Window sill design: 75 photo ideas

The traditional use of window sills has long gone beyond the usual framework. After some modernization, this part of the window structure becomes more multifunctional or appears as one of the interior items. For the proper effect, it is necessary to think through all the nuances of the design, since Each specific option provides for a certain adaptation.

The role and importance of the window sill in the interior

Someone may consider as a minus the investment of decent money in the modernization of the product. On the other hand, the modern design of the window sill is more logical to be considered a profitable investment:

  1. Financially alteration can cost less than buying new furniture.
  2. The room takes on a finished and stylish look.
  3. A room with any dimensions becomes more spacious, saving usable space.
  4. The necessary things and accessories are in the zone of availability.

The banal use of a window sill as a warehouse shelf behind a curtain or a stand for a stunted “scarlet flower” is now irrelevant. By discarding the usual stereotypes, the list of original ideas on how to use a window sill can be greatly expanded.

Materials manufacturing and installation methods

Since the design of the window has not only a decorative, but also a practical function, the choice of material for it must be approached responsibly. The most popular now are window sills made of PFH (plastic), wooden, chipboard or MDF, stone or material imitating stone.

Non-standard options are decorated with ceramic tiles or mosaics, porcelain. Used injection technology, as well as upholstery fabrics. The shape of the window sill can be the usual rectangular, rounded, curved. It is set based on the characteristics of the material, personal tastes, interior features.

The choice of both material and method of installation is determined by the performance requirements. The product must be:

  • Durable. It can be placed pots of flowers, people.
  • Moisture resistant, resisting chemical, thermal effects. The sun will shine on the windowsill, water will get into the bathroom or pool, and detergents will be used in the kitchen.
  • Insulating against cold.
  • Properly distributing warm streams from the radiator throughout the room.


When installing, take into account the planned final finish, try not to tightly close the radiator. The latter is left half open or special convection holes are made. The protrusions beyond the wall level should not exceed 5-6 cm, go beyond the edges of the slopes at a distance of 1 to 8 cm.

How to choose and with what to combine

The most straightforward way is to coordinate the sill material with the frame. The frame will look more complete if the window sill gets a continuation in the slopes. It is harmoniously combined with the color of furniture facades, something from the finish.

Plastic structures are easy to install, do not require special care. It is desirable that the detergent used does not contain abrasives. PVC products are characterized by the ability to imitate wood or the texture of natural stone; you can choose different thickness, size, matte or shiny surface.

Wooden window sills are close to the classics, comfortable, have good thermal insulation properties. They will last longer if they are protected by a special coating, less in contact with moisture.

The top layer of MDF and chipboard is also laminated, covered with cork or "stone".

Besides the fact that the granite window sill does not fit the plastic frames at all, it is worth buying only with a certificate, it can accumulate radiation. Marble has high strength, a wide range of colors.

When choosing a window sill material, it must be remembered that the window space exists in harmony with the general interior. Coverage should fit into the overall concept with the curtains open and closed.


Window sill style and color

White window sills most often accompany plastic windows and most are fed up with order. Although their universality can be considered almost classical. To give the product a more expensive look will help the product from MDF. The material allows you to simulate various board profiles, round the corners, add grace to the window seat.

The shape and color of the window sill is unified to make it look one with the frame and the radiator or vice versa, they are made contrasting to emphasize the concept of the apartment style. For example, a dark or even black window sill in the interior of a loft will focus on its brutality, overlap with radiators, refrigerator metal, and jumpers on the windows.

If you want to change the usual color scheme, use not only the reception of contrast. Apply one color, but different tones. The sill, frame and handles on it are different shades of the same color. The main thing is not to forget about the basic rules of the combination.

Sill Use Ideas

A distinctive feature of houses built in cold climates are thick walls and, accordingly, wide windowsills. Looking for options for design solutions for each useless corner, do not forget about the rational use of a window opening. The possibilities of the interior of any room will significantly expand if you approach the window zone design correctly.

Which rooms can be used

A large window sill is decorated according to the purpose of the room in which it is located, so that it does not look like a foreign inclusion. Owners of apartments Khrushchev, where every centimeter counts, like the idea of ​​saving space at the expense of near-window space.

In the nursery, you can not install a separate desk, and redo the window sill under the countertop, which at the same time will add to the child during the classroom natural light. From the window sill you can make a comfortable bench, on which parents will be allowed to climb with their feet and even eat ice cream there. Under it arrange shelves and boxes for storing toys. The main thing to think about security.

The hostess will not be tired of routine washing dishes or cutting salads, if the sink or kitchen countertops move to the window. In the bedroom or living room there will be a nice place to rest, if you place a branch of a library or a coffee house behind the curtains. Under the winter garden mini or a place of solitude, you can use a wide window sill of the bay window or balcony, equipping them with a podium and equipping it with sliding partitions.

