Yellow kitchens: real interiors

Breakfast in the yellow kitchen not only improves your mood, but also charges you with positive energy for the whole day. But not everyone will dare to create such a bright interior, fearing that it will be oppressive and annoying. If you properly balance the shades, such a kitchen will become the best remedy for seasonal depression, brighten up any gloomy weather. Energetic, cheerful color perfectly fills the lack of sunlight, fills the room with comfort, gives a feeling of warmth.

About color - psychology and perception

Many people associate yellow with gold, prosperity, autumn, optimism. Even small inclusions, for example, curtains, a corner, a decor, strengthen brain activity, increase ability to logical thinking. In such a room it is easy to concentrate on any process. Being in the yellow kitchen, you do not have to think for a long time what to cook, going through the usual recipes. Original ideas will come to your own mind. Yellow makes the brain work, converts energy into action.

Kitchen interior can be created on pure shades or with companion colors. But it is worth considering that bright yellow in large quantities will not allow you to relax, so it is important to have a competent placement of color accents. It also increases appetite. For people struggling with overweight, it is better to minimize its amount when making a dining room.

Radiant color expands the space and brings small objects. It is great for kitchens of private houses, located on the first floor. Fills the lack of sunlight, which prevent the penetration of the canopy of trees.

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen design in yellow color

To achieve the maximum positive effect of yellow in the kitchen, you should use it in the correct proportions. When repairing, many factors are taken into account. One of the most important is the size of the room. In a large room, you can safely experiment, make transitions to any shades, when a miniature dining room requires increased attention, especially to dark tones, narrowing the space. Yellow design has the following advantages:

  • It is positively perceived, brings bright notes;
  • Improves appetite, increases immune properties;
  • Transforms the features of the room;
  • It has universal application. It can be used for decoration of walls, ceiling, furniture fronts, textiles, decor;
  • Differs practicality. On yellow there are no stains, grease spots, dust.

In addition to the advantages, sun shades have disadvantages. Rich yellow will be out of place in rooms with large windows on the south side. In such a room will be felt the heat and unbearable heat. Excess color presses on the psyche, the image can quickly get bored.

Shades of yellow

The most favorable content of yellow in the interior is 30%. The rest should be made in his shades and other colors. Screaming design will please only the first time and quickly get bored. It is better to balance it with a neutral scale.

Bright bumblebee, pineapple, oil color can not be used for the background in the kitchen. It is better if they are present on the lockers, curtains, ottomans, in the form of decor. Sometimes one element is enough to transform and lighten the room.

To highlight specific large areas, for example, tabletops, apron, cold shades (lemon, corn) will do. Mustard, Dijon, Tuscan sun is better to use for wall decoration.

Monochrome interiors are gaining popularity. To participate in one ensemble can be many shades of yellow - from translucent to orange. The stylish design will turn out at a combination of contrasts. A set of natural light wood will look good on a golden, sandy, fiery background. Facades, curtains blond will complement favorably apron from canary-colored tiles or floor medallion.


Suitable styles for color

Shades of yellow are a huge amount. Designers have bright, discreet, respectable, original colors. Such a variety allows you to create the most unimaginable interiors. Radiant shades are perfect for kitchen design in the following styles:

  • Classical. Appropriate soft, muted shades - curry, ocher, mustard. Most often, the kitchen is made in this style, using unobtrusive options. They will never be bored and will not cause emotional rejection. Well combined with natural wooden surfaces.
  • Loft. Terracotta brickwork will fill the cold industrial interior with warmth and comfort. Blinds, Roman shades of yellow tones will add light to the room.
  • Provence. Light, sandy shades reminiscent of the southern sun are suitable. They are in perfect harmony with natural woods. You can use textiles dandelion, immature yellow.
  • Scandinavian. Minimal use of tones is allowed. Dilute the usual white can of rapeseed-yellow box to embed the refrigerator. The studio apartment welcomes the allocation of zones - a carrot bar counter, a saffron dining group in the living room.
  • Modern. Pure colors without gray, green, blue impurities will do. They will decorate any strict minimalism outlines. A few expressive accents are enough to not overshadow the restraint of design. Beneficial combinations with any achromatic color.

Where and how to apply yellow

You can create a yellow kitchen in any style using a variety of materials. It can be a tree with a natural pattern. If the brightness is not enough, enhance the effect of varnish or paint. Plastic surfaces have a long service life and are easy to clean. They can be decorated in any way and color. With the help of yellow, you can change the visual perception of the kitchen, if you focus on the desired element. Solar shades are used to highlight large areas or as an unobtrusive addition to the decor.


