Decor from scrap materials - more than 25 ways to do it yourself home decoration

In this article we will explain how to create crafts for the house with your own hands. Decor from scrap materials gives housing a unique look, helps old things to gain a new life.
Crafting begins with an idea. It manifests individuality. DIY for the house you can do yourself. It is not necessary to have a designer’s education. In the work it is important to observe accuracy. Only in this way are crafts made of high quality and beautiful.

What to use for crafts?

Do-it-yourself home-made decor enriches the interior. The kitchen is a place that unites the whole family. In this room, you can paint the walls, hang photos, decorate furniture, kitchen apron, etc. In the absence of design education, you can use stencils. Empty wall make out with the help of panels or paintings on the kitchen theme.
The living room is better to decorate the whole family. Ideas bring together. We offer as an option to cut out the first letter of the family name from thick cardboard and decorate it with paper flowers, pom-poms, and beads. The letter is inserted into the frame as a photo and hung on the wall. From these letters collect various words: love, family, home.

Design in the form of a VAZ helps to achieve the transformation of the interior. For decoration use old bottles. Elements wrapped with twine and decorated with flowers. To create a decor, they use sofa cushions, covers on which can be made independently. Such things give comfort.

The bedroom is a place of relaxation. No need to overload it with decorations. Multiple items will suffice. The wall of the room is decorated with family photos, and an improvised bedspread in the patchwork technique is placed on the bed. Bedside mats should be designed in the same style. The original solution is to use fabric birds, which are hung above the bed by satin ribbons.

Bathroom - a place of cleanliness and personal care. You can decorate it with shells, pebbles. A lot of things and accessories are stored in this room, so you can make homemade panel organizers. As shelves for storage, you can use wicker baskets, bolted bottom to the wall. Original towel hooks can be made of various materials: wood knots, wrenches. The main thing is not to stand out from the overall design of the room.

Registration of the nursery due to its size. To create the interior of the children's room should be used bright things. It is decorated with homemade toys, photos, bedspreads, paintings on the walls, unusual lamps.

On the Internet you can find various ideas for the interior with your own hands from scrap materials. For inspiration, you just need to look around. Crafts for the interior with their own hands from scrap materials can be created from:

  • paper and cardboard;
  • fabric cuts;
  • colored threads and beads;
  • unnecessary CDs;
  • coins;
  • satin or nylon ribbons;
  • bottle caps;
  • any items made of plastic, wood, glass, etc.

Tip: for handicrafts, you can use larger things, such as cabinets, wall mirrors, dressers, tables.

Practical crafts

If you do not like various trinkets, you can make practical home decoration from scrap materials.

Rack from an old ladder

Sometimes at home there is not enough rack. So why not make it yourself? It will be a truly practical hack. The rack is made of unnecessary ladder. In addition to the stairs, you will need boards, paint, jigsaw, brush, sandpaper and glue.

Stages of work:

  • prepare the frame of the structure: cut the stairs into equal parts and fasten them in the form of two pyramids;
  • cut shelves from boards;
  • attach the shelves to the frame with glue;
  • polish the structure and its elements;
  • paint the rack.

Books, original baskets, pots with flowers, A4 size pictures and other beautiful things with their own hands for the house and interior from improvised means are put on such a rack.

Drawer table

We suggest you create another practical crafts for the house - a table of unnecessary wooden boxes. In such boxes often store vegetables and fruits. For crafts will need 4 such boxes, nails and a hammer.

Place the drawers on the side surface with the open side out and join them together in a square. Elements fasten with nails. Perhaps the design of the open space of the boxes with additional shelves. At the end of the work you need to paint the table.

The shelf for spices from the pallet

We suggest you to create a unique shelf for spices from the old pallet. For this, the tray is cleaned with sandpaper. Jigsaw sawn off unnecessary elements. You can make additional shelves. It turns out panels with a pocket that is suitable for any interior. In this pocket they put containers with oil, wine bottles, spices. Shelf painted in interior color.
Crafts for interior decor

The house is a reflection of its owner. It is pleasant to come to visit a creative person and to consider embodied ideas and unique style. We offer you a few tips for interior decor and creating crafts.

Framing mirror

The subject of interior decor from scrap materials can be a wall mirror decorated with an unusual frame. It is easy to make from an ordinary newspaper or magazine. Colored sheets are cut into equal squares measuring 10x10 cm and rolled into tubes of equal thickness. These tubes are glued along the perimeter of the frame parallel to each other. The result is a beautiful design of the mirror. Tubes need to be fixed not only with glue, but varnish.

Plastic cover

For the manufacture of plastic ceiling you will need several sets of plastic spoons, an empty 5-liter plastic container, glue. At the container cut off the neck. Spoons cut handles so as to get petals. With the help of glue, the original petals are fixed on the surface of the container in the form of scales. Ceiling plastic ready.

