Photowall-paper in an interior of rooms: types, combinations, choice of subject, color and style

Create a unique and inimitable design will help the wallpaper in the interior of the house. Technology allows you to recreate absolutely any image of the desired size. Thus, wallpapers can decorate as a small area, and the entire perimeter of the room.

Features of design

Proper treatment of the photo wallpaper will have an advantageous effect on the overall result.

  • In a small room, it is desirable to use a bright palette.
  • A wallpaper with a perspective image, for example a road receding into the distance, will have a magnifying effect.
  • The selected picture should support the overall style of the interior.
  • Vertical canvas visually stretches the room, and the horizontal expands.
  • The image with the imitation of stone, wood or brick can replace natural materials, thereby helping to preserve the space in the interior.

Where can I put wallpapers?

On one wall

One of the most common ways of finishing wall murals is pasting one of the walls, so it focuses attention on itself. The print may have a common color palette with the rest of the trim or stand out in contrast to the general background.

Part of the wall

With the help of partial wall decoration photo wallpaper, you can divide the room into zones. For example, divide the studio into the living room and kitchen area.

You can use the wallpaper in order to highlight any area, such as a fireplace or TV.

On two walls (corner)

Another finishing option is pasting with two wall murals with photo wallpaper. The image can visually erase the place of the corner, creating the illusion of being outside the boundaries of the house.

On 4 walls

A bold interior solution for home decoration. It is necessary to avoid bright colors and three-dimensional images. The best option would be light wallpaper with a light image.

In a niche

Finishing the niche with photo wallpaper will be an elegant solution, the interior will receive the necessary "flavor", while maintaining space.

On the ceiling

Most often on the ceiling depict the sky. Depending on the design and personal preferences, this could be a clear sky with fluffy clouds or a dark starry sheet.

On the doors

Wall murals on the doors can create an association with the portal, opening the way to another place.

In the photo on the right is a hallway in black and white colors. The door and part of the wall is decorated with a book print.

Framed, modular picture

The photowall-paper framed in a frame, will become the real work of art in an interior of the house. This may be a large panel or modular paintings that make up one image.

On the wardrobe

On the door of the closet, you can easily apply any pattern using photo wallpaper. This way will give the interior individuality and help to update the furniture.

In the photo is a compact nursery for a boy with a picture of star wars on the cabinet doors. Perspective image on the wall increases the space of the room.

Types of wallpaper

  • Non-woven wallpapers have an advantage in the form of elasticity of the material, which simplifies working with them and gives additional strength.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl coating is the basis, the image is applied on it. The material is durable and wear resistant.
  • Stereoscopic, in other words, photo wallpaper with a 3D effect. The image is as close to the original as possible.
  • Paper. Not the most reliable option, the paper coating is easily scratched and dirty. However, it is in demand because of its environmental friendliness.
  • Self-adhesive wallpapers are durable, colors do not fade, and the material is applied to any surface. In addition, they just care.
  • Washable or anti-marker wallpapers have a maximum level of protection against damage, this is the main advantage. The coating can be cleaned with water and chemicals.
  • Seamless. The secret is in the width of the canvas, in contrast to standard rolls, it can reach three meters and be applied horizontally. This width is enough to cover the whole wall.
  • Textured. With the help of textured wallpaper you can imitate a teasel surface or a relief of an oil painting.
  • Glowing. Special paint is applied to the canvas, which is visible in a dark room. Ideal for children's room decor.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Living room

The living room is the place where you can fully embody any ideas. Having decorated with photo wallpaper a place above the sofa you can designate a recreation area. A sofa and a pair of chairs will stand out from the crowd.

The photo shows a stylish living room with an unusual reproduction of France on one of the walls.

A print on the wall with a TV will not be so conspicuous, but it will decorate it.

Decorating a wall with a door can hide a doorway or, on the contrary, it is interesting to beat it.


In a compact or standard kitchen, it is better to use wallpaper in the apron area, covering them with glass. Thus, the interior will get its “zest” while maintaining space.

Photowall-paper on free walls is more appropriate for using in spacious kitchen as the volumetric image will bring them closer.

In the photo kitchen in a modern style. One of the walls is decorated with a photo panel depicting a metropolis.


Photowall-paper over a headboard of a bed will help to designate a zone of a dream, visually separating it from other space. In addition, wallpaper can be a decorative continuation of the head of the bed.

Pictured is a modern bedroom in beige tones. The wall is finished with a horizontal photo panel combined with wallpaper imitating tiles.

