Feng Shui furniture arrangement

To bring your home to harmony, to ensure the correct and favorable movement of energy flows, to attract wealth and abundance, will help not complicated tips on furniture arrangement by feng shui.


For the bedroom, the most important thing is Feng Shui furniture arrangement - it is true to set the bed. First of all, the well-being of the sleeper depends on the location of the bed. If we consider that sleep takes a considerable share of everyone’s life, then the question of a good dream seems to be rather serious.

Feng Shui bedrooms gives a few basic recommendations:

  • the bed should not be located next to the wall adjacent to the bathroom or bathroom;
  • arrange furniture for feng shui need so that the bed was not opposite the door;
  • the direction of sharp corners should not be addressed to sleepers;
  • Feng Shui furniture arrangement eliminates the installation of shelves, cabinets and other mounted structures over the head of the rest, may cause migraine, increased anxiety and poor sleep;
  • the presence of mirrors in the bedroom should be minimized; in case of their presence, the bed should not be reflected on their surface at any angle.


The same principles work for children's rooms. Feng Shui furniture arrangements. Minimum sharp corners, more rounded shapes. In addition, it should be particularly noted that the negative impact that the feng shui of the children's room attributes to all overhanging structures.

For children, if their house more than one, often choose double beds. The design of a bunk bed saves space and is quite popular. Principles Feng Shui furniture arrangements, categorically against such a reception, for the following reasons:

  • pressure from above can cause unmotivated fears in a child;
  • perhaps increased anxiety and nervousness, nightmares;
  • a child who will sleep on the lower bed will be driven;
  • The "locked" space affects the increasing tendency for the development of claustrophobia.

Entrance hall

Entrance zones in standard apartments are not too voluminous, therefore arrange furniture for feng shui by all the rules may not work, but the basic principles can be taken into account. The front door should not hit when opening to other doors or furniture.

It’s not worth having a mirror opposite the front door. Through the main door in the house comes all the energy, it nourishes the household, gives wealth and comfort. The mirror will reflect all the new energy and "not let" into the house.

Living room

Recommendations for furniture arrangement by feng shui in the common room:

  • the table should be round - it is a harmonious form that unites all family members;
  • on Feng Shui living room sofa and chairs should not be installed under the window;
  • there should be no hanging shelves or consoles above your favorite chair or sofa;
  • sharp corners should not be directed to the places of the room where you are most.


To arrange furniture for feng shui need to take into account the interaction of elements Water and Fire should not be located close. In a word, in the kitchen in Feng Shui, your stove and oven should be removed from the washing machine, dishwasher and sink.

Watch the video: How to design Feng Shui for living room (October 2019).


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