The interior of the house in the style of a chalet in Turin

The interior of the house in the style of a chalet is the best match for the place where it is located - this is a famous winter resort, which has long attracted fans of alpine skiing. The Alps are unusually picturesque, which makes the view from the window into a fascinating picture, which you can admire endlessly.

The mountains and forests surrounding the house continue inside with stone and wood used in the decoration. Here you can relax after passing the difficult ski slopes, take a bath or lie on cushions.

The design of the house in the style of a chalet organically fit into the surrounding landscape. It is made from natural materials both outside and inside. This is in keeping with the folk tradition, because housing has always been built from what is at hand, and in the Alps “at hand” only stones and mighty trees.

Although finishing materials sometimes look deliberately rude, and the whole house has a rather “masculine” character, in general, the interior of a chalet-style house gives the impression of being cozy and warm. Here you can relax and soul and body.

Living room

Almost everything here is made of wood - walls, floors, tables, which serve as tree stumps.

The fireplace is the main decoration of the room, and looks like a structure from a medieval castle. But this is only in appearance: on the very modern, it is well adapted not only for decoration, but also for heating the house.

A large sofa, pillows - and I want to lie, take a break from active sports activities. The design of the house in the style of a chalet is complemented by cute little things from a winter Christmas tale: Christmas trees, lamps, deer, figurines.


A large opening in the wall opens the dining room. It is all wooden, even the lamps are made of this warm material. Chandelier - the former root of the tree, complemented by the design of the branches, a floor lamp, a large candlestick on the table - all this is assembled from segments of branches.

To facilitate the perception of the interior, the table itself is made of glass, and the huge windows seem to let snow-covered alpine spaces into the room.


The kitchen in the interior of the house in the style of a chalet is devoid of frills, everything is simple and strict. Neither the usual kitchen apron, nor the cabinets above it, nor the usual trifles. The wall above the work surface is lined with stone, everything else is wood.

The whole decor is reduced to one object - a barrel by the window on wooden “goats”. In such barrels, the inhabitants of the Alps beat the milk, getting butter and cheese.


The master bedroom is one of the coziest rooms in the house. There is also a lot of wood here - it is on the ceiling, in a niche where the dressing table is hidden. But the walls are white, the lighting devices are light and elegant, the bed has a cowberry blanket and a soft fur blanket.

In the design of the house in the style of a chalet, this is one of the lightest rooms, with a gentle, even romantic mood.

But the bathroom in this bedroom is fully consistent with the general character of the house - brutal, and even a little gloomy: stone walls, a bowl of the sink, carved out of a boulder, a mirror in a frame of stone “chaos”.


The guest room is also light, with wood trim. It is decorated in the style of a forest hut, it is emphasized both by the bedspreads and the skins of the animals from which the lamp shades are made.

The style of the interior of the house in the chalet style is generally maintained here: the bathroom designed for guests, although it looks quite gentle, is complemented by wooden details and a stone sink, although, unlike the master bathroom, it is polished not only inside but also outside and looks very elegant.


In the design of the house in the style of a chalet there is a special zone for spa relaxation.

A whirlpool bath, more like a swimming pool, deck chairs with adjustable bases for relaxing after the procedures - all this creates the necessary level of comfort.

Nearby is a small lounge where you can bring beauty, sitting at the dressing table, lie on the couch, chat with friends. Wood, leather, fur - these are the materials used in the finishing of this room.

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