Curtains from organza: types, color, design, drawings, combination, fastening to the eaves, decor

Transparent organza curtains are especially in demand, as they are in harmony with any style - from classic to modern, gently scatter daylight and fill the room with comfort.

Organza is a light and airy fabric, which is made using a special technology of twisting fibers. Thanks to this method of fabrication, organza curtains are practical and aesthetic at the same time.

Advantages and disadvantages of organza

Organza consists of natural or synthetic fibers, is weightless and durable, transmits and disperses the sun's rays, is easy to maintain.



Unlimited choice of colors and textures.

Versatility - can be combined with any material.

The high level of strength due to the special technique of twisting threads in the manufacture of cloth.

Resistance to fading in the sun.

Sveto-and air permeability.

Practicality - easy to wash and iron.

Sufficiently rigid texture of the fabric is not always amenable to complex drapery.

Types of curtains

Today, designers are widely using various styles to decorate windows. At the request of textiles on the window can be as a soft and organic addition to the overall concept of the interior, and a luxurious color or textured accent of the room.


In modern interiors, curtains are most often called curtains that are sewn from light and delicate fabrics - organza, tulle and veil. It can also be thick plain curtains of smooth materials with smooth weaving.

Fabrics made from natural fibers of a patterned, checkered or cellular structure that are well breathable may be an ideal option for curtains.

In the photo there is a living room in a modern style with translucent organza curtains.


Double called curtains, fabrics which are combined one on top of another. In the decoration of this type of curtains often use pelmets and a combination of two translucent curtains. Multi-layer translucent organza curtains decorate and visually enlarge a small window.


Such curtains are made of a smooth cloth fabric, which is divided into equal sections. Each horizontal section is fixed with a stitched, durable and lightweight rod. To raise the curtain, you need to pull the cord, which is attached from the wrong side. With their help, you can dim bright daylight. And in order not to create a dark atmosphere, it is worth using translucent fabrics, for example, organza.


This type of curtain is often called "marquise". French curtains consist of sections, which are formed by semicircular folds, evenly distributed throughout the canvas. The marquise made from silk organza or tulle is perfectly combined with lambrequins and curtains.


The Austrian curtain is distinguished by volume festoons at the bottom of the canvas. At the top of the curtain drape manually or using a curtain tape. These curtains are sewn from translucent fabrics. Depending on the goals, it is practical to use them in the kitchen to create the effect of lightness and to make a practical short length to the window sill. In the living room or bedroom, paired with heavy curtains, Austrian curtains will add a touch of luxury to the room's interior.

With photo printing

This type of curtain involves the selection of any photographic image, such as urban or natural landscape, with further application to the canvas.

Organza Varieties

Fashion trends involve the use of new types of organza when decorating windows. Created with the help of innovative technologies for weaving threads, these types of fabrics give the effect of additional dispersion of sunlight, the play of color and the play of colors under artificial light.

  • Crash. This type of organza is also called the “broken glass effect”. The texture of the fabric is uneven, as if cracked.
  • Tattered. Or tergalet. The pattern on the fabric looks like crash and also has a embossed “crumpled” texture.
  • Devore. In this organza dense and transparent parts of a cloth alternate. In production, this effect is achieved by etching the fabric with specially selected reagents.
  • Rain Small dense threads imitating a rain pattern are woven into the organza canvas.
  • Chameleon. This type of fabric has iridescent texture and silky shine.


When choosing the parameters of the future curtain composition, in particular the length of the canvas, designers take into account:

  • the height of the room;
  • color of walls and furniture;
  • the functionality of the room - living room, kitchen or bedroom.


Curtains floor-length or softly draping on the floor will never go out of fashion. If the room is located on the south or south-east side, then long dense curtains will be suitable for protection from light. For those who love bright light curtains fit light and bright organza.

In the photo are long curtains of translucent brown organza in combination with thick curtains.


Curtains up to the window sill can be used indoors, as with a practical purpose - in the kitchen and in the nursery, to avoid frequent pollution. The same with aesthetic - in the design of a room with a modern style, the window frame is often decorated with short Roman curtains of dense texture. If the interior needs more light and lightness, then they are combined with floor-length air curtains.

