Shebbi-chic in the interior: a description of the style, the choice of colors, finishes, furniture and decor

Using the style of chebbi-chic in the interior will give the house coziness and an atmosphere of romance. The interior resembles a dollhouse and has much in common with the Provence style. The design is especially appreciated the use of antique furniture and antique items. Considering that such things are practically not sold in stores, but are transmitted from past generations, each of them keeps its own history.

Distinctive features

Shebbi-shik was born in the late 1980s, when an English designer had an idea to give old things a new life. Things from flea markets have been restored, while leaving a trace of antiquity.

  • A characteristic feature for shebi-chic - wear and aging effect in the interior;
  • The color palette is filled with light pastel shades: blue, peach, pink, cream and white;
  • The style and form of furniture do not matter, the main condition is that it must bear the trace of history;
  • In the interior of the chebbi-chic, flower patterns are often used;
  • Shebbi-chic does not accept strict geometric shapes in drawings;
  • The interior is welcome to use vintage and antique furniture;
  • The stores rarely present models of furniture corresponding to the direction of shebbi-chic, often the design is done manually;
  • The interior of the chebbi chic uses a lot of fabric and decorative elements.

On the photo there is a chest of drawers and a table with the effect of aging.

Color style

The interior of the chebbi chic is filled with details with a touch of vintage, while it does not look vulgar and tasteless. The color scale contains in itself a gentle and quiet palette. The color of a dusty rose, sky blue and calm green can simultaneously echo the interior of one room. Shebbi-chic does not accept flashy and dark colors.

Registration of rooms in the apartment


An ideal place for interior design in the style of shebbi-chic. Romantic, gentle and comfortable bedroom will give only positive emotions. Light finish allows you to use the style for the interior of the bedroom of any size. In a small room, an abundance of decorative details can be replaced with wallpaper with floral patterns or focus on furniture.

In a spacious room you can use chebbi chic to the fullest. A variety of vases with flowers, angel figures, bedside rugs, lace and tulle on the windows will harmoniously blend into one.

Flowers in the interior - one of the distinctive features of the style. In the photo in the bedroom they are present in a vase on the bedside table, in a frame, in a picture on the wall and bed linen.

Living room

The interior of the living room can be filled with stylized furniture. Sofa and chairs, covered with a fabric cover, can be plain or with the image of small flowers. Another option for furniture design is the presence of noticeable scuffs, especially effectively this technique looks on a white background.

Aged wooden floor will decorate a simple rug with raw edges. Accessories play a significant role in the design of the Chebbi-chic interior, they can be present in the form of statuettes, vases, paintings or wall decorations.


Shabby-chic style in the interior of the kitchen will be associated with a rustic cozy house. The ideal option would be a kitchen set of wood. Color performance does not have to be white, it is permissible to use any shade that matches the style.

Accessories and crockery made of ceramic or porcelain can have decorative scuffs and images of flowers, and lace tablecloths and cushions for chairs complete the look.


Delicate interior is more suitable for the design of a child’s room for a girl. Flowers, soft palette, a combination of fabrics of different colors and textures will resemble a dollhouse or princess room. Dolls and toys will merge with the overall style, and look like one.

In the photo the delicate interior of the children's room with a dressing table for the princess.


Shabby-chic bathroom, reminiscent of the atmosphere of a romantic Provence. Bathtub on elegant legs, a sink with smooth shapes and wrought-iron racks for towels will support the same style. The use of wooden objects in the bathroom is impractical due to the reaction to a moist environment, decorated metal objects would be the best option.

Entrance hall

The main object of attention in the hallway can be a wardrobe for outerwear, a good option would be a large vintage wardrobe with ornate patterns. The walls will decorate several small paintings. For finishing the floor it is more practical to use tile or laminate with wood imitation.

Finishing features

The style came to us from the time when natural materials were mainly used. Therefore, the decoration is welcome to use wood or stone.


The classic design of the walls chebbi-chic is considered imperfect staining in light colors or uneven sanding. Look harmoniously wallpaper with the image of flowers, most often it is peonies or tea roses.

Another option for finishing is wooden boards, which are also given an aged effect, or simply painted in a light shade. Also often the walls are decorated with stucco.

In the photo on the right, the accent wall in the interior of the bedroom is decorated with aged boards.


To finish the floor using natural wood or its imitation, such as parquet or laminate. Monochromatic tile or tile with a light pattern also looks harmonious. In the living room, bedroom and nursery, the floor may be covered with a woven fabric rug or vintage carpet of small sizes.


The chebbi-chic ceiling can be painted in a single light color or complemented by ceiling beams. A beautiful interior solution will be the ceiling decoration boards or stucco.

Choice of furniture

The main condition for the design of premises in the furniture Chebbi-chic is the effect of aging, the design fades into the background.

  • A modern wardrobe or chest of drawers can become a real work of art if it is painted with the craquelure method and supplemented with floral patterns or a simple wardrobe of a soft color is decorated with plaster moldings.
  • For the dining room suitable sideboard with glass doors, filled with a set.
  • The sofa is covered with a light-colored fabric cover and complemented with small pillows. Another option may be a sofa with a wooden base and upholstery with floral patterns.
  • A good option for a living room would be a combination of a single-colored sofa and a pair of armchairs of a different color, combining the composition of a pillow or blanket.
  • The bedroom looks particularly elegant wrought bed, painted in white or light turquoise in color with metal gaps. The advantage of this choice is to save space, the frame looks spectacular, while it is not bulky.
  • The choice in favor of wood remains unchanged; it fills the interior with warmth.

On the photo to the right, the bed and the bedside tables are decorated with plaster moldings.


Textiles in the interior of the chebbi-chic play an important role. They are present in the decoration, decoration of furniture and windows.

  • Curtain cut may be classic to the floor or unusual, for example with pelmets;
  • The colors of fabrics in the interior are either plain with decorative elements or with floral patterns;
  • Self-woven rug will match the style;
  • Old vintage carpets with rubbed parts harmoniously look in the living room and bedroom, and a small rug in the kitchen;
  • Lace bedspreads are suitable for bedroom decoration;
  • The variety of pillows of different colors and size will decorate the sofa, chair and bed.

Shabby chic decor

For shebbi-chic it is peculiar to use the decor items more abundantly. Various ideas for decorating with your own hands make things exclusive and unique.

  • Lace photo frames, paintings and mirrors;
  • Vases and decorative bottles decorated with decoupage technique;
  • Oil paintings;
  • Caskets, figurines of angels and a vase with flowers;
  • Round-shaped watches can also be given an old look;
  • Massive wooden candlesticks;
  • Photo frames can be made from the ceiling plinth;
  • Flowers in clay pots;
  • Chest, decorated with craquelure technique.

In the photo decor in the style of chebbi-chic with rose patterns.

On the photo to the right is a chest of drawers decorated with decoupage technique.


Chandeliers with a lamp shade are suitable for decorating the interior of a chebbi-chic, in the spacious halls the chandelier can be in the form of a chandelier. Bedside lamps will decorate the fringe or lampshade of light-colored fabric. For the living room and the nursery, you can use high floor lamps, reading and resting areas are accompanied by wall lamps with frosted glass or in the form of a candlestick.

Photo gallery

Chebbi-chic repair will be an unusual and interesting solution for creating an airy and playful interior. Despite the abundance of decorative elements used in the design of the apartment, the space does not look overloaded, each detail complements each other.

Design provides opportunities for the disclosure of hidden talents, most of the details created by hands and they are difficult to find in the store. Below are photo examples of design in the style of shebbi-chic.

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