Interior design of a one-room studio apartment in Moscow

The interior design of a one-room studio apartment turned out to be very modern, bright, it all corresponds to the current level of comfort: there is a large kitchen-living room, a wardrobe and a separate bedroom.

Disposition of a one-room studio apartment

The area of ​​the studio apartment is 38 square meters. In order not to lose a centimeter, we decided to completely remove all partitions that do not carry the load. It was not possible to demolish only the bolts - they just perform the function of the supporting walls. Rigel is a support beam, and in this project of a one-room studio apartment, the designers turned their presence from a minus into a plus — additional planes and edges appeared in the interior.

Kitchen and living room combined in one volume, and the bedroom was isolated in a niche. When re-planning one-room apartment in the studio, one of the two doors leading to the loggia was dismantled - the one in the kitchen area. The doorway was laid up to the height of the window sill, as a result a place was formed for the lunch group. A large window increased the flow of daylight.

Studio style and color

In order for the studio apartment to appear more spacious and lighter, we chose light gray and beige tones as the main color. The trapezoidal partition was laid out with cognac-colored tiles - it stands out in contrast with the general background. The same tiles laid out the apron in the working area of ​​the kitchen.

The grass-green large headboard serves as a color accent in the living room. The style of the interior of a one-room studio apartment can be defined as mixed. It combines elements of the Scandinavian interior - light walls and furniture, as well as the floor, with elements of American classics - heavy curtains, color-rich details.

Living room design

In the design of a one-room studio, the trapezoid-shaped partition became the main accent element. The porcelain stoneware tile with which it is laid has a wood texture. Her noble cognac color gives the room warmth and creates comfort. The wall is directly adjacent to the kitchen area, and the tile naturally moves onto the worktop apron, creating an expressive space that is united by a common color and texture.

Almost white walls and a white oak laminate flooring visually increase the space of the room. The ceilings in the studio were painted white and fixed on them overhead minimalist lamps Arte Lamp Tubo.

The sofa zone is accented with a large Odesi Daisy's chandelier. In addition, a tall floor lamp on the wooden carved "foot" of the Ellington Floor Lamp gives comfort and helps to create chamber lighting for friendly conversations in the evenings.

Almost all the furniture for the design of a one-room studio apartment was designed by the authors of the project and carried out according to their drawings - this saved space. The store acquired only a sofa and a dining group, consisting of a table and four chairs of a simple rectangular shape. Behind the trapezoidal partition is placed a spacious bathroom, which is accessed from the hallway.

Kitchen Design

When re-planning a one-room apartment in the studio, the kitchen and living room were combined in the same room. White kitchen set includes two rows of closed cabinets - lower and upper, and has an increased capacity, while it does not look bulky. Roman gray curtains are decorated with frills at the bottom and fit perfectly into the overall style.

Bedroom design

The small niche in which the bed was placed is well equipped. Two deep wall niches replace bedside tables, there will be books and decorative objects. Above the radiator, which was muffled, there is a closed shelf with a hinged lid. On both sides of the high headboard, trimmed with carriage upholstery - sconces that allow you to read in bed. The curtain separating the sleeping area from the living room and the headboard are made of luxurious velvety velor.

Hallway design

Despite the small area of ​​the hallway, it contains a soft ottoman, floor hanger and built-in storage system.

Loggia design

The loggia in the one-room studio apartment was glazed and insulated, thanks to which it turned into a cozy recreation area.

Bathroom design

In the interior design of a one-room studio, a light beige, almost white tile of a large size, with which the walls and floor of the bathroom are lined, visually increases a small amount of space.

Part of the tile has a pattern in the form of waves - it looks unusual and spectacular. According to the layout of the studio, the bathroom is in the shape of a trapeze, the bath for it was selected in the form of an oval - AstraForm Monaco. All the pieces of furniture were made according to the drawings of the designers, otherwise it would have been impossible to fit here both the laundry machine and the storage system.

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