Design of a modern room with a loggia +50 photos of combined interiors

With the emergence of fashion in the studio, more and more often, owners of standard apartments are beginning to rebuild their homes and turn them into a kind of combined version. They sacrifice balconies and loggias, which, as a rule, do not have a clear functional purpose. Becoming a continuation of the apartment, these (not always, by the way, tiny) rooms become offices, gyms, canteens, libraries, miniature gardens and areas for recreation. The design of a room with a loggia is being developed depending on the needs of the owners: what kind of playground they need is what they equip. The transformation of the “cold” balcony into a residential zone is a long process, involving a number of difficulties, the first of which is the project of dismantling the partition and its subsequent coordination. Let's talk more about how to make a fundamentally new stylish room from the abode of broken skis and three-liter cans.

The advantages of a room with a balcony

Combination - a real option to expand the area for small one-bedroom apartments. Additional sq.m. will be useful in any room. In the bedroom, you can finally equip a separate "boudoir" or a miniature winter garden. In the children's room there will be a separate area for games, and in the room for a teenager you can arrange a place to study. In the hall they create a corner for reading, and in the kitchen there arises the possibility of arranging a separate dining room or bar area. Combining a balcony or a loggia with a room will be the impetus for the analysis of rubble of rubbish that previously "lived" in this room. Attached option will contribute to the improvement of natural lighting. In addition, with its help, apartment owners will be able to embody bold design solutions to create a stylish, modern interior.


The disadvantages of connecting the balcony with the room

If you decide to combine a room with a loggia, then you should be prepared for certain difficulties. Of the shortcomings, there are only a couple of aspects, the first of which does not always occur:

  • The penetration of cold in the apartment in the winter. This nuance is possible only in conditions of poor thermal insulation, when its installation was carried out in violation of generally accepted rules;
  • Additional expenses with which laborious repair will be interfaced. The costs will increase even more if you redo a cold balcony without windows and with a grill instead of parapets;
  • The danger of violating the integrity of the apartment structure and high fines for the independent demolition of the window sill without contacting the housing inspectorate.

Unfortunately, the combination of a balcony with a room only partially meets the owners' need for additional meters: the space for mastering is usually too small. For this reason, the acquisition of more spacious housing will sooner or later have to think.

Process of combining

It is worthwhile to prepare yourself in advance for the labor-intensive work, since this type of repair differs from the simple decoration of the room “box” and has a number of nuances. The process of combining divided into several stages:

  • Demolition of the balcony partition (subwindow block);
  • Carrying out a loggia or balcony weatherization so that the “climate” in the rooms does not differ;
  • Finish


The first stage will be the most time-consuming and before combining the premises, it is necessary to clarify the information about the features of the apartment and the whole apartment building, since in some constructions it is not worth touching the sub-window unit at all.

Disassembly of the partition

Partition demolition is allowed in most cases, but the so-called “threshold” is an elevation above the floor in the balcony doorway, you should not touch it. Dismantling is permitted in monolithic and brick houses. But in some series of panel buildings (series P-44t, for example) it has a balcony slab. A small "threshold" can provoke a real collapse.

The result of dismantling may be the collapse of your balcony and damage to the neighbors. In addition, this "threshold" also performs a heat-insulating function, and all the cold air accumulates under it. It is also prohibited to dismantle parts of the wall that are outside the window-door “kit”. This applies in particular to the over-groove, as it is also part of the supporting structure. The next controversial moment will be the heating battery, which by default is installed under the window. Many practice its transfer to the balcony itself, which goes against building standards: radiators outside the room are not carried out.


You should not experiment with installing underfloor heating of any type. Before the demolition of the partition, it is necessary to prepare a redevelopment project and obtain a technical opinion, after which the documentation must go through the approval procedure in the housing inspection. If you are not a qualified builder, then you should not take on this work yourself. It is cheaper and safer to turn to a team of professionals who will do everything quickly and efficiently.


Warm a balcony in two ways:

  • External (external). It is rarely used, as it requires coordination with organizations that monitor the appearance of buildings. Especially these nuances pay attention if the residential house is part of the architectural composition;
  • Interior. A common option in which all the work can be done independently.

First, the room is completely free from furniture and other things that were stored in it before. Then carry out a thorough study of the walls for the presence of cracks, which must either be cemented or coated with foam. Particular attention is paid to the joint with the parapet. Warming start with the floor, walls and finish the ceiling. Surfaces before carrying out the main works necessarily align. Then proceed to waterproofing. Often use a special primer, which penetrates deep into the concrete "pores". If mineral wool is chosen as a heater, then a waterproofing film is used. Among the variety of materials noted:

  • Styrofoam. Refers to the most budget options;
  • Styrofoam. Durable, non-flammable material;
  • Mineral wool. Its use will require the installation of a special frame;
  • Penofol. Often used in combination with other heaters;
  • Polyurethane foam. "Liquid" insulation, which is sprayed over the surface. Good for allowing you to adjust the thickness of the layer;
  • Expanded clay. It is used only for floor insulation, due to the porous structure copes with the main task.