Photo wallpaper in the nursery

Separate attention deserves a room for children. This is the perfect place to use photo wallpapers. Below are a few examples.

In the room for a boy

football or hockey idols, favorite characters from cartoons and fairy tales, such as Harry Potter or dragons, can be depicted on the walls. For older boys, these could be your favorite movies or games - Transformers, Star Wars, Minecraft, Cars.

Girl's room

The characters of Disney cartoons can decorate, for example, princesses from “Cold Heart”, fabulous 3D castles or angels soaring in the sky.

The photo shows a stylized children's room for girls with the image of a fairy-tale palace.

Teen's room

Reflects the interests and hobbies at this stage of life. Walls will decorate your favorite band, movie characters, cars or abstraction.

Hallway and corridor

In the interior of the hallway or corridor, the wallpaper will not only become a beautiful decoration, but also help to visually push the walls apart. Image with perspective create the illusion of open space.

In the photo in the classic hallway wallpaper with perspective.

Balcony and Loggia

Photowall-paper with drawing of the favorite country will help to create a small paradise from a usual balcony. A photo-panel with birds of paradise and a garden enveloped by comfort, the balcony is the perfect place for morning coffee.

Bathroom and toilet

In the bath it is more practical to use a tile with photo printing. The lighter the color spectrum, the more spacious the room will appear. To make more room toilet helps reception with an image with a perspective.

On the stairs in a private house

Walls along the stairs of a country house can be decorated with wallpaper with imitation of a stone or brick wall and a picture of the old city.

Choice of design (themes)


Can create a completely different atmosphere in the interior of the house. Buds of pastel shades like orchids, roses or sakura will make the interior delicate and light.

Dandelions, daisies, peonies and poppies on the background of green grass will be associated with wildlife, giving the house a breath of freshness.

Light spring mood set wallpaper with tulips, lilies, irises or lilacs.


Photos of the city or sights will help to transfer to the atmosphere of your beloved country. The streets of the old city, bridges, the image of the night city convey the mood and make the interior energetic or, on the contrary, peaceful.

Landscapes and main attractions of other countries will create the desired energy in the house. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the landscapes of Venice and Italy will make the interior incredibly romantic, and the image of London and the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York, on the contrary, is dynamic and stylish.

In the photo a delicate bedroom in a classic style. The interior is complemented by different shades of lilac color.

View from the window

A good option for rooms devoid of enough natural light. Wall murals that mimic the view from the window, can visually enlarge the space and convey the atmosphere of a noisy metropolis or a relaxing sea coast.

Murals and arches

Suitable for decoration of a classic interior, images can decorate a corridor, a hall or a bedroom.

Nature on the wallpaper

Nature is also capable of showing character. Green has a calming effect, such as a birch forest, green grove, bamboo branches, or a flat field.

In the photo, the walls in the dining room are covered with photo wallpaper with the image of trees (birch).

Clouds, lakes, sky will give a feeling of peace and space to the interior.

Energetically charge will give waterfalls, mountains and stones.

You can also contemplate the beautiful landscapes of winter, autumn, sunset or the Garden of Eden.

Wall mural with a marine theme

The marine theme is suitable for decorating the interior of living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. The walls of the bedroom will be decorated with beaches with palm trees or white sailboats.

In the minimalist living room it will be interesting to look at a photo with a view of the sea or the ocean, and in the nursery ships with pirates and the underwater world.

World map

Laconic interior decoration. Suitable for office, nursery or living room. Color solution can be bright and unusual or restrained in the form of a contour.

Space and planets, starry sky

The boundless world outside our planet is fascinating for its beauty and mystery. Finishing will be interesting to look not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling.


Wall mural abstraction will be a good option for a modern interior in the style of minimalism or high-tech. And also for the room teenager.

Cars, motorcycles and airplanes

The image with your favorite men's "toys" can decorate the interior of the office, the men's apartment or the children's room of the boy.

Animal world

Image with wild animals such as tigers, lions, bears, leopards, wolves or rhinos, it is more appropriate to place in the interior of the living room or office.

The photo shows a stylish bedroom interior with black and white rhinoceros photo wallpapers.

For a bedroom or a nursery, it is better to use calm and positive photos, birds, butterflies, horses, cats and dogs.


The interior of the living room, bedroom or nursery can be decorated with photos of loved ones, vivid emotions of your favorite idols or a faceless silhouette of a beautiful shape.


Juicy fruits, delicious coffee and a croissant will awaken your appetite, and make the kitchen more comfortable.

