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Wenge-colored furniture always looks gorgeous in modern interiors. Wenge tree is one of the most expensive types of wood. It has excellent quality characteristics, high resistance to stress, durability. Externally dark wood color looks exotic and prestigious. From this material made pieces of furniture, floors, doors, stairs and other interior elements. Products made of natural wood are quite expensive. Allow yourself such an acquisition can only wealthy people.

Today, many manufacturers produce products imitating expensive wood. Such a finish exactly repeats the external properties, it also looks elegant and presentable, but inferior in quality to this tree. Also, decorative veneer is used to make the exterior panels of the furniture from the natural massif. Due to this, middle-income people can add elements of exotic luxury to the interior.

Wenge tree species

Rare and expensive wood is on the verge of extinction, it grows in the jungles of Congo, Cameroon, Mozambique, Guinea and other African countries. Due to the high price, the harvesters hunt for this valuable breed. Depending on the place of growth, chocolate shades of wood vary from yellow-brown to black-violet. The material is not characterized by a monotonous surface, where a wooden structure is clearly visible, which appears in patterns characteristic of wenge. External colorful properties of the rock are difficult to confuse with other varieties. In the processing mainly used waxing. Polishing, varnishing or other compositions are not applied to this type.


  • high density of wood, resistance to heavy loads and deformation;
  • has antibacterial properties that resist the formation of mold, fungus, insect infestation;
  • the ability to use in rooms with high humidity;
  • strength, wear resistance, durability;
  • spectacular external properties.

In some people, wood can cause allergic reactions. According to statistics, 5% of the inhabitants of the Earth are prone to allergies to wenge.

Color features

A fresh cut of the tree has a light brown tone, which eventually becomes darker and richer. Wood streaks form the original patterns. Wenge color inspires designers to create new interior masterpieces. Chocolate shades of wood go well with other palettes and play well in contrast to the light elements of the interior. Wenge furniture in the interior is often combined with a lighter design. External properties of wood are in harmony with many stylistic directions of interior design. The furniture is suitable for ethnic style, classic, hi-tech, etc. In bright rooms, rich wenge emphasizes attention, adds elegance and prestige to the atmosphere.


Possible shades

Types of tree shades are many. There are variations of warm and cold wood tones. As mentioned above, the color of the tree affects the place where it grew. Depending on this factor, it may be dark brown, maroon, chocolate, coffee, eggplant, black and gray, black, etc. In this case, wenge does not have a uniform surface. The main shade alternates with darker or light texture textures. Depending on the surrounding design, a certain emotional mood is created in the atmosphere of the interior. The design can emphasize comfort and stability, add a certain amount of asceticism or create an exotic atmosphere in the apartment.

Cabinet furniture

As a rule, cabinet furniture of dark tones, which are peculiar to expensive exotic wood, has strict, laconic forms and precise regular lines. In manufacturing, wenge furniture products are sometimes combined with other lighter types of wood, resulting in two-color samples. Bleached oak, ash, maple, zebrano are often used for this. At the same time, for the addition it is impossible to use more than two different types of wood, since the external properties of wenge may lose their coloring and will look less status.


The sets, beds, tables, bedside tables, dressers and other home decoration made of wenge will give luxury to each room. It is also a very practical option for the bathroom, the wood does not deteriorate due to high humidity. Wenge furniture is rarely used to decorate children's rooms, but in some projects this solution can be very successful. In any other premises chocolate shades of furniture will be appropriate with a suitable interior design.

Wenge floor and stairs

When choosing materials for flooring or stairs, the main requirement is strength. Wenge is characterized by wear resistance, resistance to high loads, pressure. Therefore, the use of this wood for the manufacture of flooring, stairs, is fully justified. On the floor, you can safely move the weight, walk on sharp heels stiletto and not be afraid of the fact that the coating scratches, defects. Parquet made of natural wood is the most expensive option. Often used laminate that mimics wenge. But in this case it is necessary to take into account that the material is inferior in quality to the natural array.


Wenge staircase will be a chic decoration for your home. You can make it in different styles. Also the design is combined with durable varieties of wood in light shades. Railing can be wooden, metal, with forged or other decorative elements. Due to the quality characteristics, wenge products are also used outside the house, for example, on the terrace or in the garden.


Wenge wall panels

Even uneven surfaces are made with wall panels. They are easily mounted and in addition to the decorative role, provide additional sound insulation. The highest quality options panels processed veneer. The material has similar characteristics with natural wood. It is also resistant to damage and the formation of undesirable phenomena due to high humidity in the premises. The use of wenge wall panels is often practiced by indoor designers. With the help of chocolate tones, you can create a spectacular accent, add exotic highlights to the interior. Dark tones are practical, not easily soiled. Therefore, wall panels with shades of wenge can be safely used in any room.

Wenge and lighting

Before using all sorts of dark tones in the interior, it is necessary to resolve the issue of proper lighting. In rooms with large windows, which are abundantly illuminated with light, it is allowed to use rich interior items. In dimly lit places it is better to give preference to light shades.

Bleached wenge is more suitable for small rooms.