A place to relax by the window: sofa-sill

A soft sofa with lots of different-sized pillows will be a favorite place to relax, if the windows start about 40-50 cm from the floor. Here you can retire with a book, cut off from the bustle of the home with thick curtains. This sofa will not be superfluous and in the kitchen near the dining table, will serve as an additional seat. In this case, its height will need to be adjusted to the height of the chairs or stools, so that the co-workers will be on the same level.

In old houses with various architectural elements in the form of a bay window, the room can be zoned. The window sill is turned into a soft sofa, a small table is set next to it, creating cozy lamps. And now almost a separate room is ready.

So that the windy winter does not create problems, the window opening with the frames must be carefully insulated, and the structures being constructed are securely fastened. In the calculations necessarily take into account the expected load.


A place for hardworking equip in the office or living room, constructing a massive tabletop made of wood or artificial stone. Such a desktop frees up expensive square meters, saving energy.

If the window sill becomes a training table, then you need to pick up to it a chair with height adjustment, because the table cover, as a rule, will be above the standard height of the traditional model. It is possible to order a chair according to individual sizes.


The table in the nursery or bedroom needs to be strengthened with additional supports, otherwise the design cannot be classified as stable. The color of the tabletop can be in harmony with the overall decor or play the role of a contrasting accent.

If the heating radiator is located in the table zone, it is better to install thermostats, since in the autumn and winter, next to him will be hot.

The depth of the worktop should not be less than 50 cm. This is the minimum width for a comfortable location of the laptop with a desk lamp.

Sill in the kitchen

For those who always do not have enough space, a kitchen worktop at the window opening is the best option. The best coating will be durable granite, marble, artificial stone that is not afraid of solar radiation. A wide table can act as a dinner, it can be used as a bar. Morning breakfast at the window with an urban view or a seascape and wake the ships, set up a working mood. For those who are used to combine morning coffee with work, the bar counter will take over the functions of the desktop.


Fans of cooking can embed the sink in the surface of the window sill, use the space close to the light as a working space, place the cooking surface and part of the kitchen unit here. If you extend the countertop, there will be more space for kitchen units, vessels for spices. You should not block the window opening, but a couple of functional items will be appropriate there.

A small window is equipped with a folding table top, then a dinner party or dinner with a family will not be problematic. The window sill, turned into a mini-garden, at any time of the year will provide greens and your favorite fragrant herbs.

If the window does not correspond to the standard dimensions of the kitchen unit, the window opening is adapted to its height so that the ergonomics of the furniture do not suffer.

The library under the window is an ideal place to read.

The window sill is a cozy place where you can have a great time reading a book or magazine. A beautiful view from the window, a cup of fragrant tea will contribute to relaxation. In the presence of a bay window, it can be equipped with built-in shelves where you can place your entire home library.

Even a small space can be decorated with the mind and at no extra cost, if you show imagination. Bookcases with a quiet reading area on the windowsill look original. The window sill can be transformed into a bench or a cozy sofa and will be a great corner for relaxation and reading. Soft padding and small pads will be useful.

Not enough storage space - there is a way out

With the help of the window sill, you can slightly unload the furniture, while increasing the volume of storage places. The window organizes a whole system of shelves and racks. In the presence of radiators, they are located on both sides of the window opening. If the heating system is moved to another zone, drawers with drawers are constructed under the window. Large window openings allow you to add to the group a variety of shelves and hidden niches.

With a lack of space in the nursery, a low window sill is used as a desk, equipped as a bed, and on the sides are set up wardrobes, capacious shelving.

For a small bedroom a good solution for storing linen and clothes, bedding will be a chest of drawers under the window sill. Above have a vase or book, turn the table top into a dressing table, behind which it will be convenient to apply makeup in the morning natural light.

Designers have come up with a lot of ideas for practical use of a window seat, many of which can be implemented with your own hands.

We set up a pet house

Sill use to create a corner for your furry pet. Here they arrange a cozy bed or a game complex.

Padded lounger do right on the windowsill. In this case, the view outside the window will serve as a TV for a cat who likes to watch what is happening on the street. If the cat's favorite place is a battery, the stove bench can be a separate place with special fixings, or it will be a stove bench on a wide window sill closer to the heater.

For a small dog, a design with steps should be attached to the bed. A kind of bed for the "pocket" dog will be a properly modified niche. For a larger animal house with a mattress is placed under the sofa by the window. Instead of doors on the facade make a slotted hole.



Mainly attention is paid to the decoration of the walls, furniture. Window openings are often hidden behind massive curtains, hide this space in draperies and pelmets. Curtains, of course, make the room more comfortable and intimate. But if you want to let the air in here, use the space more rationally, and not only filling it with pots of flowers, the creative process can capture. New materials and fresh design developments provide limitless possibilities to emphasize the status of the window sill in the updated interior.

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