The project is a two-bedroom apartment 57 sq. M. m. from the studio "Victory Design"

The project is a two-bedroom apartment of 57 square meters. m. designed by the studio "Victory Design". The task of the designers was to transform the standard two-room apartment of Stalin’s construction into an original modern studio apartment with a separate bedroom.

Planning a two-room apartment

The project of the kitchen-living room

In the apartment project, the visual separation between the living room and the kitchen area is made with the help of flooring: in the kitchen it is light tile, and in the living room it is an array of blackboard. In addition, the zones are separated from each other by a narrow partition, near the bottom of which a sofa is located on the living room side.

After the demolition of the walls under the ceiling remained bearing bolt, which was necessary to decorate. Designers found an unusual solution: the crossbar was faced with sheets of metal. Due to the mirror effect, it "dissolves" in space, and does not interfere with the visual perception of the volume.

In the project of a two-room apartment, a common studio room is designed for three main parts: a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. The dining room is located closer to the living room, the Vistosi Naranza suspension is located above the table top - it provides additional lighting and highlights this area visually.

The living room is illuminated with a built-in ceiling system, while the dining area is accentuated with a pendant lamp of elegant shape. The sofa, made up of modules, can be expanded at night - then the room turns into a guest bedroom.

One of the kitchen walls is decorated with bricks - this element of the loft looks unexpectedly surrounded by glossy white surfaces. The decorative value of a brick wall is underlined by the absence of a series of wall cabinets on it, they occupy the next wall. Volume wine collection is located at the end of the headset.

The apron near the working surface is almost invisible - it is made of tempered glass. In the project of the kitchen, in addition to the ceiling built-in spots and obligatory illumination of the working area, suspensions of laconic geometric shapes of different heights descend over part of the surface of the table top.

Bedroom project

The wall near the head of the bed is painted in soft beige color with which the shades of textiles and the color of the upholstery are combined. To make it easier to watch TV without getting out of bed, Ninfea products were used for the project: the headrest can be transformed, allowing you to sit comfortably in a sitting position.

The bedroom is illuminated on three levels: a ceiling lamp, a floor lamp in the reading area, and bedside lamps — you can change the direction of light by turning the ceiling lamp at the right angle.

In the project of a two-room apartment, bedroom furniture was made according to design drawings. As a result, it takes up very little space, but is very comfortable and functional. Near the window is the desktop, which smoothly goes into the cabinet under the TV, which, in turn, is transformed into a rack for books.

Bathroom design

The interior of a two-room apartment is sustained in light beige shades, which in the bathroom are complemented by an active orange-tone tile. The main decoration of the bathroom was the plumbing itself - it has an unusual oval shape and looks very modern and elegant.

The washing machine was installed in a niche, and open shelves were made above it. Lighting is also non-standard: instead of built-in spotlights, there are overhead ceiling lamps of a well-known company with good moisture protection.

Hallway project

In the whole project of a two-room apartment, the doors have hidden boxes, which is why they are almost invisible on the surface of the walls. Light floor, walls and ceiling, mirrored facades of the storage system - all this works to increase and "clarify" the space.

The small padded stool serves as a place for sitting and at the same time as a decorative ornament. It can be put anywhere. Another decorative element is Artemide lamps arranged in a row. Reflected in the mirror doors of the cabinet, they form a light line extending to infinity.

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