Light floor in the interior of the apartment: combination, color, style, 80 photos

Bright floor in the interior of the apartment looks aesthetically attractive and also performs the function of increasing the room in visual perception. It combines with both dark and white flowers in the interior, which makes it universal for rooms of any purpose.

Features light flooring

The light floor does not get dirty any more than dark, it is better to see stains and dust that need to be cleaned regardless of the tone of the floor covering in the interior. Therefore, it is important to choose not only the color, but also the quality of the protective layer that protects the tree from abrasion.


  • Allocates other items, furniture, serves as a background.
  • It makes the room larger, lighter and larger, reflects light and is recommended for small rooms.
  • The balance between dark and light helps to avoid feelings of discomfort from monotony.
  • In combination with contrasting plinths, the bright floor in the interior looks more elegant with borders outlined from the wall.
  • The pattern, texture or pattern on the light floor dilutes the monotony of the interior.
  • You can combine different shades of light in the same room for the demarcation of zones.

The photo has a modern interior in neutral shades with laminate and tile without baseboards, white walls increase the space.

Combination of floor and door

Light floor is universal for combination with dark and bright doors in the interior.

Bright doors in the interior

White doors of any material are combined with a light floor in a beige, sandy shade and a pure white floor. Plinths and skirtings can be dark or in the color of the walls.

Bleached oak doors are combined with a matte or glossy floor in a light yellow, beige, vanilla color. Also suitable laminate for bleached or golden oak.

On the photo is a classic style corridor with white interior doors and a glossy tile floor with “under the carpet” decor.

Beige doors are combined with white, beige, caramel, a touch of coffee with milk.

Light gray doors are combined with a floor of silver, milky-white, almond, white, zirconium color.

Dark doors in the interior

Wenge is combined in the interior with golden, peach, pink, almond color of the laminate or floorboard.

In the photo door wenge with white platbands and baseboards, with laminate under the old board. The dark door stands out against a plain background.

Dark gray doors are combined with white, smoky, light gray flooring in the interior.

Blacks are versatile and match the floor in beige, yellow, light brown and pink shades. The combination with white gives an elegant look to the interior of the room.

Brown is combined with the floor in a shade of coffee with milk, cream, pink-brown, pink-white, milky.

In the photo there is a Mediterranean-style living room with a patterned carpet and brown arched doors in solid wood.

Bright doors in the interior

Reds are combined with all beige shades that create a balance between neutral and bright, white, light brown and light gray.

Greens are suitable for white, beige, peach, pink, white with green or red marbled patches.

Blue combined with salmon, white, beige, silver floor in the interior.

In the photo there are blue doors in the bedroom with a bright laminate.

The combination of flooring and walls

Light walls

The walls in bright colors are successfully combined with a light floor in an identical color with a light or contrasting plinth.

Under the white floor wallpaper, you can pick up light pink, blue, turquoise, beige, lilac, green, depending on the purpose of the interior room. Wallpaper with design, ornament fit under a solid floor.

Under the white tree fit the panel with wallpaper, wallpaper for painting, sand and light brown shades.

Dark walls

Dark walls in the interior look contrast, emphasize the light floor and complement each other.

The photo is a dark wallpaper with a large floral pattern in the kitchen in the area of ​​the dining group, which are combined with a floorboard and a white set.

With a light floor any dark colors are combined: brown, dark blue, gray, gray-brown, claret. Bleached wood is combined with chocolate, coffee, brick color. On the wallpaper can be a pattern of the color of the floor, gold or white, suitable wallpaper, wallpaper for painting, with stripes, design.

Floor covering and plinth color

Baseboard to match the floor

The plinth in tone of a floor merges with a floor covering and creates effect of continuation of a floor and does not focus attention on division of an interior.

Plinth is lighter

Visually stands out and looks like a separate line between the floor and the walls, but does not attract attention, the emphasis is on wallpaper or other decoration.

