London style interior

Creative owners of houses and apartments are often looking for such options for housing design, in which they can show their imagination and create an extraordinary design. Such unusual and unique solutions include the creation of the interior in the style of London. Its main advantage is the absence of a general scheme, according to which it is necessary to carry out registration. Each variation of direction has its own character and creates its own special atmosphere. The main rule for creating the chosen style is the use of thematic elements (or materials, textiles with thematic print), which at first glance will show you modern London. Therefore, with such stylization of interiors, one should be guided by the main recommendations of designers and should not be afraid to contribute personal ideas to the created design.

Style features

The main feature of the London style can be attributed to its non-standard presentation. If you change the basic colors of the gamma, choose a different decor or textile, you can make it both simpler and quite distinctive. Therefore, before the implementation of the style in the apartment, it is recommended to pay attention to the following qualities of the direction:

  • Easy styling.

Even in a room that has been finished in restrained colors, you can create a London style using themed textiles and decor.

  • Versatility.

In the hallway, such a style creates a discreet design, in the bedroom emphasizes the harmony of the situation and comfort, in the living room - highlights the London elegance of a spacious hall.

  • The possibility of implementing the "easy" and "rough" directions.

Light colors, cute decor and textiles will create a light interior, which will help household members to spend every day in the world of amazing London. When using dark tones of decoration (including gray brick on one of the walls) and a small amount of accents, you can create a discreet design that contributes to the peace and prudence of the owners.

Colors used

A rather extraordinary London style can include both neutral and bright colors. Due to this combination, it turns out to be distinguished, includes catchy accents and at the same time creates neat transitions between different parts of the room. The colors used for this line include:

  • red: it is impossible to imagine the views of London without bright buses, telephone booths, so it is the red color that will become accent in the range of the style in question;
  • gray (or a combination of black and white for wall decoration): cloudy London weather is transferred to the interior through the use of such colors;
  • white: contributes to the dilution of dark and bright colors, allows you to visually make the created design "easier";
  • blue: it is one of the colors of the British flag, therefore it can be used as inclusions (decor, textiles), additionally emphasizes the red color;
  • light brown: the permissible color that allows you to "soften" the hard red-gray gamut.


Furniture features

Choose furniture for the style of London can be on two main criteria: restraint or thematic. The first option involves the installation of light furniture in a bright themed interior. Such a combination allows not to overload the overall look, but to achieve its simple styling. At will the light furniture can be added with bright covers, sofa pillows. As for the light shelves, wardrobe and tables, they can be decorated with various themed figurines. The second way of choosing furniture is based on the search for extraordinary models that will help to stylize a room with a monotonous, low-key finish. For example, in the living room or bedroom you can install a bookcase, designed for a telephone booth. In the child's room, it is permissible to install a bed stylized as a red bus. But such bright unusual products in any room should be no more than two: otherwise, the interior will be overloaded with stylized objects.


Kitchen interier

You can decorate in the style of London any room in the house. It is quite easy to implement this style in the kitchen using one of the following schemes:

  • white trim of three walls and floor + wallpapers with views of the streets of London (with buses) + light burgundy set + modern appliances with black glossy surfaces (the refrigerator can be black or white);
  • gray walls painting + an apron with views of London (with or without buses) + red suite + gray or white flooring + red doors (stylized as a phone booth);
  • white or gray wall decoration + red-white set + kitchen apron with views of London (with red telephone booths and buses) + glass or white table + burgundy or red chairs;
  • gray wall decoration + black and red set + kitchen apron with red splashes + light gray floor + black and red or gray and red dining group.

To complement the thematic design will help the installation of lamps with a soft warm light (as in most pubs in London).


