Brown bathroom design +75 photo ideas

Bathroom - an important component of home comfort. In it, you become completely defenseless, exposing your flaws, solving "uncomfortable" physiological issues. Only in the bathroom can you relax, get some rest from the child’s noise and turmoil, troubles with your partner, work problems. After lying in the bath for a couple of hours, you can relieve the burden of heavy troubles, not even knowing what a huge amount of them accumulated per day. Going to the bathroom, we seem to be in a new universe belonging only to you. And this universe should be a mainstay of reliability and security. Brown color is ideal for bathroom design, if you pursue such goals. It looks spectacular and attractive, guarantees serenity, peace, picture of the situation.

Psychology and color characteristics

Brown color is significant adaptation to the person's mood. Like a walkie-talkie, it picks up the signals of a state of mind and transforms them, adjusting the emotional climate. Symbolizing the autumnal extinction of nature, is not an allegory of frailty and the completion of existence. On the contrary, it reminds of the emergence of a new original place of the report, makes you work with double energy in order to achieve your plans. Brown - the color of harmony with the nature of all things. Associating with soil, trees, sand causes calmness and firm confidence in the auspiciousness of future events due to the strength of the natural revival of the surrounding world. The similarity with the shades of coffee and chocolate gives coziness to the surrounding surroundings.


Brown reflects stability, respect for family traditions, maintaining a consistently sustainable lifestyle. He denies the need for everyday risks and, with his whole appearance, speaks of certainty in meaningful values.

The pros and cons of the bathroom in brown tones

The brown bathroom design will win your heart literally at a glance.

The advantages of this color finish:

  • making the room natural and authentic;
  • the formation of an environment comfortable for the vision and nervous system;
  • creating a relaxing effect after a long busy day;
  • visual enlargement of the room with light shades;
  • easy selection of materials of the desired color.


It is worth thinking over such minuses:

  • the apparent external simplicity of expensive furniture and sanitary ware;
  • giving the bathroom atmosphere of ordinariness and mediocrity;
  • excessive focusing on emerging situation flaws and pollution;
  • narrowing of space due to dark tones;
  • the emergence of reluctance to leave the comfort zone due to excessive livability of the home environment.

Variety of brown shades

Based on the person’s psychological perception of the world, brown tones are categorized as warm and cold. Warm are presented by five kinds.

  • Vanilla - extinguished version of yellow, darkened to brown and beige.
  • Ocher - clay shade, named in honor of the natural dye. It is characterized by a golden ebb.
  • Chocolate - the color of cocoa beans. It looks decorum and aristocratic due to its depth.
  • Rich brown-orange is similar to the glare of the sun, covered with dark clouds during a bright sunset. It is worth refraining from using it in the interior because of obvious aggressiveness.
  • Camelopard shows a combination of red-coffee color.


Cool shades of brown fall into four categories.

  • Terracotta is based on a range of colors of the notorious type of faience. There is a red-brown glow.
  • Brick color covers a wide range of shades, many derivatives of brown and red.
  • Sepia has a color of dried plants. Looks stylish, but lifeless.
  • Bistru is inherent in the color of the ash and notes, close to black.

Light shades

The bright bathroom radiates cleanliness, looks spacious and welcoming. Brown and brown ceramics will remove the tonal effect of a hospital or public restroom, created by caustic white flowers. Under it harmoniously fit tile color of baked milk.

Interior items in the tone of creme brulee will give pleasure to the tenderness and integrity of the image. A light sand color hygiene site ensures total relaxation during daily routines. Wheat - a symbol of fertility, will convince incoming guests that your accommodation is a full bowl. Caramel will make originality in the design of the bathroom, in the morning will add vitality, and in the evening look elegant and expensive. Light brown color will be marked by pacification. It is good for any size of room and regardless of the mood is pleasing to the eye.


Dark shades

If you want to give a solid bathroom, you can experiment with dark colors. Cognac color will add to repair austerity and nobility. The chestnut will come out to capture the solidity and practicality of the owners of the house. The hue of burnt coffee surrounds the room with passion and sexuality. The color of the Parisian dirt will add elegance and will be a key element of the style of decoration. The nut shade will bring the design closer to the natural one and will allow to decorate the bathroom under a tree. Close to the black tone suitable as decorative elements. The main thing - do not overdo it with their number. Dark brown patterns or design details will look stylish. Fashionable and flashy confidence in combination with dark colors will give metal wall decoration.


Burgundy, rusty, red - the ruling shades. Look good, but act badly on the psyche, so quickly begin to annoy.