Ways of warming only two:

  • Frame. "Eat" extra centimeters, but without it you can not do when using "soft" insulation;
  • Frameless. Used for mounting rigid materials that do not need additional "support".

The frame is made of wooden or metal slats. The latter material is preferable, as it provides the design durability. From above it is covered with plasterboard sheets, the joints are sealed, and then the surface is spatula. After work on the insulation proceed to finishing the premises.

Fire escape - a special question. Unfortunately, according to the legislation, it’s impossible to dismantle this house building and close the hatch tightly with something. For such actions you can pay not only in the figurative sense of the word. In the houses of the new type of stairs do not install, but in the "panels" they are still found.


Naturally, most of the owners cut them off, and brew the hatches. Representatives of the fire supervision (a subsidiary of the Emergencies Ministry) will establish this fact after a personal visit to your apartment. A visit can be triggered by an accident, a planned detour, a neighbor’s complaint or a fire from which neighbors cannot escape from above, as the hatches on your balcony were welded. For this reason, what to do with the stairs, everyone decides for himself, but the degree of responsibility must be fully realized.

Finishing features

For the combined options, finishing materials are chosen from the same variety as for ordinary repairs. The only nuance can be considered their lightness. To avoid unnecessary weighting of the balcony, it is not recommended to use frame structures that create additional load, or natural stone, brick, solid wood.


Preference is given to:

  • Paint. Budget option, which will require regular updates;
  • Plastering. Allows you to create a complex surface relief;
  • Wallpaper With the help of a rich assortment, you can choose the color scheme and the original pattern;
  • Plastic panels. For installation, it is desirable to use the adhesive method;
  • Wooden clapboard. A simple and slightly bored way that will easily fit into the rustic motifs of the interior.

To finish the ceiling using paint, plaster and PVC tiles. Laminate, parquet, linoleum or carpet in more simple versions is suitable for the floor. Behind the latter will require regular maintenance, as the material accumulates deposits of dust.

Design rooms with loggia

Making a balcony area is perhaps the most enjoyable process in this construction and repair work. Owners will have to think over the design of the new room, which will organically fit into the stylistic picture of the room combined with it. Taking into account the requirements for dismantling the partition, the “natural” zoning of space along the edge of the former door and window openings will remain, it just needs to be “polished” and supplemented. The most popular mobile partitions or light curtains, which, if necessary, are easily removed. “Porozhek” and the above-frame frame are decorated under an artificial construction, which was created for the relief of the ceiling and the floor, or masqueraded well.

Bedroom and Loggia

A real salvation for a small bedroom will be a combination with a loggia. If the room fits only a bed and a closet with a cabinet, then even a small extra space will give the owners the opportunity to equip an additional cozy corner.

A mini dressing room, a green garden, a boudoir with a high mirror and a pair of soft poufs are decorated on the balcony. If the internal clock of the owners of the room is at odds with one (one sleeps at night, and the other works or reads), then the loggia is the optimal place for arranging a study or home library. By the way, for the decoration of the room with shelves for storage, you can use the very fire escape, which organically flows into the design of the cabinet or shelving.

Extra meters in the living room

In small living rooms, a balcony can become a separate functional area for receiving guests. It is not only a cozy sofa and coffee table for gatherings, but also a mini-cinema or a full-fledged dining area. If the apartment has a small kitchen, and guests have to huddle at a small dining table, then it's time to think about a separate area for meals. In the long and elongated balconies set a narrow tabletop by the window, along which are placed the chairs. In the same room you can equip a small gym, if the owners monitor the physical health. Dimensional simulators of course do not fit, but the treadmill, punching bag, traction and horizontal bar organically fit into the new room.

Kitchen design with loggia

Kitchens more often than other rooms are combined with balconies. A popular option is the installation of the bar. At the same time, it acts as a delimiter for two rooms and gives the room a touch of chic. Due to the complex kitchen microclimate, not every functional area will survive its neighborhood. Green garden - the hostess's dream will have to be made exclusively from heat-loving houseplants, preferably tropical species that will withstand high temperatures and high humidity. It is not recommended to use a large amount of textiles in the furniture of the balcony, as it will absorb odors, and regular cleaning will become an extra household concern. The best option is to install the "bench" or a pair of chairs around a low table. To "soften" the situation using decorative pads. They are easy to wash if necessary. On such a balcony, the hostess will be able to drink tea and relax in between household chores and cooking.


Window and door decoration

The place where the door used to be located is usually curtained with light curtains. If you decide to leave the window sill during the repair, then it will be converted to a seating position or tabletop. An empty window opening can be filled with shelves in the manner of a rack. They are placed books or decorative small things. If the window sill has become a bar counter, then a special pole is attached to it, the top of which supports a shelf for glasses. The opening can be decorated with a series of lamps of the same type, some of which will hang low over the working area.



To combine two rooms that are completely different in function and microclimate, it is first necessary to smooth out their differences. The main goal of any repair will be the creation of an integral “box”, and the design - a single stylistic picture in it. For owners of small apartments, this option becomes the only salvation from the crowdedness and lack of space.

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