Bathroom design 5 sq m - layout and interior

Some bathroom design 5 square. m in Khrushchev may seem like an impossible task. This is explained by the lack of space for permanent objects. Others will find such dimensions more than sufficient. Proper organization will help to achieve a successful arrangement of all necessary. And there is more than enough space for free movement. As for the color palette - it has no limitations, since it can be used as dark as possible, and brightly bright shades. They will look appropriate when dosed as accents. Of course, five square meters do not allow making the bath a central object, but an ergonomic arrangement of plumbing and furniture is quite feasible.

Stages of planning

If the dimensions of the utility room are close to the average, then the topic of space saving remains urgent. The layout here is not particularly difficult, however, it is unlikely that the installation of the bath and shower will work out, so you should pay attention to options 2 to 1. It is recommended to begin planning with drawing up a list of future paraphernalia, plumbing fixtures. Priority should be not only quality, functionality, but also ease of use. An expensive mixer, for example, will not be as impressive as a creative solution within a small space. Another important initial step is considered accurate measurement of the volume of the room. It is thought in advance whether it is advisable to combine the bathroom. It is necessary to carry out work with communications in order to have confidence in the possibility of transferring water supply pipes, a radiator and a heated towel rail, as well as reworking the release configuration into the sewer system.

Important! The use of computer design programs will help to design an individual version in the form of a photo, one hundred percent satisfying the needs of the owner.

Combined or separate bathroom

For combined bathroom dimensions of 5 square meters. m selected design, focused on increasing the space. Furniture, plumbing, it is preferable to choose hanging with hidden systems. This not only competently organizes the space, but also adds a special aesthetics. If the lavatory is located in a separate room, it is recommended to install another sink there, which will save all family members a considerable amount of morning hours. Combined space requires lower costs for lining materials due to the absence of an interior partition. Its standard thickness is 20 cm, so getting rid of it will add more useful space. The repair process in this case will allow to embody creative ideas. After the toilet, you can use the shower without leaving the room. Of the shortcomings of the combined space there are:

  • the formation of morning and evening lines;
  • uncomfortable to wash near the place of satisfaction of natural needs;
  • official permission to get rid of the interior partition.

Important! Before combining the area, you should take care of the quality of ventilation in order to avoid unpleasant odors: you can resort to installation in the hole of the exhaust channel of an electric fan.

Space zoning

Thanks to the competent division of space into zones, taking into account their specificity, it will turn out to make the room even more functional. This can be achieved by arranging in one place plumbing with similar principles of operation or using special techniques. Among the latter - sliding decorative partitions made of glass blocks. Color transitions (lilac, etc.) on the walls, contrasting multi-level ceilings and lighting devices will help to get visual zoning. However, the simultaneous use of the presented methods of dividing space into zones is not desirable. Thus, it is possible to achieve architectural or color congestion, which would entail complete disharmony of space. With this in mind, it is recommended to divide the utilitarian premises into a maximum of 3 functional areas:

  • intended for water procedures (sink, shower);
  • allotted for personal hygiene, natural needs (bidet, urinal);
  • household (cabinets, equipment for washing).

With or without washing machine

A number of arguments favor the installation of a washing machine in a room for personal hygiene: the proximity of the items accompanying the wash (conditioner, basins, powder); convenience of pre-soaking or hand washing; less danger of flooding neighbors with leakage due to waterproofing; the presence of exhaust, removing excess moisture; the possibility of storing nearby dirty laundry; using the top plane. Installation of the unit in the kitchen will save space in the bathroom.


Modern water heating systems are compact and easy to handle. But even with their accuracy there is a risk of unsuccessful location, which complicates the use of space. To turn the gas unit on and off, you need free access, a convenient distance so as not to reach out to it and not get up on the stepladder. Many people want to hide such household appliances, but safety precautions do not allow this.

But there is a solution - a neat placement of the column in a drywall niche (not close) over the sink, for example, will help save space. The niche is made with the help of ceramics or artificial stone, it can be in the form of a column or panel. The choice of models is large-scale: shapes, dimensions, colors are striking in diversity, therefore there should be no problems with matching the general style (high-tech, etc.). Materials for niche finishing are non-consumable and non-flammable, because The device is prone to heat.

Creating a design project

The project is created taking into account professional recommendations. In order to avoid reducing the free space, light tones are selected for wall decoration, but if they are not cluttered there is a window, then a darker version is possible. Laying floor tiles should be performed diagonally, which visually pushes the boundaries of space. If it is minimal, it is worth to place the washing machine under the sink, use corner shelves, cabinets, pay attention to the ceiling. The design project includes proper technical documentation with a floor plan, drawings of communications and calculation of the materials used. The initial sketch contains a set of household equipment, sanitary equipment, placement of ventilation channels and points of connection to the pipes. An important aspect is the arrangement of a heated floor, since heating elements may be present in the working area.