Tile - the main finishing material

Bathroom walls are mostly tiled. This is a winning and ergonomic modification. The tile possesses the increased moisture protection, easily gives in to washing. The glossy tile, reflecting the light, makes the room more spacious. On the matte is not visible splashes and streaks, which reduces the frequency of the need for cleaning.


If you plan to tile and floor, look at the ribbed patterns. They minimize slipping and prevent injury due to haste or carelessness. There is an alternative to using a hollow designer stone instead of a tile. It's beautiful, but in the holes between the stones over time mold can creep in, if you have too much humidity in the room. Remove it will be very difficult due to the specificity of the asymmetrical arrangement of the decorative stone. Patterns of contrasting tiles are remnants of the past, but if two colors dominate, this option can look organic.


We make the ceiling and walls

Conducting manipulations with the walls, pay attention to the choice of color mixture for the joints between the tiles. The color darker than the tile will have the effect of visual volume, will highlight each piece of the mosaic. The light mixture will emphasize the cleanliness of the bathroom, add to its pedantry and coldness. For small bathrooms in the Khrushchev "meter two" more suitable minimalistic monochrome walls. Owners of a huge restroom have the opportunity to install decorative columns. This will add room splendor to the decoration and create the impression of good quality and reliability. Cover the bottom of the walls with dark tiles and the top with light ones. In this way, you will create a clear contrast necessary for the freshness of the room and associated with the horizon line. The ceiling should be lighter than the walls in order to lengthen them and optically extend the room vertically.


Stretch ceilings - the best option for the bathroom because of their technical and external characteristics.

Suitable styles

For a brown bathroom, Baroque design is well suited. Decorating walls and furniture with bronze and gold will make you feel like a king. Deliberately luxurious restroom style allows you to take a bathroom with your loved one, without spoiling the atmosphere of romance. Classic style will require a large investment of finance, but it will pay off in full, due to the representative appearance.


Natural woods guarantee room design any shade of brown. Admirers of the extended functionality of furniture and sanitary ware perfectly fit the modern style. Ethno will show your respect for your roots or admiration for the culture of another civilization. Sea style will emphasize the importance of regular water procedures, make your bathroom a small branch of the majestic ocean. Country style is good simplicity, not catchy. For him, you can pick up unsuitable interior details, without losing the external harmony of the room.


We select furniture and accessories

Furnishing a bathroom, it is worthwhile to act far-sightedly and thoughtfully.

  • First of all, decide on plumbing. The functional component is always in priority.
  • Equally important is the lighting. Crystal chandelier, simple ceiling light or fluorescent lamps - depends on the style and effect you want to achieve. Do not forget about the lighting of mirrors and cabinets.
  • Get a mirror. To deal with their appearance without this attribute is simply impossible. And the small size of the toilet room will allow you to hide the mirror on the entire wall.
  • Next - the furniture. If you decide to give emphasis to the plumber - a dark environment will do. The light furniture will pay all attention to itself. The dimensions and capacity of the cabinets are determined by the household items you are going to store in the bathroom. The material is subject to the sanitary conditions of the room and its style.
  • The final step will be the selection of accessories, emphasizing the style of the situation.


What colors go with brown

Brown is a neutral color. Almost any shade will be combined with it. By adding white color, you will achieve a luxurious atmosphere and a grandly expensive looking interior. By attaching to brown yellow, get cheerful cheerful colors, encouraging to work and new daily achievements. In an alliance with red, the coffee color will glow with new colors, will rekindle the fire of attractiveness and desire in you. With green brown embody natural motifs, hook your primordial nature. The blue elements of the decor will amaze you with the similarity of your dressing room with the sea shore, they will wake up the water element, they will adjust to the necessary mode for water procedures. Beige and peach shades will give the room tenderness and lightness. Black-brown will look classically serious, differing scrupulous details.



All the myths about the dullness of brown is time to dispel. Thousands of successful experimentation designs in shades of brown indicate its competitiveness with the typical white color for bathrooms. Brown color will be for you the Grail of stability and high quality. It will breathe new life into your restroom, provide inexhaustible delight after each look at the bathroom decor.

The eyes will quickly become accustomed to the pleasant color scheme, but your mind will force you to again and again admire the originality of the interior and be proud of the fact that you yourself chose this design. Brown color is suitable for any size of the bathroom, the full disclosure of each element in the composition of the room. It will be a source of inspiration for new initiatives in the field of designing your own housing and will have a positive impact on your emotional background.

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