Kitchen set

You can make the entire kitchen set yellow completely or trim some areas - bottom, top, individual modules. For a solid design it is better to use muted tones. To furniture was not perceived sugary, you should act carefully. First you need to decide on a shade. If the main tone will set the headset, you should think about what type to choose it. The following materials can be used to create a bright image with facades and enclosures:

  • Plastic. If you need to increase the brightness, you should choose a glossy surface. Matte is able, on the contrary, to suppress such an effect. Headsets can be made monochrome, evenly distributing colors over the entire surface. Based on the general style, you can use an aged surface, photo printing, an ornament of any complexity.
  • Natural wood. Use timber or furniture panels of various breeds. The color effect depends on the type of wood. Also, there are combined facades with glass inserts.
  • MDF painted plate. Popular, affordable material for budget headsets. Taking into account the general style of the room, the MDF facade can be painted yellow in a standard way, having a varnished, glossy, gold, craquelure surface.
  • Film. The material is presented in a large assortment. You can pick up any shade of yellow. Self-bonding has the ability to imitate any texture.

Wall and / or floor decoration in yellow

For the decoration of all the walls in the kitchen bright shades are best not to use. Excessive presence of yellow will bore and quickly get bored. Vertical surfaces can be painted in sand or pasted over with mustard non-woven wallpaper. When choosing beauty for an accent wall, you should take into account the peculiarities of furniture and other large interior elements. Against such a background, a pistachio, brown set, white kitchen table, and black decorative elements will look good.

Excellent design reception - a combined finish. The lower part of the open wall can be made yellowish, and the top can be lightened with white plaster or wallpaper. Also, a bright surface can be diluted with a green, blue apron, gray-green table top.

The shade of the floor covering should be selected based on the size of the kitchen. For spacious rooms will suit any color and material, miniature dining rooms accept only bright surfaces. If the yellow floor is too bold decision, you can reduce its brightness with the help of usual coatings that are in harmony with the overall style. It can be linoleum, parquet, laminate of natural light, dark shades.

Painting walls in a bright color, you should adhere to an important rule - the larger the area of ​​the room, the less saturated should be the shade.



A bright, sunny apron made of glass or ceramics is a good animating element in the kitchen. Before choosing a material, it is necessary to consider the finishing of walls, floors, facades. All coatings must be appropriately combined. Also, do not forget about the main function of the panels - they must reliably protect the walls from damage.

In drawing up the design, you should follow the rule of three colors, only two of which can be bright. A yellow apron would be appropriate if the walls and floor are painted white, light brown, gray. It can be combined with radiant amber curtains, table and chairs. In a rustic-style kitchen, an apron can be made from natural wood and covered with varnish. The brickwork will be suitable for the Scandinavian direction, minimalism and loft design. Bright plastic with a glossy finish will perfectly fit into modern and high-tech.


Textiles and decorative elements

With the help of textile elements, it is possible to emphasize the status of the room, successfully place accents. Curtains of yellow shades fill the room with warmth and comfort. Such a frame would be the best solution for windows facing the north. Curtains can be left as a single solar detail in the kitchen or combined with a worktop, apron, floor covering.

You can simulate the visual perception of space with the help of shades of window textile and features of the placement of the picture. The type of canvas and model of the product must match the style of the interior. Many designers prefer to do bright accents with the help of pillows for chairs and napkins. This technique looks particularly well in the Provence kitchen, against a background of purple, pink wallpaper.

You can fill the kitchen with spring mood with the help of various accessories. Multi-colored dishes on the open shelves, bright household appliances, an original oil-colored chandelier will create an easy atmosphere of joy and happiness. You can complement the picture with floral, citrus flavors by placing a bouquet of yellow jasmine or a plate of citrus on the dining table.

Yellow furniture

When choosing furniture for the kitchen must take into account the existing solar components. If the walls, floor, apron are yellow, the table and chairs should be made cream, peach or sandy. If you already have bright yellow accents, you can add them with furniture to match. It is worth considering the location of the dining area. Placed in the center of the table will in any case attract attention, regardless of color. The cabinets, a sofa against the wall with amber upholstery will help to look away.

Radiant furniture contrasts interestingly with the gray, blue surfaces, black facade of the headset. Green and yellow table set looks beautiful on the background of natural wood or flooring with such imitation. Light brown table, chairs neutralize the rich look of bright bases. Soft corner designs can be selected in the color of curtains and other textile present.


Lighting "solar" kitchen

In any interior lighting plays a huge role. But for the yellow kitchen the right light is especially important. Regardless of the size of the windows and the area of ​​the room, lighting should be several. For the working area using spotlights mounted in hanging cabinets. The dining area is lightened with a sconce lamp or a floor lamp. A large ceiling chandelier would be appropriate in a spacious room. It can be of any shape. Unusual design will emphasize the originality of the overall style.

Emphasis on the chandelier is necessary if the walls, furniture, sets are decorated in pale colors. In this case, the color chosen in the tone of curtains, flooring, table tops. Stylish look ceiling lamp and floor accessories of the same color and design.