Large mirror surfaces add more light to the space. It is often used to add light to a room. In addition, mirrors are perfectly combined with an exotic tree. For night time, it is preferable to use primary and secondary light sources. For example, large bright lamps in the center of the room, on the edges of small spotlights. A well-designed lighting system is an important component of successful design projects.

Wenge color in the interior

Saturated colors of wenge always attract attention. Designers use the noble color of the tree as their main accent. In successful projects, furniture and other interior elements of coffee shades play the role of main parts, all other interior items are secondary. For example, a multi-level wenge headset deliberately stands out from the crowd. To do this, the main design of the room uses light shades, against which an exotic tree looks just gorgeous. While on a dark wall, the decorative beauty of wenge is expressed much less.


Extra bright accents are added to the light interior with dark brown elements. Without them, the room will look too strict and conservative. Do not overdo it with the number of accents, it is important to comply with the measure.

Living room

Expensive, luxurious, exotic wenge wood is perfect for decoration of the living room and large halls. The dark tones of the wood give the room elegance. The wooden surfaces of wenge play the role of basic elements in the living room. They are combined with yellow, white, beige, gray, green and gilded. Wenge approaches the living rooms in classic English style, Mediterranean, ethnic, hi-tech and restrained minimalism.



With the help of saturated colors it is possible to create a laconic elegant or exotic atmosphere in the bedroom. Laconic dark wood furniture is successfully combined with Asian style. The chocolate tones in the bedroom are in harmony with mustard, pink, blue, turquoise and other light shades. Bright accents are also relevant here, but do not forget about respecting the right proportions. At the head of the bed area can be decorated with wall panels of wenge, decorate with a contrast image, photo or add shelves on which decorative items are subsequently placed.



Some believe that wenge is not a good option for a child’s room. In fact, it is not. If you use shade in small quantities, it will have a calming effect on emotional perception. This is perfect for combined furniture with dark and light areas of wood. In the design of the children's room are often used bright colors. Chocolate shades of wenge can mute flashy colors, make the room more calm. Dark wood is able to discipline and dispose for study. The wenge desk will be useful in the student’s room.



Wenge is coming to the interior of a spacious kitchen. In small premises of 7 square meters and less, it is better not to use a lot of dark colors. Small fragments are allowed. High quality wood is appropriate in places where many working processes occur every day. Dark trim areas are considered the most practical option. In the kitchen, for a successful combination with wenge, you should choose white, milk vanilla, bed beige tones. Pleasant accents, original shelves, decorative dishes, colorful images and other details are selected to the chosen range.


If the bathroom is installed mostly white plumbing, then on its background wenge will look luxurious and stylish. This also suits delicate floral and green shades. Metallic elements with steel or gilded gloss, as well as mirror surfaces are appropriate. Recall that wood perfectly tolerates high humidity. Therefore, for the bathroom material will be a suitable option.


The color of wenge in the interior of the cabinet will be very useful. Laconic furniture will add to the room austerity, a certain share of formality and aristocratic notes. Dark brown shades of wood perfectly discipline and contribute to intellectual work. Mostly cabinets are designed in classic style or minimalism. Although the interior is allowed to use other stylistic directions.

Entrance hall

In a small hallway it will be appropriate to look wenge furniture combined with light shades. The wall decor is selected to match the light wood. It can be wallpaper, bamboo cloth, wooden decorative frames and other details. Curtains are often matched to a tone lighter than the furniture. In small rooms is to add mirror elements and carefully consider the lighting scheme. In large spacious hallways it is permissible to use dark cabinets, dressers. You can decorate the walls with wall panels, wallpaper. Masonry also looks harmoniously on the walls. In the room it is desirable to use glossy and matte surfaces.


Color combinations with wenge

You need to select the color according to a certain shade of wenge:

  1. exotic tree successfully combined with pink, blue, turquoise;
  2. warm chocolate or burgundy wood tones in harmony with orange, red, bright yellow, warm green and pistachio;
  3. cold purple wenge colors are combined with blue, gray, crimson and lilac.

In addition to wenge, it is preferable to choose light shades. The most win-win options are beige, white, parchment and ashen. Chocolate wood in combination with a dark background can create an undesirable effect. In this version of the interior design used light-colored flooring and more warm accessories. Combine wenge with dark shades should be very careful.



If you want to create a luxurious remarkable interior design with wenge without attracting a designer, then you should look at the photos of successful projects and draw useful ideas from them. The most important thing is not to overdo the chocolate shades of wood and create the right proportions. A special highlight in the room where there are elements of exotic wood, will help bring in the details associated with the place of growth of wenge. It can be decorative palm trees, wickerwork, figurines, images of African animals and other details emphasizing the exotic color.

Also, do not forget that wenge objects play the role of basic elements in the interior, everything else should be more muted.


If you use an imitation of an expensive sort of wood, do not forget that it has only an external similarity and is inferior in quality to a natural array. In general, the color of wenge is appropriate in any room. The main thing is to pre-think the situation, then you can easily create a luxurious harmonious interior.

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