Art Deco in the interior of a one-room apartment of 29 square meters. m

Studio apartment 29 square. Thanks to the designer’s efforts, she has become a comfortable “two-room apartment” with a living room, kitchen, separate bedroom and even a dressing room. All this is decorated in a rather rarely used art deco style now with an American accent.


The only room in the apartment was the entrance, the kitchen with an area of ​​less than five square meters could not accommodate everything needed for modern, comfortable cooking, a bathroom of only 2.5 square meters. The apartment opened towards the entrance hall, thus excluding the possibility of organizing even a small storage system in it.

To create an interesting design of a one-room apartment with a bed located in a separate volume, we had to demolish walls that were not load-bearing. The result is a studio in which the living room and kitchen are combined in one volume, and the bedroom and dressing room are in another. Both of these volumes are separated by a curtain that can be pushed at night.

It was also necessary to move the door to the toilet so that it would not interfere with the use of the space of the entrance area. In the interior of the apartment in the art-deco style there was a place for everything needed. When redeveloping a one-room apartment of 29 square meters. The designers had to observe truly jewelery accuracy: even tolerances of 5 mm were unacceptable, because, due to a similar error, the bathroom could not fit a bath or, even worse, a toilet.

All the furniture was also made to order, based on precisely calculated drawings, and assembled in a certain sequence: for example, they first mounted a bar-table separating the kitchen from the living room, and only then made an order for a sofa.


The design of a one-room apartment with a bed placed in a special niche began with one item - a mirror in the entrance area. The shape and color of the frame slightly remind one of the most famous New York skyscrapers - Chrysler Building, so the overall style has a light American “accent”.

Similar colors were used - beige and gray, and their shades - silver, gold, champagne. White is used as a background, and black is used to designate bright accents in the interior of an apartment in art-deco style.

In the entrance area the floor is tiled, the combination of white and black colors forms a graceful pattern. In the rest of the premises on the floor there are oak parquet boards of the “Nordic” tone, preserving the wooden texture.

Light furniture dissolves against the white walls, and, reflected in the mirrored facades of the wardrobe, increases the space. The most expressive elements in a one-room apartment of 29 sq.m. have black color. This is a chair in the entrance area, and furniture in the kitchen, and deliberately “old” central heating radiators.

The kitchen is decorated with gold leaf, which makes it unusually luxurious, despite its strict forms.

The patterned tiled floor of the hallway, the marble floors of the bathroom, the tiles in the working area of ​​the kitchen are all made in the same style and serve as an active element in the interior of the apartment. A small, but rather roomy wardrobe purchased at IKEA, and the chair produced by Eichholtz.


For the interior of an apartment in an art-deco style, special lighting was selected - the play of light in the crystal of ceremonial chandeliers emphasizes the general mood and is a characteristic stylistic sign.

Living room and kitchen

Kitchen and living room are separated by a bar. Since the area of ​​the apartment is small, this rack is used for lunch and for work. Behind it you can have a quick snack or arrange a reception in the format of a buffet table.

Furniture for the kitchen, as well as furniture for the living room, was made to order, and it was designed by the designers of the company “Stylish Kitchens”. German wallpaper and Italian tiles on the floor in the work area support the overall style. The console in which the television panel is fixed is framed with a baguette and gives the impression of a huge picture. Baguette also made to order.


Both the parquet board and the wallpaper here are exactly the same as in the living room, and the same firm that made kitchen furniture made a spacious and elegant wardrobe with a mirror layout on the facades.


The design of a one-room apartment with a bed isolated from the rest of the rooms turned out light and light, and this feeling of lightness is also maintained in the bathroom - an almost snow-white Spanish-made tile covers all walls with “bricks”.

The marble floor is also white, with a decoration in the form of black diamonds inserted in a pattern. The art deco style common to all the rooms in the interior of the apartment is highlighted here with shiny Swarovski crystals inserted into the black knobs of the mixers.

Entrance area

The entrance area has a seating area - a small chair at the entrance.

A large closet is quite roomy, and at the entrance there is a separate “room” for a washing machine, above which there are shelves for storing various items - this mini-storage system unloads a small bathroom.

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