Fabric decoration

Home interior made from scrap materials will become more alive if you use the remnants of bright fabric. From them you can make different crafts, for example, fabric flowers. Using a stencil, cut circles d = 20 cm. A spiral is drawn on the circles, which is cut along the entire length. The spiral is twisted from the bottom, sizing, so that the bud does not disintegrate. After drying, the petals straighten. Unusual decor with his own hands out of improvised means for the apartment is ready. Several fabric colors are combined into a composition, they make panels, paintings, draw out shelves, walls, etc.

Candlestick from old beads

If you have old beads, do not rush to throw them out. They are disassembled into beads to make a hand-made candlestick. At the base of the candlestick you need to fix an unnecessary CD. On the edge of its circumference, glue the beads in rows so that a cup is formed. If you put a candle in this glass, it will turn into a beautiful candlestick. This element of decor has a big plus. Thanks to the beads, it shimmers beautifully with a lit candle.

Festive garland on the window

For the New Year or any other holiday, the windows of the house are decorated with garlands. It is not necessary to hang bright lights, we recommend that you make an unusual curtain of scrap materials. To create a garland you need a thick colored cardboard, a thick thread, a needle, scissors. Using a stencil cut circles d = 10 cm. The circles are strung on threads of the required length. The threads are interconnected in a curtain and fastened to the window frame.

Hanger for jewelry

There are no many crafts with their own hands. Women's dressing table can be decorated with a homemade hanger for jewelry from scrap materials. Make it easy. To translate the idea, you will need a frame from a painting, a small piece of plywood, paint, small hooks, a jigsaw. Saw the plywood to the size of a baguette, paint it with paint. Mark the attachment points of the hooks, fix them. With the help of this element of decor, you can originally store your jewelry.

Canvas Box

We offer you to make a box from a plastic canvas. Canvas is a material for embroidery and crafts. It has the size of an A4 sheet. The canvas has a different number of perforations. You will need the workpiece itself, the thread, the needle, the cut fabric and scissors. On the canvas, you can embroider a cross or satin stitch. From the canvas, make the details of the future box and decorate them with your favorite embroidery method. Details connect threads with a needle. Casket from the canvas is ready, it must be stored on the shelf. Without a doubt, it will be the main decoration of the interior of your home.

Woven rug

Tapestry technology allows you to create a rug at home with your own hands from any available tools. For example, cut into ribbons old clothes. This option is called the "grandmother's" rug. For crafts, you should choose a durable material, and broach the thread to do with your hands.

Prepare a cardboard of 500x500 mm. Sew it with a thread. Fixing the first thread, start weaving tapestry. After finishing the last lap, turn the mat inside out and sew the rope around the perimeter to close the ends of the yarn.

Pack Cache

From improvised materials, which sometimes accumulate at home, make pots for indoor flower. For handicrafts, you will need paper bags, wooden skewers, scissors, rope, glue gun, container (for example, you can use a can of mayonnaise).

From paper bags make blanks in the form of ribbons with dimensions of 70x300 mm. With the help of shpazhek make from the blanks of the tube. Fix the corners with glue. Wrap the sides of the container in a paper bag. Turn it upside down. Fix 8 tubes on the base. Return the future pots to their normal position. Bend the tubes up, tightly pressing them against the walls of the pots. It remains to braid the main tubes in staggered order. At the top of the pot they pierce, thread the rope through the holes and hang the pots on the wall of the room.

Cloth hanger

In the household always need hangers. We suggest you make a few of them. For crafts you will need:

  • wire hangers;
  • satin ribbons in contrasting colors;
  • fabric cut;
  • scissors;
  • needle with thread;
  • glue;
  • synthetic winterizer.

Outline the hanger contour on the fabric cut. Leaving a small gap, cut 2 blanks. Sew the blanks together to make a case. Hook hook hangers satin ribbon, securing it with glue. Wear a cloth cover on the hanger. The internal space is driven by padding polyester. Sew a hole. Make a bow from a contrast satin ribbon and fasten it at the base of the hook. Cloth hanger ready. You can hang on her delicate things.

Mirror frame

The house always has a mirror. Most often it is placed in the hallway, bathroom or bedroom. Decoration ideas are endless. The mirror can be beautifully decorated with tubes from newspapers, broken fragments of porcelain or tiles, colored glass, seashells, buttons, beads, hemp, etc. To fix the elements it is necessary to use transparent silicone glue.


The design of the room with your own hands from scrap materials can be made in the decoupage technique. We offer you to decorate a small mirror in a wooden frame:

  • Sand the frame off with sandpaper.
  • Cover the prepared surface of the decorative element with white acrylic paint.
  • After drying the paint, apply a layer of decoupage glue to the surface.
  • By the size of the frame, cut the decoupage card and stick it to the surface.
  • Apply the next coat of decoupage varnish.
  • Clean the edges of the frame with sandpaper and cover with craquelure. The paint will dry and crack.
  • On a cracked surface, apply a contrasting shade of paint.
  • You can select the frame borders and put blots on its surface.
  • Cover the frame with a glossy varnish.