Living room design

In spacious living rooms it is appropriate to use a dark finish. So, the main colors of the walls can be brown-coffee or blue-blue. One wall can be made of brick (in dark gray or red-brown color scheme). Supplement this finish will help and dark flooring. The furniture itself should be chosen in neutral colors. White and light gray sofa, padded stools or armchairs will look good in a dark living room. The coffee table for the seating area is recommended to choose in a dark brown color. For a small hall, it is better to choose a light blue finish with one wall styling: sticker photo wallpaper with views of the old streets of the city in a light gray tint. The installation of a white sofa (with thematic sofa cushions), a small light rack with themed figurines will help to arrange such a room competently. With a bright design of the hall, it is allowed to place a rest area along a stylized wall or in the center of the room. In dark rooms it is better to have a sofa opposite the stylized wall.


London style bedroom

When decorating an adult bedroom in the style of London as the primary colors it is recommended to use a gray scale. On one of the walls for styling the room, you can stick wallpaper with a view of the entrance to the London Underground and a telephone booth. Supplement this finish will help similar to the design of bed linen and bedspread on the bed or curtains with photo printing. The rest of the textiles should have a light red or blue color scheme. For a teenage bedroom, choose a light gray or light coffee color as the base. The original design solution will be decorating one wall under the brick. In the room of a teenager guy, you can install a small bed with a veil in the form of the British flag. And also hang a few posters with views of London. For the girl’s bedroom, it is recommended to choose lighter and more discreet bed textiles - with light gray views of London and red buses. If desired, a light red or light blue sofa can be separately placed in the youth room to organize a seating area.


Children's design ideas

The use of a simplified color gamut will help to eliminate the excessive sharpness of the created design in the nursery. For example, light gray, white, light coffee, or light blue (for a girl’s bedroom — very light red) can act as the basic color scheme. Curtains in such rooms should be as simple as possible: a smooth canvas will fit the floor with a pale blue, pale red color. Installed furniture can be bright. A red bunk bed styled as a bus will look good in such a room. But in the training area it is recommended to install a light coffee or light gray desk and a bookcase (or shelves). The game zone can be complemented by a rug matched to the color of the curtains or a rug with a British flag and similar (or monochromatic) decorative pillows.

When creating a discreet design, you can install in the child's room a small wardrobe with a thematic photo printing.


The role of textiles in the design of rooms

Since textiles in a London-style room can be a key element, special attention should be paid to its choice. If a discreet color scheme is used indoors, then it is the curtains and bedspreads with photo printing that will help to carry out a competent styling. For example, it can be long curtains with printing in the form of the streets of London, Big Ben, bright red buses. A flag cover on a bed or sofa will also be an appropriate accent of the overall interior. If desired, you can choose a neutral bedspread for the sleeping bed and put on several themed sofa cushions (with British flags, Big Ben, buses). If the room has colorful pictures on the wallpaper, then the best solution would be the choice of monochromatic textiles in light gray, light red or light blue gamut.


Accessories and decor

To make the throwing style appropriate not only for the decoration, but also for the decor itself, it is recommended to use the minimum number of elements as a decor. The following items will complement the interior well:

  • map of london;
  • retro posters (with Big Ben, English buses, telephone booths);
  • wall clock with a British flag (they should be placed on a monochromatic light wall);
  • figurines (thematic items will do: miniature Big Ben, bus).

Bright posters, cards or clocks are recommended to be used for styling rooms that are dominated by discreet colors. For the interior with a bright finish you should choose small thematic figurines. Also relevant in any of the design options described would be living plants in light gray, light brown pots.



It is quite simple to carry out such stylization of rooms in the house at which a non-standard direction will be created, using the recommendations of designers. Therefore, choosing the style of London, you must first determine the basic requirements for the finished interior. At the request of the owners can make youth design light or prefer a dark and mysterious design. Furniture, decor and textiles should be selected according to the general appearance of the room: for a bright themed decoration we need neutral decorations and furniture. But for one-color premises, styling will be carried out precisely due to non-standard decor and textiles. Given these rules of styling, homeowners can create an original interior without much difficulty. At the same time, London can be realized in any rooms and parts of an apartment.

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