Design of curtains for two windows: examples and ideas

Not only owners of private houses, but also residents of standard apartments can afford to make an interesting layout. Often, doors are replaced with arches, remove corners, add light by increasing the number of windows. The last option is quite time consuming and costly. Before implementation it is necessary to give it not only a practical assessment, but also an aesthetic one. One of the highlights that should be considered - the curtains for two windows. The type of cloth, the design of baguettes will depend on the area of ​​the room, interior design.

Basic rules for the selection and design of the window curtains

Two-windowed rooms are very common. Glazing can be horizontal - through a small partition, angular, opposite. The size of the room does not affect the location. Textiles play an important role in creating the interior. Properly selected curtains make it cozy, emphasize the dignity of the finish, hide the flaws. The key element of decoration should be properly selected, taking into account the needs of residents, the individual characteristics of the windows.

First you need to decide on the texture of the curtains. Depending on the design and purpose of the room, light or heavy curtains are chosen. Textiles can fall down in organized folds or lie flat on the floor. To raise the ceiling and expand the space, the cornice is nailed as close as possible to the ceiling surface. If you want to make large windows less noticeable, you need to choose curtains to match the finish of the adjacent walls.

Window decoration should be only an addition to the other elements of the room (furniture, floor, ceiling, walls). Emphasis on glazing is not recommended. The length of the curtain is a matter of taste. Curtains in the floor create a vertical view, shorter - more practical, often used for small windows Khrushchev.

It is necessary to choose curtains based on the purpose of the room. For bedrooms fit thick curtains to the floor. Kitchen windows draw short tulle to the window sill. In the nursery, the living room are often bright options (3D curtains, pelmets). When buying finished products, you need to choose the longest, because shortening them is much easier than lengthening.

Advantages and disadvantages of two windows in the room

Two windows in one room is a stylish solution, where you can make profitable accents. There will always be a lot of light in the room. The main task when filling with furniture is not to lose this dignity in a dull style. The following factors support the beneficial use of two windows:

  • A huge stream of natural light. The sun penetrates the room constantly throughout the daylight hours. It creates a feeling of lightness and freedom.
  • Small rooms with adjacent glazing look more spacious. Gloss in the finish, mirrors will further enhance this feeling.
  • The possibility of zoning. Each window can be decorated in a separate style. This advantage is especially beneficial for studio apartments.
  • Several wide rectangular windows allow you to enjoy a stunning panoramic view.
  • The original design allows you to equip a room in any style.

A significant drawback of 2-3 windows in one room is the complexity of the location of massive furniture. It will not be possible to move a large wardrobe or sofa to the wall. Unaesthetic street view will have to be masked with thick curtains or other window decorations. Frames and glass will have to be further warmed to avoid large heat loss for one room in the winter. There may also be difficulties in decorating the walls. Most materials need to be customized to fit.

Window shape

In apartments or private houses, rooms with several windows can have non-standard openings. For their development, there are many interesting ideas. The main thing is that they correspond to the appearance of the building. The color of the frame can be any. Modern interiors have long been tied to the classic view - they move away from white to beige, blue, brown and other interesting shades. This complicates the selection of curtains and types of eaves. The shape of the openings can be the following types:

  1. Large. Light curtains will fit well. They should not be made of solid web, so as not to restrict access to individual sections. Curtains should be two. They successfully hide, mask the window on the sides. A large picture also leads to a visual reduction of the window space.
  2. Little ones. Miniature windows will decorate light curtains with tulle and pelmet. Curtain to the floor will lengthen the opening, and the decor on the ceiling will make it visually wider.
  3. In the floor. Apertures can be panoramic or narrow with dividing partitions. For large floor windows, curtains are chosen exactly in size, they should not be gathered into folds. The color of the material should be light.
  4. Narrow. Several windows in a row on one wall can be combined into one picture. Under the ceiling, hang a solid cornice with a common curtain. This design does not hurt, even if in the middle will be access to the "French balcony". A great solution to expanding the opening is to hang a cornice that extends beyond the window.
  5. Wide. Harmoniously enter such an opening into the interior by using thick curtains to match the walls. Going to the neighboring surfaces, they will create the effect of their continuation.

Features of window design, depending on their location

For decorating two windows, you can use any type of curtains. The main thing is to follow a few basic rules in order to provide such an element with a harmonious infusion into the overall picture of the interior. Any window is a noticeable architectural detail. If there are two of them, it is important to respect the identity during the design. This applies not only to the type of fabric, but also to the height, length of baguettes. An exception may be openings decorated to zoning a large hall.

Windows with a pier

The most common installation option. Windows on the same wall should be equally decorated. Asymmetry is allowed in spacious rooms when the openings are at a decent distance from each other. When choosing curtains also need to consider the size of the pier. If its width does not exceed 1 meter, there must be a baguette and a separate curtain over each window.

With a close arrangement of the windows, you can make one eaves and come up with a common original design. It can be wide tulle on two glass or two curtains, decorated with curtains at the edges of each window. It is original to allocate a pier by using beautiful paintings, panels, hanging pots with fresh flowers. Two windows will look like a solid composition.

A win-win for windows with a wall - Japanese curtains. They look easy, do not overload the wall and the overall interior, have high functionality.

Two corner windows

Any textile decor should not completely hide the original design. In the case of corner windows, curtains act as a supplement. You can arrange the design of one big curtain. Eaves do rectangular or arc-shaped. They hang the main light fabric, which does not move away, so it should be translucent. Its main function is to hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes, to create a cozy atmosphere.

