Modular paintings in the interior: 50 modern photos and ideas

Modular paintings in the interior apartments appeared quite recently, but have already gained great popularity, which is not surprising - they provide ample opportunities for decorating the premises, without requiring large expenditures and serious efforts.

To create a modular picture, the drawing is divided into fragments, each of which is applied to the canvas and stretched onto a stretcher. There are no standards here, the canvas can be divided vertically, horizontally, diagonally, “cut” into complex geometric shapes, such as hexagons. As a rule, these fragments are not inserted into the frame, so as not to hinder the integrity of the perception of the pattern in the finished form. The number of parts into which the original image will be divided is not regulated, there may be as many as you like - it all depends on the designer’s imagination and the size of the canvas.

Important: The lines along which the division takes place, should correspond to the plot as much as possible, and individual fragments should look harmonious.

The size and shape of the fragments can be determined arbitrarily, however, there are general recommendations:

  • The side of the fragment should not be less than 30 cm;
  • The size depends on the area of ​​the room;
  • Common dimensions: width from 1.2 to 1.7 m, height - from 0.8 to 1.2 m.
  • As a rule, the shape of the fragment - a square or rectangle.

The use of modern modular paintings in the interior of the apartment allows you to add dynamism, introduce a special "flavor", make the design truly exclusive, appropriate to your character.

Location of modular paintings in the interior

The absence of a frame for each fragment, the presence of "air" between them gives the perception of the canvas dynamism. The following layout patterns are distinguished:

  • Standard. The modules are located next to each other, at the same height.

  • Popular. The height of the fragments decreases from the center to the edges, the weighing in a straight line passing through the center of the individual parts.

  • Ladder. Each subsequent fragment is located with a shift relative to the previous one, and the shift is performed in two directions: up-right, down-left, etc.

  • Diagonal The modules are hung in a straight line diagonally with respect to the floor.

  • Geometric. Individual segments are collected in a geometric shape - a square, oval, circle, polygon.

With the listed options all variety of types of placement of modular pictures in an interior is not settled. It all depends on what kind of decorative effect you want to achieve. Here the same laws work as for other types of interior decoration:

  • Vertically stretched compositions will visually “lift” the low ceiling;
  • A small room will help increase the elongated horizontal layout of the modules;
  • Large, bright photos in the picture can reduce a small room;
  • Panoramic images will create a feeling of space even in a small room.

Modular paintings in the interior of premises for various purposes

Living room

Modular paintings in the interior of the living room can serve as a decorative accent in various areas. For example, a wall by the fireplace, decorated with such a canvas, will attract even more attention to the hearth. If you want to focus on your hospitality, the best place for a modular picture in the interior of the living room is above the sofa.

Try putting a modular picture on a shelf near a decorative fireplace, on a console table or a bookshelf. It will be original, especially if the composition is supplemented with other decorative elements - vases, candles and. t. n.


Modular paintings in the interior of the kitchen immediately turn this technological room into an interesting space that reflects the tastes of its owners. The most popular option - photos of fruits, flowers, ready meals and drinks. Another way is to bring exterior elements into the interior. This may be a street with an old cafe or an image of a night city, a seascape or a field overgrown with poppies.


Gentle, pastel colors, romantic scenes - such can be modular paintings in the interior of the bedroom. Blooming fields, individual flowers - orchids, calla lilies, poppies, or lyrical landscapes - these are the most suitable “models” for the picture in the bedroom. As a rule, its place is at the head of the bed, although there may be options. You should not place the modules on the wall with a window - you will have to look in the direction “against the light”, and the picture will be hard to see.


The content of the picture in the nursery depends primarily on the age of the child. For very small ones, simple patterns or even pieces of canvas just painted in different colors will do. Those who are older can offer paintings depicting scenes from their favorite fairy tales, "cartoon" frames. Teenagers can decorate their room with their own photos, segmented, or sports scenes.

Entrance area

Here it is better to hang clear, geometric images that are simple and clear at first glance - after all, the entrance zone does not linger for long, and there will be no time to look at the picture. The graphics are a great choice for a minimalist style, a flowering meadow is for a country-style hallway.

Design rules for modular interior paintings

Follow the advice of experts, so that your paintings “play” with all the colors and decorate your interior.

  • Too active colors are out of place in rooms designed for rest and relaxation.
  • If the room is small in size, a story with photographs of mountain landscapes, views, including the horizon line, will help create a feeling of large space.
  • Match the size of the picture with the area of ​​the wall on which it will hang. The larger the wall - the larger the size of individual segments and the whole picture, and vice versa.

Tip: Before you put the picture hooks into the wall, use sticky stickers to mark the places for each segment and evaluate how they will look. It is simpler to perekleit on a new place stickers, than to move pictures.

  • The size of the picture should be related to the size of the furniture. It is good if its width is 25% less than the width of the piece of furniture over which it hangs.
  • Figure by genre must match the style of the interior. Exceptions are allowed, but must be well thought out. For example, in a minimalist style kitchen, both an abstract canvas and a rural landscape will be appropriate.

Important: When hanging pictures, keep in mind that its center must be located at the level of the eyes of the looking person. For a standing person it is about 160 cm, for sitting on the couch - 110 - 120 cm. If the picture is elongated, then the level is not counted in the center, but from the upper third.

Modern modular paintings in the interior: photos

Here are some examples of how modular pictures can change space (photos in the interior):

Photo 1. Adding dynamism using the image of the city highway in the modular picture in the bedroom interior.

Photo 2. Children's room for a teenager will decorate the picture with a sports theme.

Photo 3. The image of juicy berries or fruits - the most appropriate subject for modular paintings in the interior of the kitchen.

Photo 4. The tree depicted on the modules gives traditionality and thoroughness to the modern interior.

Photo 5. The picture can be divided into any number of modules, and their position in space can also be unconventional.

Photo 6. Bright purple flowers in the picture, pillows and carpet became the main decorative accents of the room.

Photo 7. The images on the modular picture echo in color with a decorative bedspread and pillows in the bedroom.

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