Under the material

Photowall-paper with imitation of a stone, tree or fabric allows to save space. Walls "under the stone" or brick are suitable for decoration in the style of a loft.

Imitation wood or fabric will make the interior softer and warmer.

Pictured modern living room. The walls are decorated with photo wallpapers with imitation of multicolored wooden boards.


Options can be unlimited. Cosiness and mystery in the interior will add an image of an unusual watch and the road stretching into the distance, the image on the wallpaper in the Japanese style or retro.

The photo is a spacious bedroom in the Japanese style. The room is combined with a bathroom.

In the photo on the right is a small living room in a classic style. Wallpapers with the road receding into the distance visually enlarge the room.

Modern design for young people can be complemented by graffiti, divorces of watercolor, anime characters or fabulous landscapes from the world of fantasy.

Atmosphere of the holiday will be presented to the interior with wallpaper with drawings of balloons.

Color spectrum

Color spectrumDescriptionA photo
WhiteThe best option for rooms of any size. The room will be spacious and filled with light.

BlackThe dark wall will attract attention and visually appear closer.

Black and whiteA classic combination, suitable for an interior in a modern style.
GreenIt will have a beneficial effect on vision and mental state.
RedIt should be carefully and moderately used when finishing. Hue active and bright.

PinkPhotowall-paper in pink tones are suitable for a nursery for girls or a gentle bedroom.
GrayThe stylish shade harmoniously looks in an interior hi-tech and minimalism.
Beige and brownWarm calm palette is suitable for a classic interior.
Yellow and goldA sunny shade will make the interior bright and warm. Golden colors will decorate the classic interior and add luxury to it.
Purple and lilacGentle and mysterious colors will look good in the interior of any room.

Blue and blueThe blue color soothes and visually enlarges the room. Dark shades tone up and create a working attitude.

What images expand the space?

Wall murals have unique abilities to increase the space of the room.

  • A deaf image, such as flowers or abstraction, reduces the room due to the volume pattern.
  • A panoramic photo or photo panel with a perspective, for example, nature with a footpath stretching into the distance, on the contrary, visually stretches the space, and a very compact room will look much larger.
  • The best option for repair in a small area, for example in the Khrushchev will be finishing one of the walls with light-colored photo wallpaper.

On the photo is a compact bedroom. A room with a visually enlarged photo wallpaper with a perspective image.

What are the sizes?

  • There are horizontal and vertical wallpaper. In a room with low ceilings, a vertical photo panel will help extend the room. Today, manufacturers can produce finished material of almost any size.
  • Narrow or small wallpapers look like a small picture, decorating the desired area. For the convenience of stickers, wallpapers are made of several panels, the width of the canvas depends on their number. Single-panel canvas, as a rule, has a size of no more than 2 sq. M. The width of the panels grows together with their number, for example, the width of the image from two panels can be 1.9 meters, from three 2.9, and so on.
  • There are also corner wallpapers, they are glued with one cloth on two walls. The angle can be both internal and external.

The most popular types of standard sizes are:

Examples of finishing in different styles


Wallpapers in modern style can depict geometric shapes, abstraction, landscape of the metropolis or imitate any natural material, such as stone or wood.


For a classic interior suitable wallpaper with a picture of nature, imitation of oil paintings, flowers and floral patterns.


The landscape of endless lavender fields, cozy village greenery or the image of a fireplace and flowers will decorate the interior.


The endless expanse of water, the Cote d'Azur, the ships and maps are suitable for marine-style photo wallpapers.


Embossed concrete or wooden wall will emphasize the urban style in the interior.

Combination with other materials, edging

Options edging canvas depend on the stylistic direction of the room.

  • In the classic interior it can be a baguette or a thin plinth. Such a design will look harmonious with the photo wallpaper not on the full wall.
  • In a modern interior, there is no need for any edging, and the image looks so harmonious.


Wall mural successfully combined with different options for wall decoration.

  • Combining with wallpaper. If you wish to focus on the area of ​​the picture, you can choose the most light shade of wallpaper. In order to achieve a single picture in the interior, the color of the wallpaper must have a common color palette with a photo panel, the tonality may differ slightly.

  • Painting the walls will be a good option because of the variety of shades. You can choose the desired tone, which will be perfectly combined with photopanel.

  • Murals, arches and landscapes will look harmoniously with plaster. They can make a single picture with blurred borders.

Photowall-paper helps to expand the boundaries of fantasy and give more opportunities to create a unique design of the apartment. Different images can affect the visual perception of the room, increasing or decreasing it.

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