Brick wall in the interior - ideas of application

Design projects from year to year become bolder. The loft style and its main feature, the brick wall in the interior of various residential premises, is becoming increasingly popular. The ability to transform under different directions, unsurpassed compatibility with furniture, modern technology, exclusive decor items, allow you to turn an ordinary design into a real masterpiece. The variety of variations that allows you to create design projects with imitation can inspire, find your own way in changing the old or creating a new interior, just enough to take into account some important points.


Sometimes it is not possible to use a natural finish when using a real, already existing brick wall.

Modern materials will come to the rescue, allowing you to recreate a reliable imitation directly in the place provided by the project:

  • Wallpaper - budget. Modern technologies provide an opportunity to imitate the appearance, texture, rhythm of masonry, but not volume, uneven surface. The use is perfectly justified if the surface area has a semicircular shape (a design feature of the living space). Doubters: it is easy to replace the wallpaper with others, if you absolutely do not like it, without prejudice to the repair.
  • Styrofoam. An excellent way out if it is impossible to technically use a heavy clay brick - finishing the plasterboard partition.
  • Tile. Pottery looks very authentic. Easy, simple care - the main plus design kitchen, hallway, bathroom.
  • Fake diamond. Easy enough, imitates rough texture, durable. The most expensive - clinker of baked clay.

Facing clinker in addition to visual aesthetics, clarity of joining has several advantages for human comfort:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • fire safety;
  • ease of care;
  • moisture resistance;
  • no dust;
  • UV resistance.

50 shades of "brick" (color palette)

The brick in the interior of the apartment can be any, in the end, it can be painted, but then only the texture will remain.

The masters of fine art "to combine the incompatible" appreciate the natural, initial variants:

  • White is characteristic of the Scandinavian style, minimalism. Possible staining for the perfect perception of pure color, giving additional volume.
  • Beige, gray are considered neutral, fully consistent with the classical style.
  • Red old, from unfired clay, is characteristic of the classics, gothic.

Competently selected laying of artificial stone will not cause doubts that this material is before you. Darker components should be placed as thoughtfully as possible, without disturbing the harmony. Calculation methods: path, block, cross, gothic, brandenburg, savage. The best European clinker manufacturers together with renowned designers annually develop new collections, allowing combinations of different colors on one surface.

Decorative brick for living room

The most popular way to use a brick in the interior of a living room is to decorate a single wall, which most often comes into view, for example, the TV zone. It is possible on the contrary - the territory of the location of the sofa, then the soft velor upholstery will play on the contrast with the "brutal" finish. Paradox: luxurious crystal chandeliers, classic curtains look appropriate. Good zonal illumination will emphasize the texture.

White brick in the interior of the living room - a phenomenon that is gaining polarity, as well as eco style in general. Together they are able to give the room space, cleanliness. Actual directions: loft, minimalism, hi-tech.
In the latter case, complementing the idea with drywall constructions, a special place is created for the strength of high-tech office equipment.

Red brick walls are the most common design option for a living room. This modification is well combined with white plaster. Note: the furniture on their background should look quite bright, contrast. The combination with wood is a natural combination for the living room, supported by glass and metal accessories.

Often, the design features of the room involuntarily pushing for bolder solutions. In the houses of monolithic construction, the presence of supporting columns is a reality from which there is no place to go and it is necessary to beat. The duplicated brick trim of the columns is just a way out, a bright accent. If the volume of the room allows (living room of a country house), the effect can be enhanced with a ceiling made in the same solution. Wooden beams and floors - a great addition to the Mediterranean style. Practical: studio apartments, when the need to separate neighboring interiors is a top priority.

Hard and soft: make out the bedroom

For more than a century of existence of the loft style, the brick in the bedroom has ceased to seem too provocative, brutal and "hard" material design. Designers offer this style of decoration mainly to young men. To avoid the battle of the floors, couples are ideally suited to design one vertical plane, mainly located at the head of the bed. Possible style: classic, minimalism, vintage.

Calm, rest is best conveyed in soft pastel shades, then a dark brick will become a color spot, will bring a textured feature. A white brick wall in the interior of a Scandinavian-style bedroom will add charm and sophistication. The soft reddish shade will accentuate the natural pattern of wood flooring, furniture. Coloring in one tone with the rest of the vertical surfaces of the room will help eliminate unwanted dissonance. Coloring will help out from a practical point of view - the absence of dust, ease of cleaning.

A large number of textiles, characteristic of the bedroom: pillows, blankets, bedside rug, blackout curtains, do not allow this corner of the house to look too rough, uncomfortable, even if the most textured type of bricks is chosen.

Decorative brick in the interior of the bedroom has the following advantages:

  • No conflict with the abundance of textiles;
  • Expansion of space due to contrast;
  • Harmony with lighting.

