LED strip in the interior +50 photo lighting ideas

The appearance in the 60s of monochromatic illumination literally turned the world of lighting fixtures. LEDs began to be used everywhere. At first, illumination with the help of LEDs was point-like, this option was used to create billboards, then LED strip appeared in the interior, and the horizons for using the backlight were significantly expanded.

The use of LEDs: advantages and disadvantages

The apartment LED strip was originally used on the ceiling. Designers created from her drawing of the starry sky. After the LEDs began to be used to decorate the walls. Best of all diode mosaics and ornaments looked in the bedroom and nursery.

Today, a ribbon of monochromatic lamps can illuminate a picture or a shelf in a bathroom. It is possible to see it as an independent decor. Many use LEDs to highlight niches and bar counters in the kitchen. They illuminate the baseboards, walls, ceilings and photo frames.

Like everything else in the world, these lamps have their drawbacks and advantages. The disadvantages of the diode tape are in its high cost, although, today, budget options are increasingly available.

Another disadvantage of using LEDs is the inability to make their light less bright. The advantages include the following:

  • A large number of colors and sizes;
  • Various modifications, allowing to solve different interior tasks;
  • Energy savings;
  • Long service life;
  • Wear resistance, no problems with voltage drops.

The interior in which the lights are used looks modern and stylish. Loft, modern, eco, pop art and other design directions are only transformed by the use of soft lighting tape.

The ceiling with a diode pattern is a classic of the genre. But tape plasma televisions have become relatively recent. The home version of the use of diodes is limited only by the imagination of the owner of the house or apartment. The idea of ​​their inclusion in the interior can extend to the lighting of furniture, cabinets in the kitchen and even a refrigerator.


Ceiling light options

Illumination with a ribbon on the ceiling fits perfectly into the frame of a multi-level ceiling. The design of the ceiling uses the following types of highlights:

Scattered contourLaid around the perimeter of the ceiling, creates the effect of a soft and diffuse glow, the tape is in a special box.
DirectionalDiodes are located on separate slopes. Light is more direct.
DotIt is used to create a starry sky effect.
FiguredWith the help of LED strip on the ceiling is highlighted. Different parts of the tape shine in the right direction.

Designer lighting on the ceiling canvas is not intended to give a lot of light to the room. Her task is to make the atmosphere of the home cozy and unusual. LEDs are an additional source of light, not replacing the main one.

Implementing designer lighting with your own hands is problematic. Here it is necessary to understand the principle of connection and location of the LEDs, as well as to possess the necessary artistic skills.

In addition to the LED cord, neon lights and led lamps are used to illuminate the ceiling. Often, these options are combined with each other, achieving certain goals.


Backlighting for plinths

Ordinary wooden plinth is not suitable for lighting. LED strip can be used in special skirting with cable channels. After the tape is placed in the channel, the plinth itself is put on a specialized dissipative plug, which also protects the structure from dust and dirt. These plugs help to diffuse the bright light of the LEDs.

Expressive backlighting gives the interior a festive look. A separate controller is installed to control the intensity of light. And then the atmosphere in the room can be changed at will.

Connecting such a tape is a linear principle. And its installation does not cause difficulties even for beginners. LED strip is ideal for lighting on floors and walls.


Staircase lighting

The steps illuminated by diodes look especially elegant in houses with high ceilings. With the help of LED strip, you can turn the stairs into a genuine work of interior art.

The tape is placed in the center of the spans and steps, create from it a side contour. Or used for each step separately. Sometimes in the center of the stairs, LEDs, like on a race track, are placed parallel to each other.

Stair lighting according to safety rules should not be too bright. Otherwise, the risk of injury increases.

To choose a tape for a ladder it is worth looking at the tones in which the walls next to it are painted. The design of the room in cold shades does not harmonize well with the warm type of lighting.


Illumination of photo frames and paintings

Pictures and photo frames are also highlighted using LED strip. Small décor objects are decorated with ribbons with small diodes. Large frames are combined with bright light elements. Sometimes, like illumination of baseboards, the ribbon in the paintings is placed in the structure itself, achieving the effect of diffused light.

Any box, including a doorway, can be successfully decorated with a diode tape. Here the main thing - to guess with the general color concept. The brightness of the glow does not matter so much.

Backlight in the kitchen

The main location of the lighting in the kitchen is the working area of ​​the table. When cooking, we often lack the top and side lighting. LEDs in the correct zone solve this problem.
An excellent design move is the interior lighting of glass cabinets. The bottom of the kitchen can also be decorated with LEDs.

Conventional cabinets for storing dishes, cutlery and products literally need to install additional lighting. Especially if there are many appliances in the kitchen and their search is significantly complicated by the lack of light.

The fashionable favorite of the last seasons is the highlight of the transparent tabletop. It can be both contour and solid. And it looks beautiful, giving the kitchen a nontrivial flavor.

LED console with a picture is considered another novelty. It replaces the tile on the wall, creating unimaginable effects and modulations in the room.


Lights in the rooms

LED strip in the rooms may look different. The stone in the interior of the living room is decorated with diodes rather neatly, as the fireplace is usually located next to it, which is an additional source of light. Diodes can be distinguished window, focus on curtains, entrance doors and drawings on the floor. Emphasizing is a good way to zoning a home.


Brick loft-style walls are perfectly combined with any type of lighting. Connecting them to the diodes does not take much time, and there you can use the backlight without fear.

In the bathroom, the tape with diodes is combined with ice-type lamps. With this technique, a small room gets enough light. In the living room, it all depends on the overall concept of the interior.

Classic-style houses imply the use of LEDs on columns only. Modern designs allow you to choose the right diode lamps for almost any part of the interior. Without them, not a single fashionable project.


Zoning the room with light

Large living spaces can be zoned not only by color transitions and partitions. For demarcation of zones used and LED strip.

She spend a visible feature on the ceiling, separating the corner for the rest of the library. Highlighted podiums, which also serve as an excellent way to delimit the room into zones.


Unusual tape use

The most unusual use of LEDs in the interior is the lighting of the toilet bowl. Second place can be given to Philips with its LED wallpaper, changing the color and intensity of the glow.

Further, in the interior decoration began to use luminous ice cubes. They are most often placed in the kitchen. How do you like LED grass on the lawn? The above examples once again prove that the scope of the LED strip is very extensive, and is limited only by human imagination, as well as material capabilities.


LEDs, which are used for decorative purposes, have practical value. They consume little energy. Increase the safety of movement around the room at night. They help to create real miracles of light art in their own home.

LED tape is really long. Softens the harsh and contrasting interiors. Turns the room finishing process into an exciting adventure.

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