Different color combinations

Yellow kitchen can not be framed monotonously. To create a comfortable atmosphere, you will need at least 2 primary colors and their shades. Furniture, wall decoration, decor should be in harmony with each other, be combined in color and stylistic orientation. Each person associates the kitchen with comfort, warmth of the home. Yellow is ideal for enhancing such sensations. With proper balance of tones in the right proportions, you can get a unique, eye-catching interior.

With green

Yellow-green combination looks natural and fresh. It is possible to supplement saturated tones only with pastel colors. If they are muted tones, a bright accent will make the blue furniture, golden chandelier. To make the room look more natural, you can decorate it with clay pots with fresh flowers.

The use of bright green and yellow in equal proportions is not recommended. One of them can be made basic, and the other can be used for placing accents. Depending on the style, you can use monochrome, neutral transitions with related shades. The dining room will look beautiful and stylish if you use gray, brown, white as a supplement.

With white

Bright yellow in combination with classic white makes the interior stylish and interesting. Light dairy, cream tones balance amber and lemon, thanks to what the kitchen finds harmony. Such an ensemble can be successfully diluted with a dark color. This may be blue floor tiles, orange chandelier and other options. The universal combination will find a place in any style.

It is better to create combinations of white with saturated shades, up to brown. Bright palette will look dull and boring. Beautifully looks apron of tiles, lined with different colors in the technique of alternation. The facade of the headset can also be arranged in a checkerboard pattern. White top, yellow bottom - a win-win for any style. In this way, you can separate the hanging cabinets and modules under the table top, the ceiling and floor covering, the chandelier and the furniture.


With black

The most powerful and profitable combination. But it is necessary to choose accent details with special care so as not to overload the space. Most often, these colors are found in a minimalist design, but with the right approach, they fit freely into any style. To create a warm interior will require a significant predominance of yellow. It is better if these are the main surfaces of a sandy, creamy shade. Dark colors are suitable for finishing the floor and countertops.

You can dilute the black and yellow gamut with your nearest neighbors - gray, beige. The main thing is to maintain the predominance of radiant color. The remaining tones should be given the role of additional.


With gray

The combination of bright yellow and deep gray looks favorably in a vertical version. It can be striped curtains, paint strokes on the wall from floor to ceiling. Also, both colors can be used in the design of furniture, kitchen. Gray floor tiles and tabletops made of natural stone look aristocratic against the background of a golden apron.

The main color in the interior of the kitchen can be any of the proposed. Gray tones are suitable for loft style, high-tech. It may be aged concrete wall, brickwork, flooring, ceiling. To impart individuality, a few carrot shades above the dining table, a cozy lemon rug, a bright living flower in a floor sand vase will suffice.

In a restrained fun tandem, the main may be yellow. This option is suitable for small kitchens. There will be enough bright kitchen set to expand the space and revive the dull gray interior.

Dark gray tones for the ceiling is better not to use. Even against the background of lemon walls, it will create the illusion of pressure and visually appear lower.


With blue and blue

Combining sand with blue, you can create a stunning beach interior. A plank floor made of natural wood, themed tile or linoleum will create an interesting illusion of the sandy coast, and the blue wallpaper on the walls will symbolize the sea and the clear sky. Complete the image of a wide orange chandelier - the sun.

For spacious kitchens fit deep blue. For its dilution it is better to use the union of several light colors led by a banana, bearna. Natural shades perfectly harmonize with brown, orange, beige.


With brown and beige

The colors are close to each other, while the beige and brown shades are neutral. As the dominant background will look good brown, from which the kitchen will become even more charming. Depending on the combination chosen, you can arrange the kitchen room in different ways.

Мебель и встроенная техника может иметь коричневый фасад, стены окрашены в бежевый, шторы на окнах оформлены желтым. Also it will look good tulle, apron, trimmed with a mosaic with a simple pattern, yellow tabletop. Upholstery wooden chairs and tablecloths are best done in beige and yellow.

The furniture made of valuable breed of tropical wood of wenge against the background of yellow walls looks elegant and very expensive. Using beige on accessories, decorative elements, you can slightly dilute the luxurious look.

With pink and purple

These shades are the best fit to the golden scale. To make the interior of the kitchen look natural and at ease, one should observe certain norms and not overdo it with contrast. It is better to choose lighter pastel colors.

Yellow kitchen set against the background of light-purple walls will look original and intricate. To this you can add a pink apron and white and pink curtains. In the yellow kitchen, small textile elements with different shades of purple, for example, tulle, tablecloth, napkins and towels, look unusual.

The ceiling with this design is better painted white. The flooring can imitate natural wood or natural stone yellow. If the window has blinds, roller blinds, then the background for them is better to choose from the least used shade among the palette in question.


The situation in the kitchen should always be as comfortable as possible, because a considerable part of the life of any person passes there. Yellow interior can be considered one of the most suitable for such a room. Warm shades are practical, able to transform even the most boring situation. Unobtrusive cool colors will make it more harmonious and balanced.

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