Plastic Spoon Decor

For crafts it is better to use a round mirror. Cut off the plastic spoons from the handle, leaving scoops. Glue them in several rows around the perimeter of the mirror. Paint a decor from a barrel. Instead of spoons, you can take buttons, beads, shells, clothespins.

Decor of the rings

Do-it-yourself decor can be inexpensive. Cut plastic rings of equal width from plastic pipes. Handle their edges. Take the capron cover. This will be the base of the construction. Attach the first row of rings to the cover. Attach the second and subsequent rows to already pasted rings. At the end of the work we recommend that you decorate the decor with sequins. Fix the mirror in the center.

Rope decor

To translate the idea you need a hemp rope. Cut a cardboard base. It should be bigger than the mirror itself. Mount the mirror in the center of the base. Apply transparent silicone glue to the substrate. Fix hemp coil after coil. The result is a mirror that can be used to create the interior of the room in a nautical style.

Glass decoration

DIY home decor from scrap materials includes painting. For work, you will need stained paints, glass contour, glitter, alcohol, cotton swabs, toothpicks and silicone glue. Before starting work, determine the picture. Transfer it to the mirror with copy paper. Select the drawing with the outline of the glass. Irregularities remove with alcohol. After the contour has dried, paint the pattern with stained glass paints, distributing them with a toothpick. The paints should dry for about 3 days. After that, the decor is complemented with glass beads or glitter.


Beads are used to decorate the mirror. Mark the future frame with masking tape. Apply silicone glue to the obtained border. Pour the beads on paper and spread it over the adhesive strip. Carefully remove the tape and let the work dry well.

We decorate the walls with simple materials

The atmosphere of the interior can be changed by paying special attention to the decoration of the walls. For this you need only rollers, paints and color schemes. It is not necessary to paint the surface of all the walls. Sometimes it is enough to select a part of it. They decorate the walls in different ways: painted, with the help of panels, photos, natural materials, baguettes, paper butterflies, interesting hooks and other improvised materials.

Stencil decoration

This method of wall decor is considered the easiest. Stencils are made by hand from thick paper, drawing paper or plastic. Patterns can be found on the Internet. The stencil is pressed tightly against the wall and spray paint is applied with a spray paint.

Tip: apply a thin layer of paint so as not to smudge the pattern and avoid the appearance of smudges!

Fabric paintings

Original wall cuts, stapler, picture frame are necessary for wall decor. The fabric is stretched onto the frame and secured with a stapler. You can additionally decorate the work with beads, buttons, wool threads, beads and other materials.

Paper decor

Flowers are made of corrugated paper for wall decoration. Such paper elements should be mounted on double-sided tape. The corrugated paper is folded in several layers in a small strip 10 cm long. Scissors round the edge of the workpiece. The paper is unfolded and collected into a flower. It turns out beautiful and original.

Plates on the wall

To decorate the kitchen walls make the composition of colored plates. Plates should differ from each other in size and style. So the composition will be more interesting. If you do not have colored plates, you can arrange several crafts using decoupage technique. Choose patterns in accordance with the overall style of the room.

Vinyl stickers

You can use different interior decoration with your own hands from scrap materials. As an option - decorate the walls of the room with vinyl stickers. Original stickers for wall decor expand the space, give it an individual look and help to realize ideas. More often they stick stickers in the form of a window with a view of the sea or choose an interesting inscription.

Tip: vinyl stickers are only suitable for smooth surfaces! If the walls of your apartment are rough, give preference to another decor.

Fancy Shelves

The kitchen wall is decorated with unusual shelves. They are made from improvised material: old boxes or boxes. Boxes paste over with wall-paper and fasten to a wall a bottom. To make the composition look beautiful, use a whole series of such boxes. The shelves are suitable for storing cereals, spices, oils, vinegar, cutlery.

Shelf made of planks on ropes

For the decor of the walls, the combination of shelves on the ropes looks original. Make it easy. Along the edges of the boards (shelves), holes are drilled and a thick rope or rope is passed through them. The resulting construction is fixed on the wall.

Decoration mirrors

The interior of the room with his own hands from scrap materials will gain individuality if you hang pictures, stickers or tiles from mirrors on the wall. Option is selected individually. Mirrors of different sizes and shapes combine with each other.

Wall of plants

This option will appeal to wildlife lovers. For its implementation, you need to create a special system for watering flowers. A simpler option is to decorate the walls with flowers in pots. They are placed on open shelves or standard shelves.

As you can see, the ideas for home decoration with the help of scrap materials are endless. Выбирайте ту, которая понравилась вам и воплощайте ее в жизнь. Делайте уникальный интерьер своего дома из подручных средств!



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