Curtains for tight closing feature on the sides. They create an interesting frame effect. Moving towards each other, completely close the opening. The use of lambrequins and other decorations in the upper part of the window will be inappropriate.

Separate curtains for the corner window should be in the same style, but may differ in color. The length is chosen at the discretion of the owner, more often the curtains fall just below the window. It can be classic textiles or modern blinds, roller, roman blinds.

Windows on one wall without a pier

An identical design would be appropriate. Beautifully look two separate curtains or a combined composition, decorated with a solid lambrequin. You can create the impression of a single window with one tulle. You can also use solid curtain fabric on one ledge.

If it is necessary to designate the openings as two independent architectural elements, they use asymmetric design according to the principle of identity. A great option - Japanese curtains. You can choose the same in style, but different in color products.

For the visual separation of the merged windows, you can use tall indoor plants, a floor mirror installed in the middle of two openings.

Windows in the room with zoning

Space demarcation is relevant for rooms of any size. Successful reception - zoning with window decorations. To do this, the openings must be on opposite walls of the room. The areas around them have their own surface finish and special furniture. Window textiles must also be different and in harmony with the area.

If it is necessary to designate the edges of the space in a small room, it is better to choose light curtains. Gray and pale yellow canvases on opposite windows look beautiful. For corner windows fit monochrome colors.

Stylistic and color design

The design of the room is affected by the design of the room, the interior features. For example, bulky baroque curtains are appropriate in the living room, but in the kitchen, in the hallway they will look defiant. The classic is suitable for any room. Use light curtains and thick straight curtains. Only identical design. Diverse textiles will look ridiculous. The exceptions are the windows in the room, divided into zones.

Living rooms, Japanese-style bedrooms, high-tech can be decorated with products of different shades and designs. In the modern style using roller blinds, plastic panels, blinds made of paper, metal, bamboo.

When you design two windows in the same room, it is important to choose the right color scheme. If the openings should be as far as possible, choose cold shades. The warm gamut makes the pier unobtrusive. White tulle on the corner, adjacent windows complement the bright colors, patterns. Choosing the color of curtains, it is necessary to take into account the likelihood of distortion of the shade with intense sunlight.

Design examples in different rooms

Decorating window openings in different rooms, you should build on their specifics. For example, in the bedroom curtains are required to protect from light, create a cozy atmosphere. When decorating the kitchen pay attention to its size, the distance of the curtains from the stove. In order to competently and beautifully make the arrangement of the room, you should follow a number of simple rules: take into account the overall interior design, color direction, the distance between the windows, their size and proportion.

Kitchen-living room

The main difficulty in choosing curtains for a combined room is that the kitchen and the hall are made out differently, each room has its own standards. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the kitchen area is characterized by high humidity, constant temperature changes. These conditions have a negative effect on the fabric, so the curtains must meet the requirements specifically for the kitchen.

The first thing to consider is the distance of one of the windows from the stove. If the gas or electric stove is located close, preference is given to short curtains, sometimes supplemented by lambrequins. If the pier is small, then both window openings are arranged in the same way. Long curtains do not fit for the reason that they absorb odors, soot and grease settles on them.

Large combined rooms with a good exhaust can be decorated according to all living room standards. You can install a multi-level cornice, hang beautiful curtains with multi-layer draping, add lambrequins to the top, use one common curtain. If a holistic design is not provided, it is necessary to zoning the room, each opening can be decorated with different types of textiles.

Living room

Despite the location options, the two windows in the living room will take up a lot of space. This will create certain difficulties, the furniture will be difficult to arrange. Such problems are easy to solve if you competently use the next zone. Low window sills are successfully converted into cozy sofas, high can become original tables. The wide walls between linear, angular windows can be used for shelves, live plants in large pots.

The interior of an overly bright room is better decorated with some pomp and weighting accessories. Perfect styles that are rich in textile elements: baroque, oriental, traditional classicism. Panoramic windows with minimal piers of three or more windows are simply created for the loft.


Two windows in the bedroom represent a great opportunity for decoration. If these are corner openings, they can be combined with a common cornice, organizing a green area with fresh flowers next to it. It is also appropriate to put a chair and stand in this corner. Skylights always look original. Under them you can position the sofa to admire the night sky in the dark. For this option should provide thick, functional curtains. Given the sloping location, daylight will fill the room throughout the daylight hours.

Small windows on one wall can be decorated with beautiful lighting. LEDs will play the role of a night light. In the spacious bedrooms with several openings, French curtains look great on several eaves, they need to be furnished with furniture in harmony in style.


Two windows in the kitchen - the best option from all the rooms of the house or apartment. This layout does not cause problems with the arrangement of furniture. The tabletop is often determined under the windows along the wall, this allows you to illuminate it with the maximum amount of light. Hanging cabinets hang on empty seats or above the dining table.

If the windows are located on opposite walls, the area under one of them must be taken up with a sink. When washing the plates you can easily consider inconspicuous dirt. Curtains in the kitchen with several openings should be required. Should choose from practical options, suitable roll, blinds.


Two windows located in the same room are found not only in many private, country houses, but also in ordinary apartments. The openings differ in shape and size, can be placed along one wall, there are corner options. Such designs look solid, but require a special approach when making. From the correct choice of curtains depends on the perception of the interior space. Curtains allow you to emphasize all the advantages of these window systems.


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