In the photo in the interior of the cabinet, the plinth is matched under the walls, but acts as a relief and stands out with form.

Dark baseboard

Suitable for light walls and floors for a clear delineation of the border between the space of the room. The plinth may be darker than the floor by a few tones, or be distinguished by a cardinal black, brown color.

Floor and shade furniture

Light furniture

Light furniture in the interior is suitable for a light floor in a different shade in order to prevent the flow of flowers. If the floor and furniture in the same tone, they will still be different due to the inserts, upholstery furniture.

In the photo studio apartment with laminate and light gray furniture, white suite and solid walls, where the floor balances the whiteness of the interior.

Dark furniture

Dark furniture stands out against a white wall and floor, creates an accent and attracts attention. Dark brown, gray, maroon furniture can have white elements for a more organic interior.

Color selection

The flooring can be of any light color, but it is also different in material, for example, it can be a glossy tile, light laminate, self-leveling floor.


White floor in the interior looks elegant, combined with dark, bright wallpaper, any furniture, makes the room spacious.

Light gray

The light gray floor in the interior is more practical than the white one, it is the background for bright and muted shades, combined with a dark brown, white door, red, beige wallpaper.

Light oak

It is combined with light gray, beige, colored, white furniture, dark, golden, purple wallpapers.

Light brown

Light brown in the interior is combined with wood trim and furniture, white, green, pink walls, beige, gray furniture.

Light beige

Suitable for coffee and brown shades of furniture, dairy and vanilla finish colors.

The photo is light beige laminate in a neutral interior with a gray ceiling and beige panels.

Style decision

Classic style

Classic style does not emphasize the flooring, white marble, matte tiles, light oak flooring, light beige parquet or laminate flooring will do. Fabric walls with golden design, wenge-colored doors, furniture with brocade upholstery, velvet curtains with tassels are suitable for walls.

Modern style

Modern style in the interior prefers practicality, suitable white, beige, light gray floor, which will be soft small rugs. It is combined with white and beige furniture, wallpaper with a minimal design, roller blinds and a door without patterns.


Close to the style of the interior of the country, the emphasis is on a white wooden floor of boards, light gold laminate with a faded effect. Furniture is selected lighter than the floor.


The style in the interior is recognizable by the smooth floor and laminate or varnished board. Plinths of dark wood or brown, separating concrete, plastered or brick walls from the floor.

In the photo is a loft kitchen-living room in the attic with wooden floors, brick trim and careless decor.

Scandinavian style

It welcomes only laminate and board in white, cream, light beige color. It is combined with light blue, white, beige furniture with bright accents. The plinth is matched to the color of the floor, and the door may be dark brown or white.

The floor in the interior of the apartment

Living room

Parquet, laminate, light-colored carpet combined with bright or dark furniture will suit the living room.

In the photo, black and white furniture is combined with a golden wooden floor in the interior and unusual lamps.

Light shades will emphasize the size of a large room and visually increase the small living room. When zoning a room, you can also make a transition to the color of the floor.


In the interior of the bedroom a light floor will add coziness in combination with white or dark brown baseboard, pastel wallpaper and light tulle. From materials suitable laminate and parquet floor for pleasant sensations.


In the kitchen fit tile, linoleum, laminate in the area of ​​the dining table white, beige, light coffee, gray. Tiles need to choose non-slip smooth or matte, you can design, and laminate - waterproof.

In the photo, a white and purple set looks elegant in the interior of a small kitchen due to the glossy worktop, beige floor and open window.

Entrance hall

In the hallway, a light floor will add space, emphasize hospitality. It is combined with beige wallpaper with a gold design, plain walls, painted with wood panels. Tile suitable for wood, linoleum, parquet.

Photo gallery

Light floor is more versatile than dark, suitable for any interior and style. It is a win-win option when choosing colors, combined with any doors, wallpaper, furniture and baseboards. Below are photo examples of the use of flooring in bright colors in rooms for various functional purposes.

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