Interior styles

ProvenceThe combination of a pair of light shades, forged items, wicker furniture, natural wood, ceramics of small sizes - 20x20;

ClassicalThe presence of gilding, bas-reliefs, stained glass, mosaics, gilding, bronze, pastel colors in the decoration of the walls;

JapaneseNatural materials or their imitation. Pastel colors, oriental ornaments, floral patterns;

LoftBrickwork, concrete surfaces, stainless steel, floor with open beams. Communications: hidden or deliberately exposed in the role of decor;

MinimalismThe predominance of gray in various combinations. Materials: glass, metal, concrete. Built-in or suspended plumbing;

Country (country)Natural materials, simplicity, bright palette. Drawings, patterns in the form of cells and plant prints;

EclecticismThe combination of several stylistic forms. Color balance, contrasting solutions, a combination of textures and patterns.

Room Tips

Minimize the use of space is obtained by engaging a place under the bathroom, where you can store some household items. In specialized stores, there are screens with hinged doors, on which there are hinged shelves. This functionality can be organized by hand, erecting a sort of shelves. Near the sink, in order to save space, an "apron" with pockets will fit in well, matched in a shade suitable for textiles. If the tile is replaced with a mirror one, it will result in a visual elevation of the ceilings and expansion of the dimensions. It is rational to abandon a heated towel rail in favor of a “warm floor”, considerably freeing the walls. The meter transfer of the doorway will help to organize the design of an average bathroom with dimensions of 5 square meters. m with a washing machine and toilet according to preferences. Also the door can be made pushed aside.

Decoration Materials

The most popular among facing materials in this case is ceramics due to moisture resistance, durability, ingenuity in the care. The rich color map size range makes this option suitable for any interior solution. Mosaic has the same qualities that complement another advantage: its small size makes possible the lining of semicircular surfaces. And in combination with the previous material it will turn out to realize the original ideas. Plastic panels are the most affordable cost, but with this decreases the degree of environmental friendliness and the duration of operation. But the wide color palette, budget and ease of care make them worthy of attention. Often used for finishing pebbles, stone, wood. The tree will add to the design of the room a special warmth and comfort. As additional materials, you can select a special paint, as well as moisture-resistant plaster.


Often, the interior of an average bathroom of 5 square meters. m does not involve the simultaneous installation of a shower cabin and bath, but the combination of these functions is possible: the bath is equipped with a shower on a flexible hose or with imitation of a tropical shower. To prevent splashes from falling onto dry surfaces, one third of the length of the main sanitary object is occupied by a glass partition. When the bath is located along the wall and plays the role of a shower-pallet, the "sedentary" shortened models are relevant. Save about 30 cm of space under the cantilever toilet bowl, the tank is mounted in the wall. If it is located in a separate room, then the free space is given to the second sink, which will save the family a lot of morning time. The same effect can be obtained when installing paired models, when the drain hole is joint, located between them and has a proper bottom slope on both sides. Installation systems will allow to hang overhead plumbing, shut-off valves, pipes, hidden facing.


Free meters significantly reduced after the installation of plumbing fixtures and devices. However, for the location of bath accessories also need a place, with which the wall furniture perfectly copes. Glass shelves and hanging cabinets will not clutter the room. The latter in the presence of mirrored doors will make the room more spacious in appearance. For storage of various household items and bath towels also requires a separate place. The most suitable for this is a high multi-level pencil case that can even fit in a narrow space. It can have any dimensions due to custom manufacturing according to individual parameters. In addition, using such a functional partition, it is possible to separate the shower area from the restroom. It is good, if the furniture will repeat the sizes of the equipment built in it, and its external design will correspond to the general stylistic orientation. As a material for manufacturing it is better to use MDF coated with a protective acrylic varnish with a waterproof effect instead of wood.


A room whose size reaches 5 m2 is quite large - it requires a sufficient number of lighting fixtures. Otherwise, the room loses comfort and looks cold. The main source of lighting should be placed on the ceiling, an auxiliary one installed above the sink. The task of the latter is often performed by a mirror with built-in lighting. Pompous to the interior can add wall lights and a luxurious chandelier in the bedroom - the airiness of the glass structures will create the feeling of flying. Functionality and relevance will become noticeably more pronounced when using the built-in backlight with an adjustable angle of rotation, which is planned at the design stage. It will provide the proper level of illumination of the received segments of the room and visually add more volume to the space. Outdoor portholes will scatter the light around the perimeter, and LED strips will turn out to make the backlight of shelving, drawers, deep cabinets, niches. The configuration and dimensions of the fixtures directly depend on the size of the room and its design.

The design of the lighting scheme must take into account safety principles: the lighting devices are located at the maximum distance from the water, their enclosures are sealed, and grounding is required.

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