How to make a decorative partition with your own hands?

It is possible to make a decorative partition between different zones in the apartment independently, without resorting to the services of designers and without spending significant funds.

You will need to purchase wooden planks (or strips of other material covered with veneer), a pair of metal stands and a skein of thick, strong rope. Instead of one of the slats, you can insert a “slate board” - this is modern and convenient, for example, in a kitchen you can write down “tasks” for yourself or for homework on such a board.

Create a decorative partition with their own hands is easy. Of course, you have to work hard, but it will become a real decoration of your interior, giving it a unique look.

This option will suit almost any style decision, if you follow simple rules:

  • The color of the veneer boards should be selected in accordance with the color of wooden furniture or other wooden interior elements. It can be either in tone or contrast.
  • You can add bright accents by painting the rope in colors that match the overall interior color using fabric dyes.


In order to make a decorative partition with your own hands, you will need:

  1. two racks from IKEA (STOLMEN system, height from 210 to 330 cm, placed between the ceiling and the floor);
  2. six wooden or laminated slats (parquet boards can be used);
  3. a coil of rope or rope of suitable thickness;
  4. special paint “slate board” and primer under it (if you plan to write on one of the boards);
  5. construction glue or glue gun;
  6. scissors, tape measure, pencil.


To make a decorative partition easily, observing the sequence of actions.

  1. Fasten the racks to the right place, the distance between them should not exceed 80 cm.
  2. Step back about half a meter from the floor, glue the end of the rope to the stand, and make a tight winding - about 10 turns. Cut the rope and close the end.
  3. Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom and to the top edge of the winding - it should be the same on the other rack. Write down these values ​​- when you do your own decorative partition, you will need them.
  4. Unwind the rope, and use as a template to cut another 13 such pieces. They will be made supporting elements and limiters.
  5. Again, measure from the floor the distance you already know to the bottom edge of the winding, wind the same lengths of rope on both racks, securing each turn with glue.
  6. Rest the first plank against the rope supports, take the rope, wrap it around the stand, and fasten it on the other side with an overlap. Cut 12 of the same pieces of rope to secure the boards, and secure the first board to the second stand.
  7. Repeat until all the straps are attached. Wind another ten turns of the rope over the top bar - here it will act as a height limiter.

Thus, it is easy to make a decorative partition, you just need to comply with the technology.

It is much more difficult to choose the color and material of boards (it can be cork or even plastic plates) that are most suitable for your interior. If you need a higher or lower partition - change the number of boards that you will use.

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