Types of mechanisms for a chair-bed

Chair bed - the most popular type of furniture for small apartments, and when choosing a model, the main role is played by the type of mechanism for the chair-bed used by the manufacturer. This is the main parameter to which you need to pay attention if you want the purchase to please you and serve for a long time.

Mechanisms for the chair-beds differ in degree of reliability and ease of use. Some of them are intended for daily use, and some - for folding only occasionally. In addition, the level of the sleeping surface depends on the mechanism for the chair-bed. This is especially important if the furniture will be used as a permanent bed for a family member. The more even the surface forms the unfolded chair - the better the conditions for sleep will be, the stronger and healthier it will be.

Tip: If the chair-bed is used daily, it is recommended to purchase a special mattress for sofas (topper). It levels the surface of the chair-bed, smoothes irregularities and joints, prolongs the service life, and also gives the chair-bed orthopedic properties.

Accordion Mechanism

Items unfolded with this mechanism form the most suitable surface for healthy sleep. It is fairly flat, no gaps between the individual parts and differences in height are observed. You can find on sale both models with armrests, and without them - the latter have a greater width with the same overall dimensions, which is important for small apartments.

The armchair is going to be “accordion” - two of three parts, the head and the middle, rise and fold together, touching the bases and forming the back, and the foot remains in a horizontal position. As a result, the back is very wide, especially if the bed has orthopedic filling.

Withdrawable mechanism

When laying, the seat base is pulled over, with additional sections being pulled out. The seat is turned over, getting a fairly even sleeper.

The main disadvantage is the presence of cracks between the individual parts of the mattress. Another feature is the low bed height, usually it does not exceed 25-30 cm, which can be uncomfortable for tall people as well as the elderly.

Chair-bed "dolphin"

From under the seat "emerges" part of the bed, while it is installed at the same height as the main seat.

The installation of the mechanism itself requires a large space, so in the chairs equipped with a “dolphin” there is usually no additional drawer for bed linen. Gaps in the bed are available, which is a drawback of these models. The height of the bed is standard.

Tick-Tak (Eurobook)

The mechanism of transformation of the tick-to-bed chair works as follows: when the seat is extended, the back of the chair is turned and lowered - this design allows the model to be placed with almost no wall clearance, which saves space.

Models of the “walking eurobook” type do not slide along the floor, which makes it possible not to damage the floor covering.

The variety of models is not exhausted by the listed variants, and below we will consider some more popular mechanisms:


In models with a mechanism for a chair-bed "folding bed" bed comes from under the main seat. It consists of a frame on which the slats are reinforced. This is one of the best bases for mattresses, as it has orthopedic properties. On top of the slats fit mattress of increased rigidity, having a considerable thickness. The box for linen in such models is absent, for it there is no place.

Click-click mechanism

This mechanism of transformation of the chair-bed allows you to get the surface of four separate parts. Usually in the manufacture of used mattresses that can be folded - with the layout turns out quite comfortable bed.

If the model is made of individual parts, you will have to sleep on four joining surfaces, which is inconvenient. The problem can be solved using a mattress-topper. A significant disadvantage of the click-klyak mechanism in armchairs is a small sleeping place, usually not more than 140 * 140 cm.

Of all the above options for daily use as the main bed, the best can be considered an "accordion". Apart from the fact that the bed is smooth and comfortable, of standard height and without gaps, this mechanism is also the easiest to unfold. To compete with it can only click-klyak from a whole mattress, folding along four lines.

Watch the video: Mechanisms transformation (October 2019).


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