Color spectrum

The color scale is the combination of colors and their shades, which are in harmony with each other, which means they can be combined in decor and textiles during interior design.

The selection of the right colors for interior design is an important task, since different shades have the ability to influence mood and physical condition: some tones excite the nervous system, while others, on the contrary, calm it.


This color is an excellent base for other more saturated and bright colors. In addition, the palette of beige in dairy, cappuccino, ecru and caramel shades allow using it in a monochrome design. Designers use this method to achieve the effect of calm and softness in the interior.


White organza curtains have the ability to visually enlarge the space. White color causes positive images: the white dove is a symbol of peace and friendship. There are more than 10 shades of white in both cold and warm colors, for example, platinum and milky tones. The choice of the correct tone will allow you to harmoniously combine tulle with the other elements of the curtain composition.

The photo shows a dining room in a classic style with the decor on the windows in the form of white translucent organza curtains.


The spectrum of green shades favorably affects the state of health and mood, as it is associated with wildlife. At the same time, you can choose pacifying warm and pastel - for the bedroom or invigorating cold and bright - for the living room.

The black

Designers often use this achromatic shade in the interior as a stylistic accent. For example, black organza curtains are a strict and effective element in the interior of a room with light walls, high ceilings and modern-style furniture.


So called in the spectrum shade of blue. He has a direct association with a clear sky and a dream. Using this color in the window decoration helps to achieve the effect of lightness and harmony.


This is a non-primary tint. There are over 100 shades of brown. Designers very often combine this color with beige tones.


An easy-to-read color that comes from mixing red and white tones. Delicate shades of pink appropriate to use in the decoration of children's and bedrooms.


In the spectrum of colors, yellow is between orange and green, so it combines well with these colors. And it can also be used independently - as a base color (at low saturation) and as an emphasis on the window - in a bright version.


This color has a powerful stimulating effect on mood, so its use in the interior should be dosed and thought out.


The style of the interior is a complex of distinctive properties inherent in different areas in the decoration, furnishing and decoration of rooms.


French provincial style refers to the southern and light directions. In the interior, the use of this style creates a relaxed atmosphere of a country house.


The name of this style is derived from the word minimus - the smallest. It accurately reflects its concept in the interior and decor - conciseness, simplicity and accuracy.

The photo shows the interior in the style of minimalism with monochrome decor on the windows of gray organza.


In the interior of the classic - is the creation of exemplary and typical images. Namely, the adjustment of proportions, baroque or empire furniture design and decoration. In textile design - it's intricate patterns, lush draperies and expensive fabrics. The decor uses beads, lace, curls, embroidery and gold.


When creating a modern style indoors, designers use fashion trends and experiment with trim, color and textures.

Curtain Design

Create a harmonious and unique decor for the window - a difficult creative challenge for the designer. It requires professionalism, accuracy of calculations and great creative potential. When designing the curtains, it is necessary to take into account all the details, namely: the area and illumination of the room, the size and shape of the windows, the color design of the walls and the style of the furniture.

  • Rainbow. This design is especially suitable for children's rooms.
  • Asymmetrical. Create a play of light and shadow, can be the original accent in the room.
  • Gradient. Fashionable design with color transition from delicate to rich shade is used in interiors with modern style.
  • With embroidery. The luxurious appearance of this decor is suitable for interiors in a classic style.
  • With gold. Design using gold and silver ornaments gives the room a rich and elegant look.
  • With threads sagging. A versatile and fashionable combination of organza with strands of sagging is suitable for creating a bright accent in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Strands of thread can be matched to the tone of tulle or contrasting colors can be combined.


Curtains with design in the form of drawings - a fashionable trend in the design of windows. Particularly interesting are the curtains and wallpaper with the same pattern. A wide range of styles from romantic colors to strict graphic forms will help to realize any creative request.

Geometry (strip, cell)

Striped design harmoniously looks in the interiors with modern style.

In the photo on the left, the kitchen is decorated with bright organza curtains with a striped design.


Among the most popular floral designs for curtains are bright red poppies, sunny daisies, exquisite lilies and laconic sakura. In addition, the design of curtains with large flowers looks spectacular, especially in spacious rooms.


A harmonious completion of the interior in eco-style are the curtains with a pattern in the form of a tree. They create a unique character for the room.