With a lack of living space, it is possible to allocate a working area in the bedroom. Masonry perfectly cope with the task of zoning.

Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen - a modern version of the home. The use of masonry is particularly appropriate here. But designers warn: the chosen furniture, equipment and decorative elements should be part of this style.

Benefits of use:

  • Clear zoning;
  • No need for additional finishing;
  • The most effective appearance of the kitchen equipment from plastic, metal, glass.

The brick in the interior of the kitchen is easily combined with other materials: wood panels, tiles of any style direction - classical, modern, country. The kitchen space allows you to allocate a window opening with an industrial motive, making an expressive accent. It is good to support the presence of a brick wall with a similar decoration of an apron, kitchen island, bar counter. You can select the location of the dining table, and if space permits, the arched partition will divide the space into two zones, increasing the degree of uniqueness.

The brick surface, as close as possible to the working area, must be protected from grease and dirt - treated with a special protective varnish.

In the kitchen, the most diverse colors are appropriate: red carrot color awakens appetite; gray color fits perfectly into the hi-tech style. White brick in the interior of the kitchen will make the space airier, will add light, which is very important for small volumes. Even completely white furniture will not be visually lost due to the numerous fittings of drawers, various kitchen devices, and the grouting should be done in a contrasting color.

Improving the hallway

For the hallway is very logical to introduce a "street" accent. Functional solution: imitation tile is chosen as the second material. Artificial stone is difficult to damage, the beauty of the hall will remain long in its original form, even with active use.

To make the hall not look too gloomy (most of the halls of the apartments are devoid of windows), use additional lighting or white. As a budget option, instead of clinker, apply textured plaster: damage that is inevitable in the process of enhanced exploitation is simply eliminated.

Observe the measure: even light expressive rectangles, laid out from floor to ceiling throughout the volume, will make the hallway ponderous. Popular design techniques:

  • zoning of the place of storage of things;
  • design of the arched space;
  • brick decoration of artificially created columns in a long corridor as a way to balance the space;
  • a combination of "aged" brick and Venetian plaster.

The front door can cause wall vibration. The use of high-quality polyurethane adhesive backing will protect from annoying trouble - falling tiles.

Unusual: custom design options

Analyzing the latest design solutions, it is impossible not to note the wide scope of this type of decoration of surfaces. The brick wall in the bathroom is a very brave, infrequently used move. More suitable spacious rooms. Quite a costly step - will have to spend money on moisture-resistant clinker.

The use of decorative bricks in the interior of the children's room will be the main highlight if you add functionality, for example, bookshelves. White painted brick in the exterior of the nursery will be a good background for bright children's furniture, children's crafts and creative manifestations of your baby.

The latest trend is the use of glass bricks: a transparent, frosted, color shade. The glass partition, imitating a characteristic pattern, is ideal for a small apartment, dividing the space and filling it with light.
If there is a second floor in houses, multi-level apartments, an imitation on the areas closest to the stairs will be an interesting solution.

Fireplace area

Fireplaces are associated with country rest, and now they are boldly built in city apartments, adding extra comfort. It does not matter what zone the fireplace is located in: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen-dining room, brickwork will fit in organically, will enhance the local effect of the presence of the fireplace. Natural colors and textures emphasize the brightness and naturalness of the flame, if the fireplace is electric.

Combining a fireplace and a brick wall is permissible within a single style, such as country. The decorative decoration of the portals can be played up in contrast or be performed in the same range, for example, against the background of a light clinker, a hearth decorated with black marble looks impressive. The centerpiece of any room will be a fireplace portal, lined to the very ceiling, against the backdrop of a vertical plane of snow-white brick in the style of Provence. Brickwork is ideally combined with wrought iron products, which are decorated in abundance fireplace area.


As an independent decor will serve the drawing applied on the executed laying. Large graphic letters, contrast stylized images - for the young and bold. The option of self-application for the expression of a creative impulse is possible (you will need wallpaper, stencils, paint, fantasy). Particular attention should be paid to trowels - they also carry a design message. Carrot color has an amazing clarity when duplicating white grout. Add posters or paintings - the Museum of Modern Art is already at your home.

The reception of the “destroyed edge” of the masonry is widely used in zoning and is simply created for placing small decorative objects on protruding bricks, for example, candles, small unusual lamps. Any vintage, rare items look harmoniously against the background of expressive rectangles. The characteristic shape and size will highlight any hanging decor, paintings, but do not overdo it with the quantity.

Need to do

Such a piece of furniture as a brick wall will help to move away from outdated templates. Taking into account all the technical nuances, you can decide on the method of implementation of this design, which can delight with its usual "unusual".

After all, a brick, unlike any other materials, is able to combine interior trim and constructive, even if it is just an imitation. Using loft style elements it is possible to create a cozy and kind atmosphere.

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