Design project of a 1-room apartment: author Anna Clark

When creating a design project for a 1-room apartment, designer Anna Clark pushed off from her unusual shape. Geometric motifs have become the main interior, and helped turn a small "odnushku" into a functional and cozy apartment for a young girl.

Layout 1-room apartment

In the only room of the apartment it was necessary to place a bedroom, a zone for rest and reception of guests, a workplace and storage systems. To solve this difficult task, the room was enlarged by moving the internal partition separating the entrance area. It made the door - now in the dressing room, located in the hallway, can be accessed from the room.

An openwork metal structure was erected inside the room - it visually highlights the sleeping area. Closer to the window is the desktop - daylight will fall on the left, which is very convenient. The changes affected the bathroom. Taking into account the fact that only one person will live here, the toilet and bathroom are combined, while increasing the total area of ​​a 1-room apartment.

The stylish decision of the apartment

The Scandinavian style became the main in the design of the apartment, but the author of the project creatively reworked it. Color, materials, natural beauty - all of this is taken from the northern traditions of interior design, but not folk designs, but geometric designs were chosen as patterns, which introduces a certain dynamism.

Living room

The furniture in the design project of a 1-room apartment is compact, simple shapes match the general style as well as possible, and its rounded corners invite you to relax. The living room includes a sofa and a TV panel, under which is a small shelving unit. Above the TV there is a storage system from open and closed shelves, here you can store books and arrange decor items - vases, photos in frames or souvenirs from trips. Both the rack and the desk next to it stand on rather tall and thin legs - this makes the furniture easier for visual perception.

The soft curtains on the windows of natural material are close in color to the tone in which the walls are painted. The color of the upholstery of the chairs and the sofa, on the contrary, is accent. The décor is the work of the artist from Sweden.


The bedroom area in the design project of a 1-room apartment is located behind the living room sofa. Between her and the sofa - a metal partition, the elements of which repeat the pattern "herringbone", which laid the floor boards. The same pattern is traced in the decoration of the walls.

The colors for the bedroom are calm, pastel, slightly "whitened", which makes the decor feminine and tender. The main tone - the color of the needles, additional - mature plum.

The wall, to which the foot of the bed adjoins, is painted by hand on a stencil and includes all the colors of the interior.

Next to the bed on both sides are small round tables playing the role of bedside tables. They have table lamps for easy reading in bed. In addition, the bedroom has a small chest of drawers, on which the lamp also stands, and on the painted wall there are two lamps fixed, throwing triangular rays onto it, supporting the geometric interior design.


When transferring partitions according to the design project of a 1-room apartment, the kitchen area also became larger, which made it possible to place in it not only the main furniture set of two rows of cabinets - the upper and the lower one, but also to build an additional one opposite. It is designed in the same style. In addition, a storage system for bottles was placed on the wall - it is functional and looks very decorative.

In the center is an island, its table top can be used as a work surface, and as a dining table. Under the tabletop - closed boxes for storing various kitchen supplies.

Against the background of light beige walls kitchen furniture of a pastel mint-green shade looks very gentle. The apron over the working surface, tiled with the image of multi-colored triangles serves as an interior accent. Upholstered chairs serve as an extra color accent.

Entrance hall

For finishing the hallway, we chose ceramic tile and wall panels. An open rack under a round mirror will serve as a shoebox. The combination of white and pastel-green tones visually changes the space, making it more spacious. In the hallway there was also a place for a wardrobe.

Given that the area of ​​a 1-room apartment is small, the design project provides for a separate dressing room for storing clothes and seasonal items. It will allow to do without bulky cases. The entrance to the dressing room is from the bedroom.


The balcony in the design project of a 1-room apartment has become a place of rest. Openwork metal chairs covered with fur capes, green plants in wooden tubs, an easy rack for favorite books - all this makes hanging out on the balcony pleasant and interesting. Two folding chairs were hung on one of the walls - they can be used if guests come to the house.


Natural colors are used in the bathroom: gray-blue, beige, brown, white, sand and the color of natural wood. The tile with a 3D effect corresponds to the general direction of the design project of a 1-room apartment and looks very advantageous.

The sink is built into the cabinet of veneered MDF. A hanging toilet and a cabinet hanging above the floor make cleaning easier. In the wet zone and the area above the toilet was tiled - the same as a kitchen apron. In addition, the wall above the bathroom illuminated with LEDs.

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