usually covered with moisture-resistant laminate, rarely tiles. The walls are painted or upholstered, the tiles are again not honored. Windows curtain light curtains.

American style is the golden mean between classic and modern. At the same time, it is so flexible and democratic that it will be possible to embody the main features in any more or less spacious dwelling.

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