Drawing with butterflies on the curtains is always relevant. It is often used by designers in the design of rooms for girls.

In the photo on the left is a girl’s bedroom with windows decorated with white translucent curtains with a pattern in the shape of butterflies.


In the Middle Ages, under the monogram understood the writing of initials with a beautiful interweaving of lines. Today, this pattern is used to create decoration in the form of a complex pattern on a curtain canvas.

Photos in the interior of rooms and premises

The use of organza in various designs is unlimited and provides an opportunity to create window decoration in both classical and modern styles.

Hall or lounge

The effect of infinity in the living room creates white organza tulle. And the curtains will additionally decorate the drawing, for example, a rhombus or an oval.


Organza kitchen curtains visually expand the space of the room, and create a feeling of airiness.

The photo shows a spacious kitchen with laconic organza curtains of gray color.


A soft diffusion of light and a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom is achieved with the help of a translucent organza texture.

Children's room

A calming and harmonious mood created in the nursery with the help of pastel shades and drapes from light organza.


Textile decor in the gazebo is aesthetically sound. Organza airy sheets zone space and gently diffuse sunlight.


For the bathroom will suit any color of organza in harmony with the style.

The photo has a classic-style bathroom with white organza curtains.

Combining organza curtains

Organza perfectly harmonizes with almost all types of fabrics and textures. Correctly selected palette of three or four shades will favorably emphasize the dignity of the interior.

With cotton curtains

Yarn curtains are perfectly combined with organza. Especially advantageous kisie looks on the color contrast.

In the photo, the design of the bedroom with the original zoning of mustache and organza, contrasting in tone.

With lambrequins

Lambrequin is a short horizontal drapery invented by the French, which is located at the top of the curtain, window or door opening. This decorative element gives the textile composition completeness.

With drapes

Practically necessary to protect against bright day or street lighting, concise porters are often combined with light and elegant organza.

In the photo there is a living room with thick dark curtains and translucent organza tulle.

The combination of multiple colors (two or more)

Original and bold design will be with two-color or multi-colored fabric for curtains.

Decorating curtains

Curtain decoration is a whole range of ways to improve their aesthetic qualities.

  • Lambrequins. The use of lambrequins in the decoration of the window gives nobility and solemnity to the whole room.
  • Hooks. Creating soft folds, giving dynamics or soft curtain composition is possible thanks to pickups.
  • Puffs. Pompous and luxurious look at the surround decor in the form of puff at the top of the curtains.

Mounting options on the eaves

There are wall and ceiling mounting cornices. When wall mounted, the eaves can be a special element of the decor - with twisted tips, floral ornament or monograms.

  • Eyelets. A metal or plastic sleeve, which is installed in the fabric, strengthens the edges of the holes. A simple and stylish mounting method suitable for interiors in a modern style.
  • Hinges This mounting option creates a relaxed and trendy window design.
  • Rings. The traditional version of fastening curtains to the eaves with the help of rings acquires a new sound in combination with fashionable textures and drapery.

Recommendations for care and cleaning

Organza is easy to clean and easy to wash, but there are a few rules for the fabric to retain its appearance for a long time.

How to wash?

First of all, you need to know on which mode to wash, which detergents to choose and how to bleach.

  1. The temperature regime for washing organza should be no higher than 30 degrees. The use of hot water is excluded as the fabric is deformed.
  2. For hand washing, the fabric must be soaked, and after rinsing, not wringing.
  3. The number of revolutions should also be minimal and be a maximum of 500 per minute.
  4. When bleaching it is necessary to choose the sparing bleaching means, without the content of chlorine.

How to stroke?

In order not to damage the fabric when ironing, you must follow some rules.

  1. It is necessary to start ironing the organ immediately after washing, while the fabric is still wet. In this case, the smoothing process will accelerate compared to the dried cloth.
  2. Under the fabric and it is necessary to put a thick cloth. Pure gauze - perfect for this.
  3. The temperature of the iron should be at a minimum, otherwise there may be yellow or burn marks that will spoil the appearance of the curtain.

Photo gallery

Curtains from organza are a popular and fashionable decor in an interior. The variety of shades and textures, a universal combination with any fabrics, create the opportunity for the implementation of any design ideas and create a unique window decor.

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